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    The Laboratory

    The Laboratory


    We at MediaDevil are aiming to become known for our UK product innovation and UK manufacturing, and, after a few years of transition, we now produce most of our phone accessories in the UK.

    As we don't purchase ready-made products 'off the factory shelf', there's a lot of testing that goes on beyond the scenes....in particular, real-life durability testing where we do our best (within reason!) to test our creations to destruction.

    Once we're satisfied that a product is ready for sale, we share it with our nearest and dearest for a final round of impartial testing and feedback. We are now scaling that initiative up to offer these products to our loyal customers, and we're calling it 'The Laboratory'.

    As our primary aim here is to receive lots of feedback that could help us improve these products or (much more likely) future versions of them, there's a 50% price reduction on all products in The Laboratory portfolio.

    Please Note:

    1. To prevent misuse, the reduction will be automatically applied at the checkout page (i.e. not on the product page or in the basket).

    2. We had a similar, less ambitious, product feedback programme some years ago, however, we were forced to pull the plug when a few people ruined it for the rest. Please, only purchase for your own household's needs. We reserve the right to cancel orders.

    Current Laboratory Portfolio:

    Apple iPhone SE (2020) and iPhone 8/7 Vegan Leather Case On Sale
    New Product
    New Product
    £19.97 £34.97