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    Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaning Spray Kit | Magicpotion.

    Specifically formulated in the UK for electronic device screens and lenses. Its anti-static properties make it ideal for preparing a device screen before applying a screen protector. 

    Unlike many competing brands, Magicpotion contains no silicone, allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses. Our supplied Microfibre cleaning cloth is of an ultra-soft optical grade, ensuring no scratching of screens or lenses.

    - Anti-bacterial
    - Meets most worldwide airport hand-luggage restrictions (including UK/EU/USA)
    - Contains no silicone (unlike many competing brands), allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses
    - Non-abrasive (note: Apple stresses to only use non-abrasive cleaning solutions on their products)
    - Does not contain alcohol, ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate, or other harsh chemicals
    - Anti-static
    - Non-toxic (and environmentally friendly)
    - Non-flammable
    - Easy-spray action

    Please Note:
    - One spray of Magicpotion is sufficient to clean a laptop/tablet screen
    - Magicpotion has not been tested on animals.

    Pack Contents:
    1 x 50ml (1.7 oz.) Magicpotion Anti-Bacterial screen cleaning spray
    1 x Premium Microfibre cleaning cloth (optical grade)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 41 reviews

    Wonderful quality. Just amazing products. Been using this company for years.

    Works a Treat

    Easy to use and works first time - contents and cloth last well. Removes all sticky, greasy marks ... including toddler's finger prints. Definitely the best - wouldn't use anything else.


    Magic potion is perfect

    I love Mediadevil product.

    Ho acquistato così per curiosità questo prodotto e devo dire che è davvero magico. Non ho mai provato una cosa del genere. Con un semplice spruzzo sul panno in microfibra incluso, pulisce perfettamente telefono e lenti degli occhiali. Creando uno scudo antistatico che dura per un bel po di tempo.
    Il telefono ogni volta sembra come essere appena uscito dalla scatola.
    Sono davvero super soddisfatto del prodotto e lo riacquisterò sicuramente!

    Perfect Multi-Purpose Screen Solution

    This is first screen cleaning kit that I have purchased from Media Devil. I bought it primarily as it is a non-abrasive solution which is exactly what Apple recommends and as I own a number of Apple products the purchase made sense.

    In my usage over the last couple of months, the anti-bacterial cleaning solution is extremely effective only requiring the use of one spray per phone screen or two/three sprays per larger screen. The included Microfibre cleaning cloth is larger than expected and substantial enough for both cleaning and buffing the screen out to a wicked shine.

    Post clean & buffing, no residue or solution marks are left on the screen and it is a gentle but effective having no silicone or alcohol. In my view this makes it extremely efficient to use a multi-purpose solution - I use it on my iPhone X screen, my iPad Pro screen, my iMac screen, my DLSR camera lens and my 60 inch TV screen!

    I have been extremely pleased with the purchases I have made from Media Devil. I am in no way affiliated to Media Devil but just a normal customer who appreciates an excellent, high quality of product and excellent top class customer services that Media Devil provides in abundance.