Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me a bit about MediaDevil?

Gladly! We've been around since 2009. Please check out our About Us page for more details.

Are you a faceless corporate machine?

Not at all. We are a small business that was created after a bad experience when purchasing a phone accessory online. Our reason for being is to provide the experience that we ourselves would hope to receive.

Do you produce your products in the UK?

  • We're pretty unique in that we're a phone accessory brand that does actually manufacture in the UK.

  • After a few years of transition, we now produce the majority of our screen protectors in the UK, along with other products such as our leather cases and vegan leather cases.

  • For wholly non-political reasons, we believe domestic manufacturing is an important investment in our local economy and necessary for the UK to remain an innovative business nation.

  • Local manufacturing also allows us to make products more quickly, to produce custom designed screen protectors (e.g. we have supplied three Formula One teams), and it has significantly reduced the carbon footprint of our business.

Do you have an email newsletter?

We do indeed, but we only use it sparingly when we have something worth sending. You can sign up in the newsletter box at the bottom of this page.

2. Product and Order Enquiries

I am experiencing an issue with your website

We sincerely apologise. Please contact us, providing as much detail as possible. We will get in touch with you as quickly as possible.

I would like to purchase a product but you do not support my device yet

We try to support all the latest key devices, but as so many new devices are released these days it can be hard for us to cover everything, so we have this ongoing offer:

  • If your phone, tablet or smartwatch was released in the last 12 months, has a retail price of at least 200 GBP, and we don't currently support it with screen protectors, we'll provide you free front and back protectors.

  • You'll need to use our UK office address when ordering your device (or to ship it to us, if you have the device already). Or you can visit our office in Wimbledon (London).

  • We'll then design front and back protectors and apply them for you, and ship your device back to you using an express courier. We'll do all of this within 2 business days.

Interested? Please drop us a message, and we'll get you sorted!

I have a question before I place my order

We'd love to help you.

  • If your question is about a specific item we already sell:
    On the product page, check the product reviews section, where we allow product questions to be submitted. If your question has not already been asked and answered, please complete the question form. You will receive an reply by email within 1-2 UK business days.

  • If your question is not (specifically) about a product we already sell:
    An example of such a question would be "Do you sell this product but for XXXX phone model instead?".
    Please, contact us directly and you will receive a reply within 1-2 business days.

I require after-sales support for a MediaDevil product

  • No problem at all, please contact us providing your order number, where you purchased from, details of the issue, and a photo if possible as it makes it a lot easier for us to provide effective support.

  • Please note that we only sell directly to customers through this official store, Amazon, eBay and Etsy. It is not uncommon for there to be websites pretending to be MediaDevil, or marketplace sellers pretending to sell MediaDevil products (all the stuff your mother warned you about the internet is true).

  • We don't currently supply re-sellers, and will not be able to provide after-sales support if you purchase from one. Selling direct allows us to provide the best pricing and after-sales support service possible, and minimise the chance of fraud for our customers.

Why doesn't MediaDevil have a phone number?

  • MediaDevil is a small, independently owned online business and our products are low-priced, so we unfortunately do not have the resources for phone support.

  • We provide prompt, effective support via email, from our very human team. Please send us informative messages (so that we don't need to ask you further questions), and ideally provide us with a photo if it's an after-sales query, and we'll be able to get you sorted faster.

  • We're considering providing the option of instant AI chatbot support (as most of the queries we receive are already answered on our website), but chatbots are annoying, so we're waiting until we can do it right!

I know many people. Will you give me a discount if I tell all those people about you?

  • We sometimes get asked this and are currently working on a reliable and fair way of handling it.
  • Until then, we wish to make known our huge gratitude to the many MediaDevil customers who have referred their friends and family to us.

I have ordered from you before, so...can I have a discount code?

  • We're different to many other businesses. We don't like artificial prices, therefore we just charge a consistent rate, instead of doubling and halving our prices every-other-week in order to message a "sale".

  • We try to make our pricing fair for our customers and fair for us. At the time of writing, we haven't increased our prices for easily the last 5 years, whereas costs have gone up significantly, so we really do struggle to achieve the latter.

  • We really do appreciate the orders we we receive, however, it is very tricky for us to give a suitable response when asked for a discount, because there is an active expectation for us to grant it, and in truth, the people who will usually request them have in most cases never shopped with us, ordered very few times, or haven't ordered with us for years (a sign of our product longevity, we hope!).

  • Our solution for the last few years is that our customers will receive an email a few weeks after they purchase from us, requesting a review on our website. In return for that, we provide a small token of appreciation. That is the most sustainable and proportional way for us to support those who have supported us.

3. Delivery

How long does delivery take, and which shipping options are tracked?

Please check out our Delivery Information page for approximate shipping timescales.

We offer tracked, untracked and express courier shipping options, which you can select during the checkout process.

What is a question customers frequently have?

Use this text to answer common question or provide organized content about product features or details.

4. Corporate / Distributor / Re-seller / B2B Purchasing Enquiries

I wish to become a distributor or re-seller of MediaDevil products

We like having a direct relationship with our customers so that we can ensure they have a great experience, therefore, we currently don't supply any re-sellers. That definitely doesn't mean we won't supply you; we just need to be sure that it's a good match.

Please contact us, providing enough detail about your company and your requirements.

I wish to order accessories for my business (not for resale)

  • MediaDevil supplies accessories for businesses of all sizes.  Our larger clients range from governments to multinational banks.

  • We provide a number of services, such as corporate branded phone accessories.

  • Please visit our Corporate Sales age for further information, product examples, and contact details.

Will you zero-rate VAT on orders from VAT-registered EU businesses?

This is a very confusing area due to Brexit and the EU's new IOSS law. The below is our current understanding and will always be subject to change:

  • We may be able to Zero-rate VAT for sales shipped to businesses in the EU VAT region.
  • Please contact us before ordering, providing a VIES-registered VAT number and clear evidence that the VAT number relates to your business.
  • You must contact us before ordering, we will not retrospectively refund the VAT.

PR / Press / Social Media Promotional Opportunities

Social media opportunities (e.g. YouTube, TikTok, Instagram)

Looking to promote our products on social media?

  • We receive a lot of enquiries and need to receive your enquiry in an organised manner.

  • Please drop us a message with your social information, follower and engagement stats, and an example(s) of a post you feel represents you well.

  • We will then verify the information in your application (unfortunately some people are very dishonest about their real identity and their), and be in touch if there are any suitable opportunities.

Higher-profile PR opportunities (e.g. large blogs, TV)

Please contact us from an official email address (or provide indisputable evidence of your identity), detailing your requirement, the audience size, and any deadline you're working to.