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It's the support from our fantastic customers that has got us to where we are today. Here are some of the latest reviews for our award-winning MediaDevil accessories and service.
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Not good no instructions on how to fit it plus it was too small there was about 5 mm gap all around the edge so it ended up in the bin bought one from Amazon not recommended

Great Company with Fantastic Build Quality in Their Products… Highly Recommend…. Fast Shipping… Spot On… A*****

Screen Protector

Received my screen protector had all the instructions it was clear and precise. Very good quality product.

Good quality

Tried other brands but the were too thick and affected phone performance. Went back to Media Devils (used to order on Amazon but they didn't show up) and it fits well and does the job. Little more expensive than other brands but worth it I think

Pixel 8 screen protector

Excellent product. I would definitely recommend their screen protectors. I am completely unaware of it, it is light, doesn't leave bubbles and does what it supposed to do.

Does what it says on the box...and a bit more

I've fitted a lot of screen protectors because I seem to be the family go-to for anything technical.

This was the first time I've found one that was genuinely easy to handle and went on perfectly with no bubbles. It fitted perfectly (to the extent that I actually got asked "When are you going to fit that screen protector?" and, the cleaning cloth and squeegee (not really but you know what I mean) were really good quality.

Overall really impressed.

Best screen protector out there

I'd never go back to a glass screen protector after finding these ones, chips would appear on glass ones pretty quick (nightmare when you have a baby wanting to put your phone in their mouth) and I'd have to change it every few months. These are amazing though, no marks and didn't have to change it for the life of my phone and will only be buying these from now on!

Works with fingerprint recognition

After several failed attempts to find screen protectors that worked with fingerprint recognition and didn't have hole in them, I saw good reviews for this so took a gamble. It paid off. Easy to apply and worked with my original stored fingerprint, though I did redo to make sure. Excellent producut.

Hi Karen,

Thanks ever so much for your positive feedback. Because we design every protector in-house using real working devices we do test things like touchscreen responsiveness and fingerprint scanners if the device supports it.

Most devices' scanners do indeed work fine with our protectors even if the fingerprint recognition is set up before they're applied but there are occasions where re-registering one's dabs is necessary so the scanner can compensate for being covered by a fairly thick material (this is why Ultra-Tough generally works better on this aspect and we get very few reported issues, others like tempered glass are much thicker thus much more likely to cause a problem as noted on many forums and message boards).

Amazing Customer Service

I had a few problems applying my screen protector but cannot fault the amazing customer service provided by Rob who showed both a high level of product knowledge and a genuine interest in my particular problem, going above and beyond to explain the issue and try to resolve it. I have purchased from this company before and experienced their excellent customer service then and will definitely buy from them again.

Perfect cover

Fitted perfectly and protects screen no added bulk or effect on the watch 10 out of 10


Superb protection, with easy application. Also outstanding customer service!

Forget the rest, these are the best.

Been applying all sorts of things to my various LCD-screened devices for years and just keep coming back here after disappointment with others. The fit and application are always great, and once in place the Protector Matte Ultra Tough (Anti-Glare) looks and feels (yes, feels!) wonderful. It's a nice glare-free matte surface, exactly as described and not even my terrier's claws have managed to make a mark. Fingers slide smoothly and there is zero impact with touch responsiveness. This may well outlast the phone - you get 2 in the pack anyway. Would definitely buy again.

Easy to fit and fingerprint works.

The screensaver was easy to install and works well, particularly the fingerprint function. The only downside is the screen has to be cleaned regularly.

media devil case

as usual with a new phone its a media devil case , ive had these for years now , the phone fits ,the quality is good ,and the price is really good too ,with quick delivery ,once again thanks very much ,regards John m

Very happy with my phone case

I've seen others with wooden cases and liked the idea, so I ordered one from Italy here (decided to get the wood as locally sourced as possible for sustainability reasons). I'm very happy with the look, feel and quality of the case and would happily order another one from here if I ever need one.

Poor Quality

Replaced my Apple watch for the newer version and wanted to protect the screen had previously used' another brand but couldn't find who it was. After some reading invested in this product. Unfortunately as you can see after about a week of 'normal' wear (no water submersion) the protector has started to come away from the screen. The face was thoroughly cleaned with products supplied and instructions followed. Suffice to say maybe that's why there are 3 in the pack! I'll try another one but I get the overall feeling this is not worth the money :(

Hi Rupert,

So sorry to hear there was a problem and hand-on-heart this is the first time we've heard of this problem to that extent so we'll be in touch privately to offer assistance.

Very good. Very highly recommend. Everyone always comments on how nice my even feels😅

Attached nicely

Ordering was easy and delivery quick.
Screen protector went on my phone very easily with no air bubbles etc. The added cloth, positioning & dust removal sticker and smoothing card made application a breeze. Thankfully haven't dropped my phone.....yet so can't comment on the protector but looks robust.

Google Pixel 8 screen protector

After using many different brands of screen protector I am satisfied to have Mediadevil screen protector for my Google Pixel 8 that fits well and feels good. Thank you for timely delivered. 🙂

High quality screen protector

Great screen protector, surprisingly great level of customer service. Would recommend to anyone as it's so much easier to get in contact if something is wrong. When I eventually need new ones I'll be back.

Screen protector

I have been using these screen protectors for years. I wouldn’t trust any others. I recommend them.

Great product

Love this product, it fits perfectly and arrived quickly. I would definitely recommend!