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      Keyboard Protector for Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch & 15-inch (2016-2019 models) | MediaDevil Typeguard, Clear Edition.


      Protect your keyboard from the perils of everyday use

      - 0.2mm ultra-thin, non-toxic Thermoplastic Urethane (over 50% thinner than regular silicon protectors)
      - Precise injection-moulded fit to every key
      - Washable and reusable (no adhesive used)
      - Highly transparent appearance allows back-lit keys to shine through

      Our waterproof Typeguard protects your keyboard from dust, liquid spills, and other contaminants. It is easy to apply, uses no adhesive, and is washable and reusable. Typeguard is engineered from 0.2mm ultra-thin, non-toxic, high-grade Thermoplastic Urethane ('TPU'), which allows it to be over 50% thinner than regular silicon protectors. This allows for minimum interference while typing, and reduces keystroke noise.

      This Clear edition has a highly transparent appearance that allows each back-lit key to shine through. Also available in an Anti-Bacterial edition (which has a transparent greyish appearance, due to its embedded silver nanoparticles).

      Model Compatibility:
      This particular Typeguard is compatible with the new, slimmer MacBook Pro 13" & 15" models, released in 2016, 2017 and 2018.

      Please Note:
      The UK/EU ('ISO') and United States ('ANSI') keyboard layouts are different. Please be sure to purchase the appropriate Typeguard key layout.

      Pack Contents:
      1 x Typeguard TPU keyboard protector: Clear edition

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 8 reviews
      Good Buy

      Having had problems finding a keyboard protector for UK keyboards for my MacBook, I came across MediaDevil. Not only are their products good, they are well priced, and the service is no slouch either. All in all, a very happy customer.

      Very good

      Very satisfied with the purchase, very prompt service and the keyboard protector is great, much better quality than many others I’ve purchased from other websites!

      Can’t live without them!

      I always try to order MediaDevil covers for keyboards and devices as soon as I order the computer or device itself. Sometimes they’re not available immediately for new items. When I bought a 12” MacBook in 2015, there was no MediaDevil keyboard cover, so I bought an opaque one from another company. It was terrible--thick and spongy—and the printing on it wore off quickly. As soon as MediaDevil came out with one I replaced it with their far superior one. The only thing I didn’t like was that it tended to leave (temporary) marks on the screen, but the computer was so thin and the clearance so small it seemed unavoidable.

      Now I have a new MacBook Pro and of course ordered a keyboard cover from MediaDevil. Wow, what an improvement even over the previous 12” MacBook one! The material is so thin I can barely see it, and can’t even tell it’s there when I type! I cannot recommend their products highly enough. I’m always able to sell my old devices and computers at a premium because they are pristine under the keyboard covers and screen covers. I am a customer for life.

      A prerequisite to using my new MacBook

      This protective layer keeps my MacBook safe from spills and I wouldn’t start up the machine without Typeguard in place.


      The product was great and I am very happy with it. Postage was also great