Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus Vegan Plant Leather Case - Acid Wash Collection

£21.97 £34.97
Colour Blue / Red

Good for You, Good for the Planet

Unlike conventional synthetic leathers, our bio-leather is 100% recyclable and doesn't contain the toxic nasties PVC and polyurethane.

(Note: synthetic leathers are also commonly known as vegan leather, pleather, pvc leather, pu leather, split leather, and plastic leather).

Looks the part.

Gone are the days where 'buying eco' would require an almost inevitable style downgrade. We're aiming to persuade all phone users that eco doesn't need to mean ugly.

Made in the UK

By manufacturing in the UK, we have commited to investing in local talent and the planet.

We're minimising our carbon footprint and maximising the value we bring to our local community (Wimbledon in Merton, South London).

Customer Reviews

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This case is a beautiful colour. It fits well and the grip is good. Wish they had more colours 💜

Wonderful colours

Fabulous colours, perfect fit for my S21+. Quality case. Has a slot at the top, mines for GPS and such. Other cases I have do not have this, thus when I use maps it always wants to improve calibration. When I've used this cover I do not have that problem 👍💜