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    Take advanced control of your capacitive touch screen device.

    Features: - Use your device in cold conditions whilst wearing gloves. - Add your handwritten signature to electronic documents. - Play games without suffering finger strain. - The (removable) lanyard can be plugged into your device's earphone socket to keep your stylus secure. Magicwand is fully compatible with our Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protector ranges. Although engineered for the Apple iPad, Magicwand works perfectly with many other capacitive touch screen devices. View our compatibility list below to check whether your device is known to be compatible. Please Note: Magicwand can only operate capacitive touch screen devices. It will definitely not work with non-capacitive (i.e. resistive) touch screen devices. Pack Contents: 1 x Magicwand䋢 capacitive touch screen stylus: Regular edition