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    Take advanced control of your touchscreen device

    - Use your device in cold conditions whilst wearing gloves
    - Add your handwritten signature to electronic documents
    - Play games without suffering finger strain
    - Features a capacitive stylus at one end, and a ballpoint pen (i.e. a biro) at the other

    Magicwand is fully compatible with our screen protector ranges. Our Magicwand Executive Ballpoint Pen edition is 12cm in length and features a capacitive stylus at one end, and a ballpoint pen (i.e. a biro) at the other. It comes complete with a genuine European leather pouch.

    Although engineered for the Apple iPad, Magicwand works perfectly with many other capacitive touchscreen devices. View our compatibility list below to check whether your device is known to be compatible.

    Please Note:
    Magicwand can only operate capacitive touchscreen devices. It will definitely not work with non-capacitive (i.e. resistive) touchscreen devices.

    Pack Contents:
    1 x Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus: Executive Ballpoint pen edition
    1 x Handcrafted European leather pouch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Customer Service excellence.

    After my first Executive Ballpoint Pen began to loose its functionality after nearly a year Mediadevil had no hesitation in replacing it. Mediadevil sets the standard for customer service that other companies should (but sadly most don't) follow. The new pen arrived today and is working absolutely brilliantly._x000D__x000D__x000D__x000D_Many thanks Mediadevil.

    Good Quality Product.

    As you would expect from Media Devil this is a quality made product which is very responsive on the screen. The customer service was also as you would expect equally excellent.

    Excellent quality.

    I already have a MagicScreen on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and thought I should try the MagicWand. When it first arrived I felt that it was going to be a disappointment because I couldn't get it to 'swipe'. I was tempted to send it back thinking that perhaps the MagicScreen was reducing the wand's effectiveness. However, I persisted and found that I just needed to be a bit more bold with the swiping action (more pressure on the strokes!) and have now grown to love my wand._x000D__x000D_The quality is excellent, a nice chunky feel, and the ballpoint end is a pleasure to use. I chose the pink which goes very well with my maroon Galaxy Tab cover._x000D__x000D_Added benefit is that it is even more useful on my Samsung Galaxy S2 since the keypad is much smaller and harder to use with fingertips alone.

    It's great

    Looks as good as it does in the photos


    I LOVE this stylus. The name is very appropriate, I feel very executive-like using it. In fact I intend to take it to my next salary renegotiation meeting for added effect.