iPhone 13 Pro Max Leather Bumper Case | Artisancase

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Colour Pebbled Black

iPhone 13 Pro Max Genuine Leather Case | Artisancase.

At MediaDevil, we produce a lot of our accessories in-house in the UK. Leather goods production felt like the next step on that journey, and we're proud to present our first full-grain leather phone case that's made by us!

About the Case

This matte-textured, rugged shock-absorbing case covers all sides of the iPhone 13 Pro Max. It is also slightly raised around the border of the main screen and the raised camera lens, for greater protection. It features an inlaid full-grain leather back and is wireless charging compatible but not MagSafe compatible unless you choose the MagSafe-compatible version (which contains an integrated magnet).

We're still experimenting with default logo colours. Currently, the black leather cases have a gold foil logo (silver or engraved options are also available, on request), and all the other colours feature an engraved logo (gold or silver options also available, on request). See the pink leather case image for an example of the engraved logo.

    What is full-grain leather?

    We're using full-grain leather, hand-picked by us from a vetted supplier.

    Full-grain leather is the highest quality form of leather available, and full-grain leather goods develop a durable protective patina as you use them in daily life.

    For cost reasons, most genuine leather products today are actually using 'split' leather, which is created when the durable premium surface of full-grain leather is removed and replaced with a grain-embossed polyurethane layer. Have you ever owned leather items that wore out quickly from use? This is why.

    Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.

    MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews

    I have used MediaDevil cases before so it was a no-brainier this time too. The case is superb. Fits well, ‘smooths out’ the camera bump. The colour-keyed leather on the back really adds a great touch.

    Surinder Dhillon
    Case is Posh and offers great protection

    with offers this case is a little less £'s than most good cases but offers at least as much protection, the bonus is it looks really posh - great for using at work and looking the part. Best case for the money I could find anywhere (returned others I had purchased) ......MediaDevil delivered quick and well packaged... Buy one... My daighter loves the pink one but I told her she needs an Iphone 13Promax to fit inside it first.....let's see how well she does on her GSCE's :)

    Neil Brenner
    Is it possible to love a phone case?

    If you want to protect your Apple iPhone 13 and you like the smell of real leather, and the feel of real leather, think about getting a MediaDevil Artisancase. The back, sides top and bottom of the phone are cossetted in a case that fits like a glove. Although the case envelops the edges of the phone, there is enough 'give' to accommodate a glass screen protector too. The buttons on the phone work exactly as if there were no case, the charger, USB-C accessories plug in and work without impediment, and it is available with Magsafe charging too (I have both versions - with and without Magsafe) and they fit, work and connect perfectly. Did I mention the wonderful smell? Their cases are available in a large choice of colours. I have the Pebbled Dark Blue Navy. A very special case for a very special phone. Their customer service team cannot be more helpful, emailing me to offer suggestions as to what case I might like, and even offering ideas for obtaining correctly sizes cases for products that they don't necessarily stock. I was delighted when their customer service team even arranged to make a case specifically for me, even though they were technically out of stock of the one I wanted. Brilliant customer service, brilliant cases.