iPhone 12 Pro Genuine Leather Back Protector

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iPhone 12 Pro Genuine Leather Back Protective Skin Sticker

At MediaDevil, we produce a lot of our accessories in-house in the UK. Producing our own leather goods therefore felt like the next step on that journey.

This leather back protector for the iPhone 12 Pro is a tribute to the brave pioneers of our world who insist on not using a protective case (we salute your courage). It provides 'just enough' protection, meaning the phone no longer needs to be placed on a table as carefully as a rocket landing on the moon.

The back of this deceptively simple feat of engineering is using an adhesive that we chose after two years of trial and error testing. It'll bond firmly to the back of your device, but it can also be removed really easily without leaving marks or damaging the leather, and then it can be stuck down again.

You can still use a wireless charger with this leather skin applied, and it's also a great companion for our Artisanwallet case (link opens in new tab).

We're still experimenting with default logo colours for our UK-made leather goods. Currently, we're using a gold foil logo, but silver or engraved options are also available, on request.

    What is full-grain leather?

    We're using a full-grain pebbled leather, hand-picked by us from a vetted supplier.

    Full-grain leather is the highest quality form of leather available, and full-grain leather goods develop a durable protective patina as you use them in daily life.

    For cost reasons, most genuine leather products today are actually using 'split' leather, which is created when the durable premium surface of full-grain leather is removed and replaced with a grain-embossed polyurethane layer. Have you ever owned leather items that wore out quickly from use? This is why.

    Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.

    MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

    Customer Reviews

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    Stuart Saunders
    Excellent Product

    Dealt with Rob from the start as I had a couple of questions before committing.

    I requested if there was any possibility of a blue instead of black to match my iPhone 12, this was an option but was still being tested for colour shading etc. Also was it possible to not have the product name included as I wanted a plain look.

    Both was possible with no problems at all.

    Arrived in a special presentation linen bag, and a nice touch of amtoken confectionary.

    Really great quality leather and cut to perfection, no problem lining up and sticking to the back. If anyone is worried if the phone may not wireless charge -have no fear, still charges perfectly.

    Thanks again.

    Premium Product! Premium Service! Winner!

    I cannot recommend this product highly enough. First and foremost, customer support is absolutely excellent! MediaDevil were responsive, very friendly and extremely accommodating - I couldn’t ask for more on that front.

    Regarding the product itself, it’s very easy to apply and looks absolutely fantastic on the iPhone 12 Pro in my opinion. I requested the logo be removed (simply because I prefer a minimalist look) and MediaDevil were happy to accommodate my request, but in addition, they also gave me a number of other options, including embossing my initials on the leather itself!

    The leather is of premium quality and the grain feels great in the hand once attached to the phone. The adhesive on the back manages to be strong enough to stay in place at all times, but with the ability to re-apply if needed. The adhesive also doesn’t cause any blemishes or marks to the glass on the back of the phone and once applied, doesn’t affect the phone’s ability to be used with a wireless charger.

    The look of the leather protector really comes into its own after it’s been in use for a few weeks - once the surface edges have started to taper (i.e. from constantly being placed in a pocket) the protector really does start to look like it’s part of the phone, rather than just a panel which has been stuck on (I’ve tried to capture this in the attached photos).

    I would recommend this product to anyone who prefers a minimalist look and doesn’t want the ‘bulkiness’ of a bumper or case. This was designed for those of us who want some protection for the back panel, whilst maintaining a sleek, premium look. It’s also worth mentioning that the thickness of the leather actually levels out the camera bump, so it no longer rocks when placed on a flat surface - just a small thing, but it’s something which has bothered me since camera bumps became a thing (and typically something you can only rectify if you put the whole phone in a case).

    My only hope is that MediaDevil begin doing these in other colours! No-one else is making back covers like this at the moment and there is definitely a market for them!

    It’s incredibly rare to find an online retailer like MediaDevil nowadays (I’m one of those people who never leaves reviews for that reason!) Keep up the great work Callum, Rob & Team!

    Sam P.
    Excellent Product and Service!!

    I had been searching for a genuine leather decal for the back of my iPhone 12 Pro for a while and there really weren't any options out there since 99% of the current market is actual cases with leather glued to them. I prefer a minimalist, understated look and feel for my phone so I would rather get a slim bumper and leather back sticker, separately, to protect my phone and keep the profile slim and attractive without added bulk or committing to a full case. After extensive research I found MediaDevil and they had a great looking genuine leather back sticker that you could apply directly to the back of the phone (not a case). I reached out to MediaDevil about possibly customizing the leather to have a black logo instead of the gold one on their website and not only did they respond within 24 hours, but they were attentive, thoughtful, and genuinely interested in my thoughts on their product and how they could accommodate my request and answer any questions. They gave me multiple options for how the logo could be applied to the leather (etching, stamping, etc), as well as no logo at all if I would prefer. They also sent multiple pictures as examples so we were all on the same page. I cannot tell you just how much I appreciated their service and support. Once I received the leather decal, I immediately stuck it on the back of my phone and have been extremely happy with it ever since! This is a great, well-made product! The full-grain genuine leather is sleek and refined with a luxurious look and feel, while also protecting the back side of my iPhone 12 Pro. Well-made products are few and far between these days, but MediaDevil not only creates top quality products at a great price, but their Sales and Support team is top notch as well (Thank you Rob!). I will definitely be purchasing more items from MediaDevil in the future and encourage anyone reading this review to do the same, you will not be disappointed!