iPhone 11 Pro Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector

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iPhone 11 Pro Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector & Easy-Installation Frame | MediaDevil Magicscreen.

Includes an easy-application frame that aligns your screen protector perfectly on the device screen.

Provides crystal clear screen protection with an integrated privacy filter. It does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen, and is approximately 45 times harder than a regular screen protector. It is designed with automotive industry technology to absorb the impact of a drop onto a hard surface. Instead of shattering, the glass fractures into small blunt pieces, which are safely held together by its silicon base layer.

This protector uses a premium glass thickness with smooth rounded edges, which reduces the risk of cracks and chips in comparison to the thinner square-edged glass used by other companies. The integrated privacy filter prevents onlookers from viewing confidential information. Unlike other Privacy protectors, it does not dim or pixellate the screen for the user. The premium two-way privacy material is specifically designed to allow up-down viewing of the screen when held in a vertical position, so when held in a horizontal position (e.g. for gaming, or use as a sat-nav), you can still view the screen during left-right gaming movements, or while driving.

IMPORTANT: This protector edition covers flat areas only, it cannot cover curved screen edges. Please view the illustration we have provided in the image section of this product page, which shows the area of the screen that these particular screen protectors cover.

- The integrated privacy filter does not dim the screen and prevents onlookers from viewing confidential information.
- Protects your screen from scratches.
- Our advanced tempered glass is approximately 45 times harder than a regular screen protector.
- Does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen.
- Leaves no markings when removed.
- Designed to absorb the impact of a drop, thus breaking instead of your device screen. It has anti-shatter properties (like a car window) to ensure it is safe to handle when broken.

Pack Contents:
- 2x Magicscreen (FRONT) tempered glass screen protector for iPhone 11 Pro
- Easy-application alignment frame
- Wet/Dry lint-free cleaning cloths
- Positioning & dust removal sticker set
- Product instructions

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Customer Reviews

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great as usual

I am not sure how many phones I have protected with the MediaDevil screen protectors but they always delivered. This works great as well.
The privacy feature of this model works very well... Too well sometimes. When I show something on the screen to someone else they always complain they can't see it properly. I then remember that if I don't angle the device right the images are really dim or invisible. But that's what you want in public places!
Because of the round glass of the iPhone 11 Pro the edges are exposed. This means there is some display light that comes off it but it's not an issue.

Great screen protector

So I’ve used mediadevil screen protectors for years since I got my first iPhone. Always good quality product so I stuck with them and will do so in the future. This particular one is easy to apply and gives great protection to your iPhone screen. Also it’s main feature is its polarised to prevent prying neighbours from peeking at your screen and it works effectively. Minor downside is the screen is a little darker than without but it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make and the price is good as well. 5 stars

IPhone 11 pro

Very pleased with the privacy glass and also having the frame to line everything up, if I need another at anytime I will defernately buy another.
Fast postage.

Great protector!!!!!

Bought 3 of these. Marvelous protector!

Chris Lambert
Media Devil screen protector

Ordered from media devil for the first time. Delivered without problem. Fitted OK and seems like a good product so ordered another.