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      Huawei P30 Pro Full-Screen Protector (Clear) | MediaDevil Magicscreen.


      Award-winning screen protection. Designed and made in the UK to the highest standards.

      Our screen protectors protect your device screen from scratches and leave no markings when removed. They do not reduce the clarity or the touch sensitivity of the screen and do not affect the in-display sensors (e.g. light and proximity sensors, or face and fingerprint scanners). This particular screen protector covers the full screen of the Huawei P30 Pro.


      • Compatible with fingerprint & face scanners
      • Thin and strong
      • Invisible when applied to screen
      • Bonds firmly to device screen
      • Protects from scratches
      • Leaves no markings when removed

      Material Trait Information:

      • For our customers who have previously purchased our other Magicscreen editions: please be aware that we are using an innovative flexible non-glass material to allow us to cover the entire curved device screen.
      • Be sure to follow the application instructions on the loose leaflet inside the packaging, as they are different from those used for our regular material. A wet-install method is used, see our video below.
      • At this time, we are including an additional (i.e. a third) screen protector in the packaging to allow our customers to familiarise themselves with the different application method.
      • Unlike our other protector editions, these protectors may be slightly curved when removed from the packaging. This is entirely normal and not of concern.

      Pack Contents:

      • 2 x Magicscreen screen protector (FRONT)
      • 1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
      • 1 x Positioning & dust removal sticker set
      • 1 x smoothing card
      • Detailed written & video instructions


      Video Installation Instructions:


      Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.

      MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 4 reviews
      Martin Pursall
      P30 Pro screen saver

      After a few dismal failures with screen savers for my P30 I came across Mediadevil . The problem seemed to be my Spigen case , so I messaged Rob at mediadevil before I made a purchase.
      To cut a long story short Rob was absolutely brilliant offering to resize the saver to fit the screen & case perfectly but I decided to order the savers & take it from there.
      I tried the first ones that came & it was lifting on the edges due to the case . After emailing Rob again & sending a few pictures we worked out to resize the saver in length . Within a day or so the new ones arrived . I fitted the first on hastily & got loads of bubbles in it but it fitted bang on 👍. I thought I would have to take it off & try again but over the next day or so I just kept rubbing the bubbles with my thumb & heh presto they all disappeared !
      I cannot recommend this company enough & have to say I've never had customer service like this , not even close . !
      So all the best to Callam , Rob & the team , definitely my first stop for screen saves ect . 👍😁

      Trusted Quality

      After 'testing' with the first screen protector the second went on smoothly. My Huawei P30 Pro has a curved edge and is also fitted with an Eiger case, (which has a tendency to lift the protector in a couple of places) but that is not the fault of the MediaDevil screen protector, that is a quality item!
      Thoroughly recommended!

      Andy Booth

      After trying several different screen savers I can across MediaDevil and I can say hand on heart that the product does work as stated.
      OK. It's not the easiest process to place on the screen BUT they do give you 1 extra screen saver to play with. Once you have worked out the best way (if you didn't watch the video) you will be very pleased I'm sure.
      ADVISE! see you clean the screen on your phone the best you can. I have a curved screen and I do have a couple of points to where it has lifted slightly. That said it isn't affecting the screen as these are on the curve.
      All in all very good.
      For the price you can't go wrong. Give it a go.

      david toon

      after just purchasing a Huawei p30 pro, and finding out it doesn't have gorilla glass, disappointing, I needed to find a case and screen protector, case easy to sort, tech 21 shock case, screen protector not so easy.

      looked around for quite a while, only problem, p30pro has curved edges, most protectors either lay flat on the screen, doesn't cover the edges, or peel away, neither work for me.

      then I saw mediadevil, looked interesting, new magicscreen material, will give it a try,
      arrived promptly, clear instructions and vid on youtube.

      first try,my fault, didnt apply properly, second spec of dust in middle of screen, minute but annoying,luckily they sent three as its a new product,,thanks again.third attempt lines on screen but better, but next morning,clear as a bell, like magic!
      put new case on within hours top edge peeling dammit.contacted mediadevil, reply came straight back asking for details,sent, but think it was the case, explained this next morning more screen protectors arrived,amazing customer service.
      recieved email suggesting making a template of area inside the screen,then using one of the screen protectors to cut down to same size,did that ,they advised if i sent the template they would get some made up in their factory to the dimensions.
      cannot praise their customer service highly enough,would happily pay double for these as they are the best screen protectors i have ever bought.
      thanks again Mediadevil..