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    Your Image. Your case.

    Grafikcase uses our Thermentive Transfer technology to permanently embed images deep within our own cases. We collaborate with a number of artists to provide you with a portfolio of artwork to choose from. Did you know you can also upload your own image on our website to create a completely unique case? See here for details. Features: - Artwork clarity is resistant to scratches and abrasions - Anti-UV coating prevents colour-fade - Compatible with MediaDevil's Magicscreen screen protectors, and other MediaDevil products About the case itself: This one-piece case fits all iPhone 4/4S devices with an extremely slim/subtle profile, adding minimum bulk. It provides easy access to all buttons and the docking area, and is completely compatible with our Magicscreen screen protector range. What is the difference between our Glossy and Matte case finish options? - Glossy edition: has a shiny textured finish, just like the pages of a glossy magazine - Matte edition: has a non-shiny textured finish, with a texture like brushed aluminium or the pages of a newspaper Our Glossy edition displays images in perfect definition, and the Matte edition loses a (tiny) bit of definition due to the reduction of contrast as a result of its frosted texture (in the same way that a satin/matte photograph is ever so slightly less detailed than a glossy photograph). Pack Contents: 1 x Grafikcase case (Please select your finish) 1 x Matching Wallpaper download (provided with order confirmation email) Monitor Calibration

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