Google Pixel 7 Screen Protector (Ultra-Tough, Glass-Free)

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Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Precision Designed and Made

We are a UK screen protector manufacturer specialist. We design and produce our award-winning screen protectors in-house, at our premises in London.

Peak performance

Our screen protection is used in numerous high-stakes environments, such as on the steering wheel display of a Formula One racing team.

Made in Britain

Producing in the UK doesn't only allow us maximum control over our product quality. It also allows us to minimise our carbon footprint and to invest in our local community.

MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

Customer Reviews

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Nicholas G
Great product, impeccable service

This feels and performs like a premium product and seems to be a better solution that the glass screens which are now so prevalent, but cheap and fragile. Top notch customer service too; I had a minor issue which was dealt with and resolved very effectively

Great quality

Third or fourth order placed with Mediadevil over several years and the quality of products and support remain the same - excellent.


Rugged, but very difficult to install properly and is a fingerprint magnet.

You absolutely need a dust free environment. Would have assembled outside where the air is definitely dust free, but the -16 °C & falling snow that are keeping it dust free make the adhesive harden. Going to try my UV glue with the second protector.

Ryan C
Poor adhesive

Starts to peel off around the corners immediately and doesn't work well with the fingerprint sensor

Hi Ryan,

Sorry to hear there's a problem, we'll be in touch in private to get further details and hopefully offer a resolution.

This is a known problem that has been much discussed on message boards and forums regarding lots of other brands of screen protector. It's rather strange as it only seems to have affected a relatively small number of devices (we suspect one particular batch) and for transparency we have had previous reports of the same issue with our own Magicscreen edition but pleased to say we can offer a solution.

Fingerprint scanner unresponsiveness can usually be cured by simply setting it up again; re-registering one's dabs seems to make it compensate for being covered (It really is rare to have this with a relatively thin material though, it's much more common with tempered glass).

Miles Hopper
Too small for screen

The screen protector is too small for the screen of my Pixel 7. Total waste of money.

Hi Miles,

Sorry to hear you are not happy with the protector coverage. For devices with generally flat screen surface areas that also have curved edges we usually mention this on the product page but it's mysteriously missing from this one, but should read:

''Screen Coverage:
The screen of this device is curved at each of its four sides, therefore we have designed this protector to fully cover the flat portion of the screen.''

We'll be in touch in private shortly to offer further explanation and hopefully a resolution.