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Carboncase Carbon Fibre case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus/6s Plus.

Our MediaDevil Carboncase cases are made from genuine carbon fibre using the same technology and process used to build Formula One cars.

  • Incredibly lightweight and slim
  • Half the weight of aluminium, with three times the strength
  • Matte finish: Coated with a soft matte anti-fingerprint finish
  • Glossy finish: Coated with a traditional glossy resin finish
  • Engineered from the same material used to build Formula One cars

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Morris
Carbon case for iPhone 6

The product I ordered was in fact the wrong size for my phone but quick, knowledgable and reliable customer service support via email allowed me to return and exchange it with ease and I received the item I wanted very quickly afterwards.
Would recommend dealing with and buying MediaDevil every time.
Many thanks

Built to Engineering Perfection

This product is sublime and incredibly good for how thin it is. If you were thinking of buying this definitely take the plunge you won't regret making this purchase. The case is incredibly light and you wonder how something so thin will protect your phone, not until you try and test how flimsy you think it is, you realise it's strong and very robust. Once the case was fitted on which was really easy to do its snug and tight fitting. The camera has clearance when lying flat on its back so no risk of scratching it same applies to the screen too.. I like the fact the antennas are non restrictive and open though with carbon fibre I'm sure this doesnt have the stated effect on the RF transmissions and reception but at least it's been thought of. The buttons are perfectly aligned centrally with the cut outs and non restrictive to the touch. The added silicone coating gives a smooth and matte feel great for sweat fingers as it doesn't show and provides a decent grip on a large device. Having placed it to my pocket on my trousers and motorcycle jacket you would hardly even think you had a case on it. Overall this has been crafted with great engineering precision and quality you would expect from a Mediadevil product. Well worth the 5 Stars and every penny.