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    Carboncase Carbon Fibre case for Apple iPhone 6/6s.

    Our MediaDevil Carboncase cases are made from genuine carbon fibre using the same technology and process used to build Formula One cars.

    • Incredibly lightweight and slim
    • Half the weight of aluminium, with three times the strength
    • Matte finish: Coated with a soft matte anti-fingerprint finish
    • Glossy finish: Coated with a traditional glossy resin finish
    • Engineered from the same material used to build Formula One cars

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Premium quality!

    Genuine carbon fibre case looks great feels great, good grippy feel. It's the perfect fit fits in the pocket well doesn't add any bulk or weight to the phone, but enough to provide the right protection. All the ports are open so I won't have a problem using third party accessories. Thin and light 10/10 to MediaDevil for thinking about the antenna bands on the IPhones, I use to have a carbon fibre case before but that didn't have the cut outs for the antenna bands, I was getting horrible reception. I absolutely love this case it will never come of my phone, being genuine carbon fibre this case will most likely out last my phone. Highly recommended!

    Excellent simplicity

    I have a obscene amount of cases for my beloved IPhone 6S but I always find myself carrying my phone in the Mediadevil matte carbon fibre case. It just compliments the quality and simplicity of the Apple design, tough wearing but classy quality materials and design.

    Best real carbon fiber case

    First I'm hesitant to purchace this carbonfiber case because there are alot of brand that dissapoint me. I make carbonfiber car parts so my expectation is high. When the Case arrived with a nice bag.. I must say the carbonfiber case is impressive, well made and the pattern is not distorted. The case fits well with my iphone 6s, I can say that this is the best carbonfiber case to date. Another great product and excellent customer service from mediadevil. I like the matt finish

    Another brilliant product

    As usual the product arrived very quickly from Media Devil. The Carboncase is light but strong and fits on the phone very neatly and it looks great - it's had admiring glances from a few friends.

    I may tell them where I got it from, but then again I might just keep that to myself and retain exclusivity ! Sorry Callum, that won't help your sales much.

    Nice case but cuts down signal strength

    The case is thin, very light and a good fit but it reduces signal strength by 2 bars and Wi-Fi by 1 bar which can make the difference between having a signal & being able to use the phone or not.