Magicwand Pen Refills - Classic / Professional editions

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Our Magicwand Ballpoint Pen Refills are made especially for use with our Magicwand touch screen stylus Ballpoint Pen editions. They are available with black ink only.

This refill is compatible with the following editions of our stylus:
- Classic Ballpoint Pen edition
- Professional Ballpoint Pen edition

If you have our Executive or Swarovski editions, please click here for your refill.

Pack Contents:
3 x Magicwand Ballpoint Pen Refills (CP) for Classic and Professional Ballpoint Pen edition Styluses (Black ink)

Customer Reviews

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Jennifer Anderson
Don't remember how I came into possession of this really cute, purse size pen.

All I know is, one day I found this pen among other items and I love it's green color and short stature to attach to the inside of my date book. I really thought I had picked up a promotion pen so when the ink cartridge ran out I thought I was going to have to discard my favorite pen. Instead I looked closely and saw the media devil wording and still thought it was a promotional pen from somewhere. Instead I just thought I'd check out the name on Amazon because somethings I really don't remember ordering little add on things. There it was with a link to the media devil website and I was easily able to identify the size and style of the ink refills and happily ordered the pack. I was afraid the shipping was going to out cost the refills but surprisingly the shipping cost was very reasonable. I'm just so glad I did a little research and found out the media devil is the name of the manufacturer, not some crazy metal band with a catchy name. Besides, when do you get a nice thank you for your purchase from one of the owners. Thank you Callum PS. The pen also has the soft tip for cell phone tapping.

Very happy

I love your products!

Nice Company

These refills are quick and easy to fit and the I use the pen/stylus a lot. They are very slim and they don't actually last that long when in regular use. You just have to order a few at a time to keep a stock in.

just what i needed

Exactly as described. Very good value. Perfect.

really good product

The refils are great I got the professional pen/stylus and it's really good I use it everyday in work if you guys could come up wth a repacement stylus nib that would be a very good thing

thanks Paul