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    Artisanpouch premium quality European leather pouch case (available in five sizes).

    Our MediaDevil Artisanpouch pouch case is individually handcrafted by European leather artisans, using the finest quality, full-grain European leather. Your device is secured in the pouch by a magnet-embedded pull-tab. It can then be easily removed by pulling that integrated pull-tab. Leather finishes available for this particular Artisanpouch design: Aniline (soft pebble-dashed) leather Our aniline leather is buttery soft, with a natural, subtly pebbled surface texture. This leather is commonly used for luxury handbags, and it is almost entirely colourfast, acquiring a very subtle hue and feel over time. Nubuck (rustic) leather Our nubuck leather is an expensive leather used often by premium footwear brands, as it is stronger and longer lasting than suede leather. It retains a 'rustic' appearance that displays marks from use, which is wholly intentional. It gradually matures over time, developing a rich, distinctive patina, which varies from item to item depending on how frequently each is handled (e.g. a phone case will mature faster than a laptop case). This particular Artisanpouch design is available in five different sizes, meaning we are able to support almost every new smartphone that comes on to the market. See the compatibility list below to determine which size will best fit your device.
    Device Screen Size Maximum Device Dimensions
    Size 1 (XS) Up to 4.6" 132 x 69 x 9.1 mm
    Size 2 (S) Up to 5.0" 143.2 x 72 x 8.1 mm
    Size 3 (M) Up to 5.2" 146.9 x 72 x 8.5 mm
    Size 4 (L) Up to 5.5" 152 x 77 x 7.5 mm
    Size 5 (XL) Up to 6.0" 161.7 x 80.9 x 7.4 mm