Apple Watch 41mm (Series 7 & Series 8) Screen Protector (Full-Screen)

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Apple Watch 41mm (Series 7 and Series 8) Full Screen Protector (Clear) | MediaDevil Magicscreen.


Award-winning screen protection. Designed and made in the UK to the highest standards.

Our screen protectors protect your device screen from scratches and leave no markings when removed. They do not reduce the clarity or the touch sensitivity of the screen, and do not affect the in-display sensors (e.g. light and proximity sensors, or face and fingerprint scanners). This particular screen protector covers the full screen of the Apple Watch 41mm (Series 7 & 8).


  • Thin and strong
  • Invisible when applied to screen
  • Bonds firmly to device screen
  • Protects from scratches
  • Leaves no markings when removed

Material Trait Information:

  • For our customers who have previously purchased our other Magicscreen editions: please be aware that we are using an innovative flexible non-glass material to allow us to cover the entire curved device screen.
  • Be sure to follow the application instructions on the loose leaflet inside the packaging, as they are different from those used for our regular material.
  • At this time, we are including an additional (i.e. a fourth) screen protector in the packaging to allow our customers to familiarise themselves with the different application method.
  • Unlike our other protector editions, these protectors may be slightly curved when removed from the packaging. This is entirely normal and not of concern.

Pack Contents:

  • 3 x Magicscreen screen protector (FRONT) for Apple Watch 41mm (Series 7 & 8)
  • 1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
  • 1 x Positioning & dust removal sticker set
  • Detailed written instructions


Video Installation Instructions:


Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.

MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Paula Wheeler
Perfect - As always!

I've bought Media Devil's phone and iPad screen protectors for years, but this was my first attempt with an Apple Watch. (I was pleasantly surprised to know I could get a protector for it, being such a bevelled object!)

They supplied FOUR protectors, and from a few reviews I read I figured I'd need to practice with the first one. Covering the watch is slightly more fiddly than doing a phone or iPad, but it went on in one!

Try to have one of the lint sticky tapes partly peeled-up just in case - make sure you have plenty of light! (and your glasses) - then line it up and lay it down. I found the enclosed plastic card that I've used before to be a bit too harsh for getting bubbles out from the watch. Using my thumb was enough and the little ones were gone by the next day.

At first you will notice the edge of the screen protector with your thumb when you brush up to go to the control panel ... but after a day or two I didn't notice any longer.

They're the best out there. Don't even look at another company! (Plus there's often candy involved ;) )

Chris Wright
Surprisingly durable scratch protector

Wish I'd known about these when I first got my Series 7 in March! Didn't fancy one of the bulbous hard plastic protectors, so I went without and gained several scratches in the glass. After applying one of these there were a couple of persistent bubbles, but they disappeared on their own after a couple of days. The protector is barely noticeable and has stayed on nearly 6 weeks so far, protecting against numerous knocks and scrapes. And I still have 3 more if this one needs changing.

Ursula Tooley
Bubbles disappeared after 3-4 days

Bit tricky to apply, but the bubbles that were initially there went away on their own after a few days! FYI for any reviews saying they couldn't get the bubbles to leave -- patience is key.

James walters
Apple watch screen protector

Wasted 3 protectors attempting to peel and apply, when I did manage to apply successfully it partly came off. I have since removed it and given up.

Dear James,

Very sorry to hear there was a problem, we'll be in contact in private shortly to hopefully offer a resolution.

M Franklin
Great Protector

Really pleased with my screen protector. You can hardly see it on my watch. And they give you a few which is ideal, as my first attempt was rubbish. Speedy delivery too. All the iPhone’s I’ve had used MediaDevil screen protectors as it’s the best by far!!!