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    Genuine European Leather Wallet Pouch Phone Case | Artisanwallet.

    Individually handcrafted in Europe by leather artisans, using the finest quality full-grain European leather. Artisanwallet features card slots and a soft inner lining that protects your device from scratches. It is made from the expensive nubuck leather used by many premium footwear brands (which is stronger and longer lasting than suede leather). It retains a very 'rustic' appearance that will show marks from use easily, which is wholly intentional. Over time it will gradually develop a rich, protective patina appearance (see the product images for an example).


    Please Note:
    Artisanwallet is designed to snugly fit your device (you must remove any other case before using it). If you need a case-fit, view the dimensions of the next size up, as it (may) be a good fit. For example, an iPhone 6 with a slim plastic case on, is a good fit for Size 3. Here are some of the most notable models supported:

    Size 1 (Internal pouch size 13.5cm x 5.95cm)
    - Apple iPhone 5/5S/SE (1st Gen), 5C, 4/4S and 3G/3GS
    - Nokia 3310 (2017), 105 (2017), 130 (2017)

    Size 2 (Internal pouch size 13.8 x 6.7cm)
    - Apple iPhone SE (2020, 2nd Gen)
    - Apple iPhone 12 Mini / 8/7/6s/6
    - Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016 and 2017), S3, S4, S5 Mini
    - Sony Xperia XZ2 Compact, XZ1 Compact, Z1 Compact, Z5 Compact

    Size 3 (Internal pouch size 14.8 x 7.0cm)
    - Apple iPhone 12, 12 Pro, 11, 11 Pro, X / XS, XR
    - Google Pixel 4 / 4a / 3 / 3a / 2 and Nexus 5 / 5X
    - Huawei P30 / P20 / P10 / P9, P Smart
    - Huawei P20 Lite, P8 Lite (2017), P10 Lite
    - HTC 10, HTC One M9 / M8
    - HTC Desire 12, U11 Life
    - LG G3, G5, K8 (2017), K10 (2017), Q6, V30 / V30S
    - Nokia Lumia 930
    - Motorola Moto G 2nd & 3rd Gen (2014-2015, 5" models)
    - Motorola Moto G5 and G5S
    - Nokia 3, Nokia 5
    - Samsung Galaxy S10 / S10e / S9 / S8 / S7 / S6 / S5
    - Samsung Galaxy A41, A20e, A5 2017, J3 2017, J5 2017
    - Sony Xperia XA1, X, Z5, Z3, Z2
    - Wileyfox Swift 2X, Swift 2 Plus, Swift 2, Swift 1

    Size 4 (Internal pouch size 15.8 x 7.5cm)
    - Apple iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6S Plus / 6 Plus
    - Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max, XS Max
    - Google Pixel 3 XL / 2 XL
    - HTC U11
    - Huawei Mate 20 Pro / Mate 20 Lite / Mate 20 / P30 Pro / P30 Lite / P20 Pro
    - LG G6, G4, 
    - Motorola Moto E6s, G7, G7 Plus, G7 Power, G6, G6 Plus, G6 Play, G5S Plus, G4, G4 Plus
    - Nokia 8
    - OnePlus Nord, OnePlus 6T, OnePlus 6, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 2, and OnePlus One
    - Samsung A51, A40
    - Samsung Galaxy S20, S10+, S9, S8, S7 Edge, S6 Edge Plus
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Note 7, Note 5, Note 4
    - Sony Xperia XZ2, XZ1, XZ Premium, Z5 Premium, L1
    - Xiaomi Pocophone F1

    Size 5 (Internal pouch size 17.8 x 8.5cm)
    - Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max
    - Google Nexus 6 / 6P
    - Google Pixel 4 XL / 3a XL
    - Motorola Moto G 5G Plus
    - OnePlus 8 / 8 Pro / 7T / 7T Pro / 7 Pro
    - Razer Phone
    - Samsung Galaxy A41, A51
    - Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Note 20+, Note 10+, Note 10 Lite
    - Samsung Galaxy 20 Ultra, S20+, S9+, S8+

    What is full-grain leather?
    Full-grain leather is the highest quality form of leather available, and is often used to make high-quality leather furniture and footwear. 'Full-grain' refers to leather that has not been treated to remove natural marks on the surface. The grain remains, allowing greater strength and durability. The grain also provides breathability, resulting in less build-up of moisture. Rather than wearing out, it develops a patina over time, gradually improving the aesthetic appearance of the product as it protects your device from daily life.

    Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer. MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 27 reviews
    Not as good as they used to be

    Hi Paul,

    I hope you’re well and I’m very sorry to read this. I had been waiting to hear back from you so we could have the phone conversation you had requested (which I had said I could do the day after your email, 8th July). I have been awaiting your response and as it has only been a few days I assumed you had not seen my email yet or were currently too busy.

    You requested to return the case for a refund and my colleague apologised and provided you a Freepost return label. You returned the case and we refunded you promptly and sent a courtesy confirmation email.

    You later emailed us a few days later, on 7th July with the request to speak with me by phone, and I sent you a detailed response and apology, with the offer to speak on 8th July. As I’ve mentioned, that call didn’t take place, and instead you have mentioned here that I didn’t offer to do anything about the issue.

    As a reminder, in your emails to my colleague, you requested to return for a refund, you did not request a replacement, which we could certainly have provided. As we’d already refunded you by the email you emailed me, yet you now mention I didn’t do anything about the issue, I can only guess that you were looking to me to provide compensation on top of the refund, I suppose a discount off a future order. In that case, I will politely remind that our phone call conversation had not taken place yet.

    You have mentioned in your emails that all products ordered from us before this were excellent, and therefore, on my part, I would not say it is particularly fair to say (on the basis of this one experience) that the quality of our products and support has deteriorated and worth a 1* rating, but it is of course your prerogative to say that freely.

    I mentioned on my email that we did certainly had made an error and I feel I was very transparent and apologetic in explaining how this occurred. I did this because I believe it’s a way of showing the respect that I would want to receive myself.

    As this is now in the public domain, a re-cap explanation:
    My colleague had checked the outside but not the inside of the case before shipping it out (something we usually always do, and should always do), as we’re very short staffed due to the current COVID situation. All of our products are pre-checked (by me) firstly before they leave our supplier and secondly when we receive them to our warehouse, and the issue here was that the appearance of the inside of the case had been affected as a result of storage in our warehouse (one of the cardholders already displayed a patina appearance, which didn't look very nice in comparison to the rest of the case which didn't have a patina yet), which the final third check didn’t pick up. The issue itself was honestly a freak occurrence and, of course, it affected the one item my colleague believes he didn’t check.

    I hope that the time that went into in my email (and now this response) does at least show that we were bothered about your experience, and I deeply apologise again. I do hope you’ll consider ordering again from us in the future to see that it was very much a one-off thing. Regarding a goodwill gesture, as our call isn’t taking place you are welcome to email our team the next time you are considering a purchase (referencing the previous support ticket number) and we will sort that.

    Best wishes


    Quality, style and phone protection in one!
    Happy return customer
    Best case / Best service / Amazing brand

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