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    Artisanphonics Noise-isolating premium wood earphones with enhanced bass


    Our Artisanphonics EB-03 earphones are housed in premium wood reclaimed from luxury furniture manufacturers, which would otherwise have been wasted. This premium wood housing provides superior acoustic performance, and means that each pair of these earphones is visually unique, displaying their own individual wood grain and colour tone (please see the secondary product images to view examples of the possible variations in colour).

    We have configured the drivers of the EB-03 to produce powerful sound with vibrant bass and balanced musical detail. They punch well above their weight in terms of sound quality.

    To prolong cable life, we use a Kevlar-reinforced cable with a 135-degree angled 3.5mm connector. This 3rd generation (EB-03) model has an extra-reinforced jack. The lower half of the cable has a braided fabric outer to minimise tangling (the top half is plastic to minimise noise friction).

    An integrated microphone is provided, with a built-in click button that answers/ends calls and controls music playback, using the click-commands below. This functionality is compatible with most modern smartphones and laptops:
    • 1 Click: i) Pause/Play music track, ii) Answer incoming phone call iii) End phone call
    • 2 Clicks: Skip to next music track.
    • 3 Clicks: Start current music track again / Play previous track

    • Protect and care for your headphones by always placing them in the natural fibre bag provided when not in use.
    • As with any decent earphones, it is imperative that you use the correct fitting earbuds. This seals the ear canal and produces a much higher quality sound (it makes a very big difference).

    Pack Contents:
    1 x Artisanphonics earphones
    1 x Natural fibre carrying bag 3 x Earbuds (S/M/L)

    12 months

    Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer. MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 57 reviews
    Artisanphonics EB-03...

    Excellent sounding earphones - nice design and good value for money. Would recommend.

    Cool earphones

    Good appearance, sensible cable, quality sound

    Still come out on top when vs a dozen others upto £150 mark.

    Sound. It's obviously a personal choice - one man's poison etc... I have and always will be on the lookout for good headphones. I have tried many many brands - Shure, Sennheiser, Focal, Ultimate Ears, B&O, Klipsch, Beyer (to name a few), and usually what is considered to be middle budget models of upto circa £150. I can't remember all the specific models but they weren't cheapo.

    The bottom line, particularly when you factor in price, the Mediadevils (I've had EB-01 and EB-03) are a clear winner. That's not to say that the rest are garbage (Ultimate Ears spring to mind for having terrible treble), they were mostly good in one or some ways and not so good in one or more.

    I have found both the Mediadevil EB-01 and EB-03 to possess the most pleasing overall sound for a widespread genre of musical and cinematic material. The bass is deep but controlled, and there's a good dollop of it (especially when you find decent matching isolating buds/tips). Proper bassheads might still need to look elsewhere but for most mortals there's plenty enough. The mids and highs are to my liking. Treble is not biting and tiring but sharp enough to reproduce tingling definition. I've never been much of a midrange range man (ie. I never really got on with speakers from Tannoy or Rogers) but that's not saying I like a V shaped EQ curve. I love vocal material but I just don't like it in my face. I would say that the Mediadevils managebto produce a very neutral and balanced midrange.

    There you have it. I felt it important to establish some context to my subjective views on the sound qualities of the Mediadevil headphones. I have not been able to compare EB-01 to EB-03 since my EB-01s broke (outside of warranty).


    I really like the recycled wood & environmentally friendly packaging. I have bought 4 pairs of these & the customer service is excellent! There is no quibbling & they have replaced them really quickly without question.

    Really good product & I live the bass & great sound!


    Cool design, clear sound, powerful bass

    I've been buying these headphones since 2014 - they are really beautiful, the remote is quick and simple to use and I love the wooden parts. Easy to untangle too. The sound is clear with strong bass, perfect fit and very comfy to wear. I'm so glad to have them.