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    Take advanced control of your touchscreen device.


    - Use your device in cold conditions whilst wearing gloves
    - Add your handwritten signature to electronic documents
    - Play games without suffering finger strain
    - Features a capacitive stylus at one end, and a twist-action ballpoint pen (i.e. a biro) at the other.
    - Genuine leather carrying pouch.

    Magicwand is fully compatible with our screen protector ranges and works perfectly with all modern touchscreen devices.

    12.4cm in length

    Pack Contents: 
    1 x Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus
    1 x Genuine European leather carrying pouch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 20 reviews
    Exactly What I Wanted!

    Delivery was speedy and goods just as described. Good price and very happy with my purchase. Highly recommend.

    Professional quality friendly service

    I bought my first media devil stylus over 5 years ago,then about 4years ago a pen / stylus. They have been great ever since , my granddaughter borrowed one then the other this year for using on her I pad. I bought two more recently and again service and quality is brilliant. I had a request regarding a new tip for old stylus and again fast help all solved. The quality cannot be better. And great to use. Neil C

    Magic wand and pen

    I purchased a wand stylus in 2014 and a pen / stylus in 2015. They are the best stylus ever. Friends who have cheaper stylus never last and are not as precise to use. But my mediadevil are still brilliant. On the wand I admit the tip did tear this week but I contacted M/D and they sent a replacement the same day. Great products and a fantastic service. Wouldn’t use anyone else for my cases and stylus.

    Outstanding Stylus Pen

    I have personally owned a number of this type of stylus pen over the years. I was using a stylus way before the original Apple iPhone came out!

    In my opinion, apart from the Apple Pencil which costs well over 10 times as much, the Media Devil stylus or 'Magicwand' is the best I have used.

    The stylus looks professionally made with strong, durable materials. It also has a bespoke feel with both the ball-point pen looks and the cool leather case made of genuine European leather included.

    During usage, it is extremely responsive and functions accurately, the ball-point pen is very nice, easy to hold and works brilliantly to write text quickly with over a short time.

    I have not needed to request for a replacement nib yet which is about 3 months after I bought it. Highly recommended and very pleased.

    In addition, I need to mention firstly the price of this product which is amazing for this level of quality. In my opinion, the prices that Media Devil places on their products is extremely competitive for the level of quality.

    Secondly, the high level of customer services from Media Devil has been second to none - extremely professional, great email communications and very fast in shipping their products.


    Excellent customer service & excellent products, highly recommend this company.