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    Take advanced control of your touchscreen device.

    - Use your device in cold conditions whilst wearing gloves
    - Add your handwritten signature to electronic documents
    - Play games without suffering finger strain
    - Features a capacitive stylus at one end, and a capped ballpoint pen (i.e. a biro) at the other
    - Genuine leather carrying pouch.

    Magicwand is fully compatible with our screen protector ranges and works perfectly with all modern touchscreen devices.

    12cm in length

    Pack Contents: 
    1 x Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus
    1 x Genuine European leather carrying pouch

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Brilliant pen

    Very good pen, Aldo supplied with a case and refill.

    Touch screen Stylus and Biro

    Excellent stylus pens for touch screens. Prompt delivery. Also supplied refill for pen and nice case.
    Would definitely recommend this product and company

    Customer Service excellence.

    After my first Executive Ballpoint Pen began to loose its functionality after nearly a year Mediadevil had no hesitation in replacing it. Mediadevil sets the standard for customer service that other companies should (but sadly most don't) follow. The new pen arrived today and is working absolutely brilliantly.

    Many thanks Mediadevil.


    Once again very impressed by Media Devil. I have been using their screen protectors for my iPhones and couldn't fault them so I thought I would give these MagicWands a try too.

    So far so good - the pen itself works well and looks very nice (black edition). The capacitive end is great; I was a bit scared at first to use it in case I somehow managed to scratch the screen, but was soon reassured after trying it out. It is very well designed and "bouncy" enough to ensure it's never banging against the screen. It's very responsive and after a few weeks of use hasn't worn at all so far.

    The leather pouch it comes in is a nice addition too.

    I prefer the "Professional" version to this one though one as using the pen is easier and less of a faff. Having to pull the pen out, turn it around, and vice versa when needing to write takes a bit more time.

    However this is just a subjective personal preference which is why this still gets 5 / 5; can't fault it, does what it says it does and does it well.

    Great Product Once Again

    Great Pen, works very well with my Nexus 7. Once again Mediadevil have a good product

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