Anti-Bacterial Phone Screen & Lens Cleaning Spray Kit | Magicpotion

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Anti-Bacterial Screen Cleaning Spray Kit | Magicpotion.

Specifically formulated in the UK for electronic device screens and lenses. Its anti-static properties make it ideal for preparing a device screen before applying a screen protector.

Unlike many competing brands, Magicpotion contains no silicone, allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses. Our supplied Microfibre cleaning cloth is of an ultra-soft optical grade, ensuring no scratching of screens or lenses.


  • Anti-bacterial
  • Meets most worldwide airport hand-luggage restrictions (including UK/EU/USA)
  • Contains no silicone (unlike many competing brands), allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses
  • Non-abrasive (note: Apple stresses to only use non-abrasive cleaning solutions on their products)
  • Does not contain alcohol, ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate, or other harsh chemicals
  • Anti-static
  • Non-toxic (and environmentally friendly)
  • Non-flammable
  • Easy-spray action

Please Note:
- One spray of Magicpotion is sufficient to clean a laptop/tablet screen
- Magicpotion has not been tested on animals.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 x 50ml (1.7 oz.) Magicpotion Anti-Bacterial screen cleaning spray
  • 1 x Premium Microfibre cleaning cloth (optical grade)


Customer Reviews

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Francesco Politi
A bad buy.

I have received the product within a reasonable time. Unfortunately, due to the bad screwing of the cap and the bad packaging for the shipment, I received a box soaked in liquid and an almost empty container. I had previously bought the same product on Amazon without any problems. It was a bad choice to buy this product.

Hi Francesco,

We responded promptly to your email to us on October 7th and didn't hear anything back regarding how to proceed, ie: if a replacement was required. We publish each and every review whether it's positive or negative as we truly care about our customer's experiences with our products and did want to show publicly that it's genuinely rare for something like this to occur.

In this instance it sounds like something happened in transit because each Magicpotion pack is made up here at our London HQ and we always ensure that the bottles are tightly sealed; they're usually durable enough to cope with even international transit but without any further information, like if there was damage to the envelope, packaging or the bottle itself we're unsure what we can do to assist (We have no control over what happens to a package after it's sent out but I did want to assure you that the vast majority do arrive in the same pristine condition they leave us in, no accounting for postal services sometimes!).

Excellent cleaning spray.

I have used the cleaning spray by Media Devil for many years now, and despite trying other brands, I always return to this. It is perfect for all your devices, including large screen TVs and I even use it to thoroughly clean and polish my glasses. It is non-abrasive and brings a sparkle to everything you use it on. You only need a small amount to clean and polish and the included, high quality microfibre cloth does the job perfectly. Highly recommended product.


The screen cleaning spray is the best I have used and the quality of the microfibre cloth is outstanding too.

Great stuff

Love this cleaner, I use it for everything, my phone, iPad, glasses etc and they always come up sparkling. Great service and quick delivery. Love the free sweets with the order too :)

Excellent product!

Smear-free formula, excellent for big screen TVs and smaller monitors, laptops, iPads, tablets alike. The provided cloth is also superior quality.