Artisanphonics EB-03 (2017 release) luxury wood earphones with built-in microphone

Our Artisanphonics EB-03 earphones are housed in premium wood reclaimed from luxury furniture manufacturers, which would otherwise have been wasted. This premium wood housing provides superior acoustic performance, and means that each pair of these earphones is unique, displaying their own individual wood grain and colour tone.

RRP: $79.97

now: $44.97

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Ships from the United Kingdom.


  • Reclaimed wood
  • Anti-tangle fabric cable
  • Integrated microphone and call answer button
  • Compatible with most smartphones

Artisanphonics Noise-isolating premium wood earphones with enhanced bass

Artisanphonics Features

Our Artisanphonics EB-03 earphones are housed in premium wood reclaimed from luxury furniture manufacturers, which would otherwise have been wasted. This premium wood housing provides superior acoustic performance, and means that each pair of these earphones is unique, displaying their own individual wood grain and colour tone (please see the secondary product images to view examples of the possible variations in colour).

We have configured the drivers of the EB-03 to produce powerful sound with vibrant bass and balanced musical detail. They punch well above their weight in terms of sound quality.

To prolong cable life, we use a Kevlar-reinforced cable with a 135-degree angled 3.5mm connector. This 3rd generation (EB-03) model has an extra-reinforced jack. The lower half of the cable has a braided fabric outer to minimise tangling (the top half is plastic to minimise noise friction).

An integrated microphone is provided, with a built-in click button that answers/ends calls and controls music playback, using the click-commands below. This functionality is compatible with most modern smartphones and laptops:
  • 1 Click: i) Pause/Play music track, ii) Answer incoming phone call iii) End phone call
  • 2 Clicks: Skip to next music track.
  • 3 Clicks: Start current music track again / Play previous track
  • Protect and care for your headphones by always placing them in the natural fibre bag provided when not in use.
  • As with any decent earphones, it is imperative that you use the correct fitting ear buds. This seals the ear canal and produces a much higher quality sound (it makes a very big difference!).

Pack Contents:
1 x Artisanphonics earphones
1 x Natural fibre carrying bag
3 x Earbuds (S/M/L)

Warranty: One year.

Please note: Our earphones are based on the CTIA standard used by most newer devices. If your device's headphone jack is based on the OMTP standard, you will need to purchase a seperate CTIA to OMTP adapter in order to use them. These can be found at various online retailers.

Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.
MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s 2011 Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

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Best earphones I have EVER owned. Review by Chris
As an avid music listener I love a good pair of earphones. I use Beats by Dr. Dre in the gym but those are massive headphones. MediaDevil's earphones are perfect for my commute to school or work and everyday use. I suffer from very small ears and always had to rely on plastic earphones that were uncomfortable and had terrible quality. MediaDevil's earphones don't just look cool but they are comfortable and they magically stay in my ears which is very exciting. Also, for those little guys they kick! Perfectly even sound and a nice bass allows me to really jam out on the tube and busses. Oh, and the customer service is on point and the treats are amazing :) (Posted on 26/11/2014)
Good Product. Review by Graham
Bought these in October, they looked sturdy and the materials looked a cut above things like ipod's standard headphones, with fabric cable and kevlar being involved. The sound is far superior too. After about 5 weeks one of the earphones stopped working, I told MediaDevil about it and they instantly shipped me a new one. I know this happens with earphones on occasion so can't say there is an inherent flaw in the earphones on the back of this, and the new ones are working great. (Posted on 25/11/2014)
Awesome. Review by Oskars
Bought these earphones after a very long and thorough research process. Everything lived up to my very high expectations.

The whole experience of doing business with Media Devil was great - the quality of the product, the speed of delivery, the quality of support, even minor things like tips for proper product usage, the linen bag and free candy. I am completely under the impression that Media Devil cares about their customers.

To be completely objective, nothing has gone wrong so far (knock on wood) so I can't comment on their service in these types of situations. (Posted on 24/11/2014)
The Latest Earphones Are A Big Improvement. Review by David
Last year I purchased 2 pairs of Artisanphonics luxury wood earphones, unfortunately 1 pair recently had to be returned with a minor fault.
Media Devil replaced both pairs even though only 1 had developed a fault. These new upgraded earphones are even better as the cord is now a truly tangle free version. The sound from these little gems is amazing and they are well worth the money.
Media Devil what a great firm you are, all the products that I have purchased from you have been absolutely "Top Class", I do not hesitate to recommend this A1 company, "Satisfaction Guaranteed". (Posted on 12/11/2014)
Nothing not to love. Review by Roy
Would not hesitate to recommend these, nor MediaDevil as a company. I was drawn to these initially due to the wood component but the earphones are far from just good lookers. They sound great and the anti-tangle cable is also very effective. Great customer service and a great product, definitely deserving of 5 stars. (Posted on 07/11/2014)
good quality product and good service. Review by duncan
I recently purchased a set of these earphones to replace my sadly lost sennheiser cx500s. They are a really good set of 'phones, with good detail and richness to the sound, and they are more comfortable in my ears than the sennheisers. The bag provided to store them in is good quality also.

One note - these have quite a lot of bass to them, so they may not be for you if you don't like too much bass to your audio. I realise this can be remedied quickly by using the equaliser settings on your device, but it's still worth noting.

(Posted on 11/10/2014)
First earhpnes I'm using on a daily basis!. Review by Piotr
1. First of all I really enjoy the sound. It's clear and crisp regardless of genre and they scored high points in classical music as well as in heavier stuff.

2. First earphones which are totally comfortable to have in my ears even for long hours.(Any other earphone would always give my left ear pain after a short while) and they're also comfortable to take them in a out. Nice and soft and they land right where they should at first try. Just recentely tested them extensively on my longhaul flight. Having them on my head and sleeping wasn't a problem at al!

3. They block a lot of outside noise but not completely, which is a huge plus for me. On a plane or in the office you can easily get seperated from the noice but you're still be in touch with the outside world :)

4. Tangle proof is tangle proof good enough. It will still tangle but hey, it's MUCH easier to untangle your cables and there's usually no swearing involved :)

Don't like: when I have a conf all the the micophone (and this aplies to all of my headphones) is way too far. It's not that you're not heard well but it keeps rubbing against your chest and making additinal noise.

Genaral: very much recommended! (Posted on 08/10/2014)
Great product at great price. Review by Rmob
Goods arrived very promptly and say what they do on the box (Posted on 30/09/2014)
Terrific value. Review by Pete B
Sounds good, shuts out a lot of exterior noise. They also seem decent quality and pretty robust. Considering the price I'm delighted with them and even bought some for the mrs shortly after. (Posted on 26/09/2014)
A Product that looks good, and sounds great.. Review by Kevin
When researching these headphones, I couldn't find many technical specifications, but I went out on a limb and bought them anyways, and I can assure you, they were well worth the risk.
The sound is fantastic, and for any others who may be wondering:
- 8mm drivers
- Frequency response; 18hz - 22kHz.
Very clear bass that you can feel and no sibilance or clipping that I could hear.
These headphones have a very natural and classic look due to the warm tone of the wood, which makes them look nice, but in no way gaudy.
So far, so good, I would definitely refer this product to a friend. (Posted on 11/09/2014)
A Quality Product. Review by Richard
Sound quality is much better than the Apple supplied earphones. I could never get them to stay in my ear either! The variety of ear bud sizes provided results in an excellent fit and sound quality with these earphones.

The cables are are not totally tangle proof but do result in much fewer tangles messes when unravelling them.

I like the recycled wood and the packaging matches the eco-friendly approach. If all MediaDevil product were similarly packaged I think that that would set the company apart from the competition.

The pouch supplied is a nice touch. All in all a fine product from a great company. (Posted on 30/08/2014)
Great sound for the price. Review by Big Albie
I like a warm sounding earphone and these fit the bill in the sub £30 category. Bass is nice and deep without bloat and the top end far from tinny. I usually listening to pop/rock from the 70's through 90's with some reggae too. Seem fine with everything I've listened to on my 5th ten iPod.

Bought them to replace a set of Sennheiser IE6's which have been lost. Not quite as deep in the bass and slightly less bright at the top end but these are less than a third the price. Not used the microphone as I don't use my phone with earpieces so cannot comment on its quality.

Often have to travel to mid and far east for work so will see what their noise isolating is like on a long flight. I normally use in-ear phones on shorter trips and revert to my trust Audio Technica ANC-7 over-ear noise cancelling headphones long haul. Will see how they go next time I'm away.

Only downside so far is the cable covering which rubs causing 'microphone' I would rather lose tangle-free for the noise that cable causes as it rubs together.

So, I can recommend them for those on a budget to replace earphones supplied by phone/MP3 player manufacturers (never like Apple buds, well overrated IMHO). I work in audio within the Oil & Gas industry and quality counts - these are fine by me especially at the price. (Posted on 27/08/2014)
just what I wanted. Review by Marta
I have a pair of Bose headphones that are very bulky and was looking for something with comparable sound quality but a more manageable design. I have been using these all summer at work an on my commute and I love them. They're sleek and comfortable, block essentially all ambient noise, and provide a clear full sound that I'd previously heard only in over-ear headphones. The fabric cable was an unexpected bonus - no more impenetrable knots of wires. Definitely a smart purchase. (Posted on 15/08/2014)
* * * * *. Review by stefan
only have had these for a couple of days and I am no audiophile. with this made clear the earphones seem very well made, I really love the wood on them. they sound a lot better than I expected. also liked the plastic-free packaging and fast dispatch/delivery.
and yeah I do recommend the earphones (Posted on 06/08/2014)
Brilliant. Review by Matt
Fantastic earphones. Great sound profile, particularly from the price. Fit nicely in the ear and the wood look is a nice touch.

matt (Posted on 30/07/2014)
Great little headphones. Review by JC
I decided to buy these for my iphone. I also have a high quality DAP and use Sennheiser IE800 amogst others, but i wanted a rough and ready pair to take wherever I go and not have to treat like a newborn.

The quality and sturdiness of these headphones are stunning. The sound is balanced, and although have full bass, not artificially so like some rapper endorsed ones at five times the price. They take knocks in their stride and are not fragile. They fit really well out of the box (i do suffer from odd shaped earholes!) and no problem making a good seal. I actually registered to make a comment on these, this is how much they impressed me. Makes you proud to be British :) (Posted on 18/07/2014)
Truly great sound. Review by Curt
I bought one pair of these earphones last year before Christmas and I have been so impressed with their sound quality that I ordered two more, one more for me in case I had to replace my first pair for some reason and the other as a gift. They do have great sound quality and I know if I ever have any problem with any product Mediadevil sells that their customer service will immediately resolve it. Try these earphones and you will be surprised at their quality and sound. (Posted on 05/03/2014)
Better than my sennheisers. Review by Michelle
My trusty sennheisers broke and I was about to buy another pair on Amazon when I suddenly wondered if media devil did earphones.....and they did! As I've come to expect, the reviews were great, so I took a calculated risk. I'm honestly amazed by the sound quality for the price! (Posted on 28/02/2014)
Pretty Good So Far…... Review by R
Thought i'd give these a go, on the back of another order, and i have to say they're pretty good.
Similar sound quality to my cheap Sennheiser's, with a better feeling cord, and a mic and track control built in. They also come with a neat little bag to put them in.
I like the packaging too.

Definitely worth a punt. (Posted on 27/02/2014)
Great company!. Review by Laura
I came across mediadevil when scouring the internet for a new pair of earphones to purchase. Thought they looked cool and the price was really good so ordered them!

Very speedy delivery - arrived within 3 days. Great packaging - no horrible plastic to battle with! Worked fine (great quality sounds) for a week or so, then left earphone stopped working without reason.
Got in touch with mediadevil the next day and they were incredibly helpful with fast replies and surprised at fault with the earphones. Sent me a new pair immediately with no further cost.

It's been a couple of weeks and they have been working fine! Love the microphone and button that allows you to switch between tracks! Works with spotify and itunes. Wood looks great and anti-tangle fabric wire very useful. Very good pair of earphones and really great company! Recommended!! (Posted on 11/02/2014)
Perfect!. Review by Sarah
A perfect purchase for the hubby who thought he had everything! (Posted on 04/02/2014)
A VERY pleasant surprise.. Review by Andrea Bisliegi
I only bought these so I could have a cheap pair of earphones that I wouldn't mind getting lost (and media devil never let me down so I was curious to check out their unexpected foray into earphones). The reviews on Amazon were pretty promising, but MAN, was I surprised by their performance.

Great sound quality, and really original cardboard packaging (no plastic here - top job!). Noise isolation is fantastic, and listening even on relatively low volume settings from my iPhone completely blocks out all external sounds, great for commuting on the trains! (Posted on 27/01/2014)
Good initial impression but too early to tell. Review by Tom
The earphones look and feel great and the sound quality is good but its really too early to tell whether they will stand up to the rigours of everyday use.

Be aware that your units colouring may be different from that illustrated.

Could do with a collar clip ? (Posted on 08/01/2014)

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Which devices work with the earphones?

Our Artisanphonics earphones use the CTIA standard used by the Apple iPhones, iPads and most newer devices from Samsung, Sony, Motorola, LG, HTC and other major manufacturers. Certain devices that use the OMTP standard will not be able to use the earphones out-of-the-box and will need an additional OMTP to CTIA adapter which is available at various online retailers. For more information regarding the different standards, please read this article on Wikipedia.

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