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PCWorld magazine's "favourite" screen protector.
Magicscreen protects your device screen from scratches and leaves no markings when removed.
Available in Crystal Clear, Matte Clear, Mirror and Privacy editions.


Ultra-thin 'TPU' keyboard protector.
Protect your keyboard form the perils of everyday use.
Available for the Apple MacBook, MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in Clear and Anti-bacterial editions.

Artisancase Wood Case for Apple iPhone 5

Black, matte textured plastic snap case with a veneer of sustainably sourced wood.
Available in a variety of wood types for the Apple iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.

Artisancover leather stand case: Phone edition

Genuine full-grain European leather stand cases.
Available for a number of phones and tablets in a variety of colour options.


Genuine full-grain European leather pouch case with pull-tab.
Available for a number of Apple and Samsung devices in a variety of colour options.


Creative protection for your device.
Create a truly personalised case.
Choose a design from our artist collections, or upload your own image to fully customise your case.
Available for a number of Apple, BlackBerry, and Samsung devices.


Sleek protection for your device without adding undesirable bulk.
Available in a variety of colour options for the Apple iPhone 4/4S.

Capacitouch touch screen gloves

Soft Knit Touch Screen Gloves
Use your capacitive touch screen device in cold conditions.
Available in Grey and Black in a variety of sizes.


Anti-Bacterial screen cleaning spray for electronic devices.
Non-toxic, non-abrasive, anti-static and alcohol-free formula. Made and formulated in the UK.
Available as a 50ml Screen cleaning kit.


Take advanced control of your touch screen device.
Engineered for the Apple iPad, and compatible with many other capacitive touch screen devices.
Available in multiple editions and colour options.