Magicscreen back protector - Dual-tone (Glossy/Matte) Edition - Apple iPhone SE/5/5s - Back

This special dual-tone back protector allows you to protect your iPhone 5/5s back whilst maintaining its dual-tone (glass/aluminium) appearance. Glossy textured material is used to protect the two glass sections, and Matte material is used to protect the aluminium section.

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  • Thin, strong and rigid
  • No cutting required
  • Reduces screen glare and feels great to touch
  • Leaves no markings when removed

Magicscreen Screen Protector: Matte Clear edition

MediaDevil's Magicscreen back protector - Dual-tone (Glossy/Matte) Edition protects your iPhone 5/5s back from scratches and leaves no markings when removed.
IMPORTANT: This screen protector is only for the iPhone 5/5S models. It will not fit the iPhone 5C.

This special dual-tone back protector allows you to protect your iPhone 5/5s back whilst maintaining its dual-tone (glass/aluminium) appearance. Glossy textured material is used to protect the two glass sections, and Matte material is used to protect the aluminium section.
In order to achieve this, the protector consists of three separate sections that are applied to the device individually.  This also ensures that there is no lifting between the two texture intersections (which does occur if a one-piece protector is used, due to the aluminium section being slightly raised).

- Easy to apply: no cutting required.
- Does not tear or fold during application
- Thin, strong and rigid
- Fingerprint reduction
- Anti-glare protection
- Leaves no markings when removed
- Bonds firmly to device screen
- Easily removed and re-applied
- Protects against scratches
- Trapped dust can be removed using adhesive tape

An essential accessory that is also available in Crystal Clear and Privacy editions.

When Magicscreen is applied to this device, the device is still completely compatible with our Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus.

Pack Contents:
2 x Magicscreen™ BACK screen protectors (each constructed of three separate pieces [top/middle/bottom])
1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1 x smoothing card

Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.
MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s 2011 Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

Please Note:
We also sell Crystal Clear edition iPhone 5/5s Front protector packs. This listing is for the back protectors only.

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196 Apple iPhone 5/5S

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Five Stars. Review by Luciano
Very fast delivery.

good material. (Posted on 22/10/2014)
Undetectable!. Review by Ming
This product is ingenious. I wanted to use my beautiful new iPhone 5s naked but wanted to protect the back from scratches. This back protector looks and feels as if there is nothing on. Seriously. Application was not hard but it was time consuming putting on the three pieces. I followed the "hinge method" on YouTube which worked very well, placing the big middle section first. (Posted on 09/05/2014)
Different class..... Review by Enemcee
I have seen other clear covers and can say 100% these are the best ones. I did my iPhone 5s with no problem.

Then my husband, my boss and his wife got the same phone and wanted the same covers which I did for them. So I have now applied to four phones with no problem on any one of them.

One tip though, you need to do them in a really good light, take your time, don't rush it, and you will be fine.
(Posted on 27/01/2014)
Perfect fit and almost invisible. Review by Joe
Received the part after a few days of ordering.

The protector was put in a normal envelope but the retail packaging is pretty strong so it's strong enough for transport.
The envelope contained the protector and 2 Haribo sweets, which was a nice extra for during the installation.
The packaging itself contained 2 complete back assemblies:
2 top protectors for iPhone 5
2 top protectors for iPhone 5S
2 middle protectors
2 bottom protectors
The installation itself was quite easy and just make sure that you clean the back with a moist cloth and then finish it of with the included microfiber thingy.

After installation people could hardly see that a protector was applied.

I'm a very satisfied customer and will shop here again. (Posted on 11/01/2014)
invisible. Review by Freddy
I am always glad to use protectors from MediaDevil Easy to put on and invisible. (Posted on 11/01/2014)
Wouldn't buy any other brand. . Review by Robin
Easy to put on, simple 3 panel design, superb fit, it simply just works!!! I wouldn't buy any other brand, top class product, fit it forget it, you don't even know it's there. Watch the free tutorial video first and it's as simple as 1 2 3 (Posted on 31/12/2013)
Brilliant. Review by Garreth
These arrived the day after ordering them, so firstly swift delivery which I was happy about. This was my first time applying a three-piece screen protector, so wasn't sure how it would go.

MediaDevil provide you with two sets of them so if you mess up the first time, you get a second chance. It turned our really easy to apply though, maybe even easier than the front protector! Start with the middle piece before applying the bottom and camera, this will help a great deal (as per their instructions). The matte finish in the middle is really welcome as it feels great in the hand, just like the aluminium back of the iPhone. All in all great product again (Posted on 24/11/2013)
Feels just like the back of your phone. Review by Mark
This back is a little fiddly to apply as it comes in 3 parts, but take your time and the result will be amazing. As always MediaDevil film fits perfectly. The matt part of this protector feels just like the back of your iPhone. You cannot tell the difference. The best out there and worth every penny. Don't bother with cheaper i (Posted on 20/11/2013)
Great Product -- Perfect fit for the iPhone 5S. Review by Johnny
I bought this product on preorder for the iPhone 5S. The protector came with 2 x iPhone 5 top pieces and 2 x iPhone 5S Top pieces.

They fit perfectly and I love the look -- it makes my phone look great! (Posted on 18/10/2013)
Very good protector/film. Review by Zippy
When fitted, you can hardly tell!

Take your time to fit this and work in a dust free zone as much as possible under good lighting. I used a good quality paint brush to remove all dust particles before applying the film.

Don't be put off that this is a 3-piece film set as once all 3 peices are fitted, you cannot tell.

If you get dust trapped, peel back and dab some sticky tape, it works a treat to remove the dust! (Posted on 15/09/2013)
Another' great product. Review by David
I was initially a bit sceptical about the three piece design of this protector. However, the pieces are cut to exactly the right size, and I had no trouble getting them all on, nicely lined up, and with no bubbles! The result looks really good, at first glance it'd be difficult to notice the protector at all.

Another great MediaDevil product! (Posted on 14/09/2013)
Nice design. Review by Shujat
Very good idea to cut the protector in three parts to apply for different areas on the back of your phone.very easy to apply.finest product. (Posted on 12/08/2013)
very effective. Review by Billy Bunter
when you open the pack and see the 3 separate pieces, especially the 2 small glossy end pieces, it doesn't look an easy job..... but watch the video first, read the instructions ( keep it clean and apply the middle one first) and within 5-10 minutes it's done and is surprisingly effective gloss/matte/gloss finish, just like the original back. There is a minimal observable difference in finish around the IPhone engraving (-1 star to be pedantic), but overall it is an excellent product. Top job ! (Posted on 30/07/2013)
Great product. Review by ian
Easy to put on , well thought out design to get over the different parts of the IPhone 5 (Posted on 13/07/2013)
Good. Review by Leonardo
Bel prodotto, applicato con un po di difficolta perché è diviso in tre pezzi, ma di ottima qualità
. (Posted on 06/05/2013)
Brilliant. Review by James
Really easy to fit just everything else I've bought from Mediadevil. (Posted on 30/04/2013)
Very good. Review by Nicola
The back of my I phone was starting to scratch
This back protector has atopped that. (Posted on 13/04/2013)
very clever idea. Review by Tasos
Very clever idea for the 3 piece screen protector. It seems that nothing is applied on the back . Great protection of the sensitive back of iphone 5!!! (Posted on 21/03/2013)
Premium Finish. Review by Michael
The protectors for the iPhone are brilliant. The centre piece on the back of the iPhone, like the rest of the phone tbh, looks like there isn't a protector on ... Will be buying more in the future that's for sure! (Posted on 26/02/2013)
brilliant. Review by peter
welldone mediadevil for producing such a wonderful product, protects my phone, takes away all my worries, very good value for money. top job (Posted on 24/02/2013)
Ottimo prodotto. Review by Andrea
mi sono trovato molto bene e secondo me hanno anche un ottimo rapporto qualità prezzo. (Posted on 13/02/2013)
The best on the market by far!. Review by Ange
My free replacement back protector sections are a perfect fit and greatly improved on the original ones. I would never use anything other than Magicscreen. My i phone 5 went wrong and it had to be replaced. No problem getting a new phone but I was more devestated as I had my Magicscreen protectors on it! They fitted another brand as compensation but they are not a patch on Magicscreen (already peeling off and a really bad fit). Magicscreen really are the best and literally totally invisble I will definately order another set as I cant bear using my phone without them!!
(Posted on 12/02/2013)
Excellent Product. Review by Karen
I've tried so many types of screen protectors, but this one tops them all. It's easier to apply, is barely noticeable, feels nice and is excellent quality. It may be a little more expensive, but it's certainly well worth paying extra for in my opinion.

Excellent service all round too (Posted on 07/02/2013)
Ottimo prodotto! Great Product!. Review by Filippo
Prodotto di qualità, arrivato nei tempi previsti.
Semplicissimo da applicare!!!
Quality product, arrived on time.
Easy to apply!!! (Posted on 29/01/2013)
Great product!. Review by Tim
Product does exactly what's required of it.

Quite fiddly to apply so take a little time to ensure that all edges line up.

This is the best protector I've used and would recommend it highly. The only improvement, for me, would be to have the protector all in one piece, However, the different materials wouldn't allow this. (Posted on 16/01/2013)
Works like a charm!. Review by Lan Anh
I received the first screen protectors however it didn't stick properly on the phone on the edges. I then received an email about it and a lot of people had the same problem as I. I answered back and media devil sent me a new one because they had changed it a bit, instead of fitting it perfectly they made the cut a little bit smaller so it would stick on it better. So it was awesome of them to do it. I love the protectors and it's almost invisible on the phone! So yeah win win! (Posted on 15/01/2013)
Set and forget. Review by Andrea
Application was child's play, fit is outstanding due to incredibly tight tolerances (except for around the camera lens - this just short of perfect, just), it looks like there is nothing on the back. And... the Grafikcase fits around it - no more dust scratches from dust caught between the case and device. Happy! (Posted on 14/01/2013)
Excellent. Review by Matt
Requires a little bit of skill to apply but this really is a quality product – no bubbling, precise fit and almost unnoticeable to the eye. Delivered very quickly. MediaDevil have excellent customer service. (Posted on 14/01/2013)
Not bad. Review by Tim
I LOVE MediaDevil screen protectors and have never had an issue fitting them in the past. The back on of the iPhone can not have been easy to create. Personally, I love the matte finish and don't like the gloss finish. Fingerprints are the enemy. With the product being in 3 separate bits, it's not been easy to fit and i find the other protectors a breeze. I don't have a solution and think to get a finish with very little bubbles, 3 pieces is the best idea. I would have liked to see a matte 3 piece solution. Overall, still a great product. (Posted on 03/01/2013)
Perfect, just perfect!!!. Review by Jason Cheeseman
After having MediaDevil products for my iPhone 4, 4s and now 5 you could say I am a loyal customer. I have tried several iPhone 5 back protector from other companies and I can honestly say the MediaDevil back protector is without doubt the best. The fit is perfect and the look and feel of the protectors on your iPhone are superb. I can not recommend these highly enough. (Posted on 29/12/2012)
fantastic service and product. Review by John
This company make the best protectors I have seen, the rear protector is in three pieces for good reasons and fits perfectly! bubble free and no lifting at the edges. (Posted on 29/12/2012)
FANTASTIC!!!. Review by Sarah
I can't live without this back protector. It allows me to keep a screen protector on the front, one on the back & with the use of a bumper, I have a nearly weightless FULL cover for my iPhone 5! :) (Posted on 26/12/2012)
Gift for a friend . Review by Jason
Feedback from my friend was excellent, I have this product myself and would highly recommend to anyone! First class product :-) (Posted on 26/12/2012)
Amazing!. Review by Peter Alessandro
first time i tried this product and i'm very happy of it!! shipped very fast and so easy to apply, thanks =) (Posted on 17/12/2012)
Awesome product . Review by Jay
Have used this product for years on an iPhone 3GS, 4 and now my iPhone 5, never been let down once, lightning fast delivery and u can't fault the installation instructions online and with the product, No bubbles also looks and feels great, glad to see the quality of the product hasn't change over the years and is always nice to have a couple of sweets too :-) cheers guys (Posted on 13/12/2012)
Simply excellent. Review by Dan
I have just fitted this (have the mediadevil clear front protector too) and it is perfectly cut to size, time will tell if the three separate pieces hold up but I have total faith they will, the phone looks as if it has no covers/protection at all but it does, 100% better than the cheap one piece film I've had on the back while waiting for these to be available. Can't recommend mediadevil enough! (Posted on 04/12/2012)
Fantastic!. Review by Alex
This is the first time I have used mediadevil, however I am now hooked for life! The two tone back protectors are great, they feel good, and are easy to apply, i'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking to protect the back of their iPhone 5! Thanks a lot! (Posted on 04/12/2012)
Very good but tricky to apply. Review by Alex
Received with a few days of ordering (free delivery option)

Was a bit surprised that the protector was in 3 parts.

Largest section of the protector for the center part of the phone had a very slight curvature to it which meant it was a little awkward to line up perfectly straight on the phone. Also where the pieces butt up against each other, there is a slight ridge, like the different sections are of different thicknesses but this is being very picky over what is a very good product.

Once every thing is fitted, the protector is virtually invisible.

(Posted on 04/12/2012)

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Product Related Questions

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About Magicscreen

I cannot find a screen protector for my device on your website. How do I know if you do/will sell screen protectors for it?

Please visit our Coming Soon page.

All upcoming products that we have confirmed we will be selling are listed there, and you can sign up for an email notification of when the product you are waiting for becomes available.

If the product you would like is not listed, please complete our Product Request form and we will discuss it in our weekly product range meeting (your requests do genuinely get heard).

What is the difference between your Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors?

Magicscreen uses the ‘static-cling’ screen protector format that most of the world’s leading screen protector brands use. It is the most commonly used format of screen protector by a very large margin.

Our protectors do not use adhesive to stick to the screen, they use an electrostatically charged silicon layer that sucks/secures the protector to the device screen using an ‘electrostatic-cling’ produced vacuum.
This is how our protectors can be easily removed without residue/markings being left on the device screen.

Easyscreen is our ‘next generation’ screen protector for large screen devices, and the result of many months of research.
Unlike ‘regular’ format screen protectors like Magicscreen, Easyscreen does not stick to the viewable area of the screen. This means that that air or dust bubbles will never occur on the viewable screen area during the application of Easyscreen.
Adhesive is only used around the Easyscreen border, which is coloured to ensure that any air trapped under it is not visible.
This colouring of the border has allowed us to offer a range of ten different colours.

Due to the way that it works, Easyscreen can only be produced for certain devices, primarily large screen devices.
Due to the Laws of Physics, Easyscreen can also only be produced in our Matte Clear edition. It is not possible to create a Crystal Clear edition Easyscreen.

What is the difference between your Crystal Clear and Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) screen protector editions?

The main difference is the surface texture:

- Our Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition has a frosted matte surface which reduces screen glare.
It also feels really nice to touch (although it may take you a few hours to get used to), nicer than the regular screen texture in our opinion.

Our Matte Clear edition is very popular in particular for tablet devices, as it greatly aids reading the screen outside in sunny conditions.

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

- Our Crystal Clear (Invisible) edition uses a glossy surface texture.
It is invisible on your phone when applied, and feels like your device’s natural screen. It does not affect the device’s screen glare or clarity in any way.

Glossy screen protectors do inevitably attract fingerprints, like a regular device screen does.
Some of the latest electronic device screens have a very expensive ‘oleophobic’ (anti-fingerprint) surface layer, and therefore you may notice extra fingerprinting if using a glossy screen protector on them.
For example: The iPhones 3GS/4/4S have an anti-fingerprint screen surface, whereas the iPhone 3G and the iPad 1/iPad 2 do not have it. Our Crystal Clear edition protector therefore provides the same fingerprint resistance as the latter devices.

Does your Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition affect the clarity of the device screen?

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

Will your screen protectors affect either the sensitivity of my device’s touch screen, or the light/proximity sensor under the screen?

Our screen protectors do not affect the sensitivity of touch screens or light/proximity sensors in any way. In fact, you are even able to use our Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus when one of our screen protectors is applied.

Do your screen protectors cover the front facing camera or the light/proximity sensor in the device screen?

Our protectors have a purpose cut hole for front facing cameras (to prevent any light ‘flaring’ from appearing in photos).
In the vast majority of cases, our protectors do cover the light/proximity sensor, as (unlike products from competing brands) they do not affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

Are your screen protectors the unscratchable format, or the scratch-resistant format (i.e. protect ‘from’ scratching)?

There are two different types of screen protector: ‘hard’ unscratchable protectors, and ‘soft’ scratch-resistant protectors. They are rather different to each other, and both have their own advantages and limitations compared to the other.

Our protectors are the ‘soft’ static-cling scratch-resistant type (i.e. they protect your device ‘from’ scratches, rather than being totally resistant to scratches themselves). This format is the most popular type of screen protector by a very large margin, and most of the world’s leading screen protector brands also use it.

Our protectors are more (or equally) resistant to scratches than all directly competing scratch-resistant screen protector products, and provide a high level of protection for your screen (even if they pick up scratches themselves).
To prevent the screen protectors themselves from getting scratched, treat your device well by keeping it away from keys and other sharp objects. Keys do huge damage to device screens, and can easily result in hairline scratching of the protectors if you keep them in the same pocket.

It would be possible for us to make our protectors more resistant to scratches, however this would remove the friction of the surface texture, and as a result they would not feel smooth to touch.
One major issue with the protectors that claim to be unscratchable, is that they do feel very rubbery, and affect the user's enjoyment of their device. That is not something we wish our customers to experience, and therefore we do not range unscratchable protectors. Our protectors provide benefits in other areas.

Please see this link to our troubleshooting guide for a detailed comparison of our protector format versus 'unscratchable' protectors like Zagg’s InvisibleShield (the best known ‘unscratchable’ screen protector).
You may want to read Amazon reviews of the InvisibleShield to see if it is perhaps a product better suited to your requirements.

Please note that Zagg do not sell a Matte 'unscratchable' screen protector, because it is not achievable as Matte material is a bit softer than glossy material, and scratches are also more obvious due to the frosted texture.

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