Magicpotion Anti-Bacterial Screen & Lens Cleaning Spray Kit: 50ml edition

Magicpotion is specifically formulated in the UK for electronic device screens and lenses. Its anti-static properties make it ideal for preparing a device screen before applying a screen protector. Our supplied Microfibre cleaning cloth is of an ultra-soft optical grade, ensuring no scratching of screens or lenses.

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  • Made in the UK
  • Non-Toxic
  • Ultra-soft optical grade polishing cloth
  • Anti-Static, Alcohol and Ammonia free formula
Compatible with Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors

Anti-Bacterial screen cleaning spray

Magicpotion is specifically formulated in the UK for electronic device screens and lenses. Its anti-static properties make it ideal for preparing a device screen before applying a screen protector (when used in addition to the bathroom steam dust-removal method we recommend in our screen protector application video tutorial).

Unlike many competing brands, Magicpotion contains no silicone, allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses.

Our supplied Microfibre cleaning cloth is of an ultra-soft optical grade, ensuring no scratching of screens or lenses.

- Anti-bacterial
- Meets most worldwide airport hand-luggage restrictions (including UK/EU/USA)
- Contains no silicone (unlike many competing brands), allowing it to be safely applied to camera lenses
- Non-abrasive (note: Apple stresses to only use non-abrasive cleaning solutions on their products)
- Does not contain alcohol, ammonia, sodium lauryl sulphate, or other harsh chemicals
- Anti-static
- Non-toxic (and environmentally friendly)
- Non-flammable
- Easy-spray action

Please Note:
- One spray of Magicpotion is sufficient to clean a laptop/tablet screen
- Magicpotion has not been tested on animals.

Pack Contents:
1 x 50ml (1.7 oz.) Magicpotion™ Anti-Bacterial screen cleaning spray
1 x Premium Microfibre cleaning cloth (optical grade)


Great. Review by Tom
Smear free, only requires a little to clean and arrived rapidly. Quality product and quality service. Thanks mediadevil (Posted on 06/10/2014)
Excellent product. Review by John
This cleaning kit is an excellent product, which I have come to expect from Mediadevil! (Posted on 01/09/2014)
Briliant. Review by Jeffrey
Been using this for the last couple of weeks, and i must say, it is the best screen cleaner i have ever used. Apply a little drop to the microfibre, wipe it on, and it leaves a streak free finish to the screen. Briliant (Posted on 25/08/2014)
Knocks other lens cleaning products into a cocked hat .... Review by Sandra
Amongst others, I have a bottle of ROR standing here; gathering dust (the very thing it was supposed to get rid of), in all honesty, because I need to re-clean my lenses afterwards from the residue of the spray. Its fumes also make me cough.

Not so with MagicPotion! I've been using my first bottle for some time now (one spray really usually does do the trick); and I've just ordered a replacement, which arrived again within a day, and with sweets thrown in - nice touch.

Yes, for pristine camera filters and lenses, I have to give it a quick huff and wipe for minute amounts of residue near the edges, and after some practice, even that has become less of a problem (guess I lacked technique!). But on, say, my Kindle screens or my glasses, I don't bother ... the results are fast and furious :-) ... excellent stuff.

In all honesty, I'm not terribly keen on the cloth that comes with it, although it does a good job, say, on laptop screens. For camera lenses I uses finer opticians' cloths (not from a photo store). But for an extra, thrown in at a price for a bottle that lasts for months, that does not skew my 5*-rating. And actually, with stubborn dirt I have used it for the first cleaning round, say on my Kindle. Oh, it's even good for my make-up mirror.

This is a top product; works fast, cleans very well, and if really stubborn stains, a second spray will do the trick 99% of the time. My other cleaning products I do not bother carry around in my camera bag anymore; and maybe I should give them to charity ;-) ...

I give this a 15*/5*-rating and can only and unreservedly recommend this for all delicate lens cleaning jobs (with the appropriate cloth for each job). Love it! (Posted on 24/07/2014)
Excellent!. Review by R
If you're fitting a new screen protector, this is great stuff for prepping the surface beforehand.

It's great on other screens without protectors too, and the cloth leaves them sparkling.

It's also really good at cleaning your phone if you've got a screen protector on too.

10/10 (Posted on 27/02/2014)
iPad air screen protector. Review by John
Amazing to apply. No probs at all.
Bought some cheapie ones for my sons iPad mini - shocking.
So also purchased MD iPhone 5s screen protectors - very very good. Thx guys. (Posted on 12/02/2014)
Sparkling. Review by Mike
I wanted something to clean up my iPad screen, I already had the Magicscreen screen protector and felt this product would be the ideal partner. The cloth included in the package is great, it works really well taking no effort at all to use when combined with the Magicpotion. The end result is a perfectly clean screen, I've even used it on my phone. Great product and can highly recommend. (Posted on 15/01/2014)
Excellent. Review by Alison
I've used other screen cleaners but this is by far the best. Just one spray onto the cloth cleans the entire screen with no streaks. Great product. (Posted on 05/01/2014)
Excellent product. Review by Deborah
The determining factor for me choosing this product over similar is that it is not tested on animals - well done MediaDevil (Posted on 17/12/2013)
Very Impressive. Review by Mark
50ml sounds small but its a decent size bottle. I've been thinking about getting this since I've had an iPad but just always thought it was expensive and wouldn't last long. Now with so many touch screens in the household that need cleaning I decided to go for it. OMG, this stuff is amazing! One squirt is all you need to clean your screen beautifully. Even a spatter goes a long way. Money well spent. If you hesitated like me then don't... You will not be disappointed. Another top quality product from MediaDevil. (Posted on 09/12/2013)
Clean screen . Review by Martyn
I recently bought an iPad and could not believe how quickly the screen became dirty and sticky.

I went on Amazon to look for a screen cleaner and came across MediaDevil.

The reviews on other products were mixed and the only positive one was MediaDevil.

One quick spray and a wipe and my screen was as good as new - I was dubious so tested it on my Blackberry first - absolutely brilliant. (Posted on 24/07/2013)
Excellent . Review by Jim
This cleans my Phones screen very good I have one of your screen Protectors on (the clear matte) and does a wonderful job on my wife's phone it makes the screen look like new I highly advise buying Magicpotion I know I will before I run out.and the same with the screen protectors.....You Have some great products! (Posted on 13/04/2013)
Really cleans.. Review by Gerald
I have purchased several Magicpotion Antibacterial cleaning kits as my family keep using them not only for their phone screens and Blackberry play books etc that I run out pretty quickly. This quality product I found leaves a perfectly smear free finish that leaves my phone screen or Playbook screens like new. Also the screens remain dust free between cleans which proves the excellent antistatic properties of the fluid. Its worth every penny and is sold by an equally quality firm which I highly recommend for all its products. Gerry (Posted on 25/03/2013)
first class. Review by David
This is a first calss product. just spray on and wipe away with the very soft cloth and all is clear again. (Posted on 17/03/2013)
Love it!. Review by Rasheda
Quick delivery, this potion is really magic. leaves my mac screen, ipad and Iphone gleaming**...
When using the micro fibre cleaning cloth you may see streaks from the cloth but dont you worry work the magic potion with the cloth. Then use a dry part of the cloth to clean the screen and your screen will be sparkling. :D

Please do not hesitate to purchase..ITS A MUST HAVE, WILL RE-PURCHASE AGAIN. (Posted on 13/03/2013)
Well Impressed. Review by Ramender
Well impressed with this kit, used it on my nexus 7 and xperia s and even my laptop. My devices looked brand new. I also used any excess spray that was left on the cloth to clean around the devices, results were excellent. (Posted on 27/02/2013)
My Phone Feels So Fresh!. Review by Shyuan
Thank you so much for selling this item.

I always wanted to get something that can kill the bacteria on my phone (I usually use Dettol tissues which I think not so approapriate :D). And now I feel like my phone is bacteria free! :)

Thank you! (Posted on 06/02/2013)
Ottimo. Review by Federico
Ottimo Prodotto. Pulisce in maniera perfetta lo schermo (provato su Xperia U, iPad Retina e PC ) e non è aggressivo sulle pellicole (molti lasciano aloni). Arrivato in italia in 4 giorni con spedizione gratuita. Lo consiglio. (Posted on 05/02/2013)
Great. Review by Eddie
Love this stuff! I know how dirty my phone/ipad/computer screen get and this not only helps get the finger prints (and more importantly bacteria) off my screen but seems to keep them off as well! will buy again (Posted on 24/01/2013)
Tip top!. Review by Tessa
A little goes a long way. No horrid smells, leaves a clear smudge free surface and has multiple uses. I am very pleased with the purchase and have been happy to recommend to my friends. A*** (Posted on 18/01/2013)
Great Product. Review by Simon
Despite the new iPad's "oleophobic" screen coating which is intended to repel finger marks, my wifes lovely new Christmas present looked as if it had been dragged through a vat of lard after only a couple of days. Luckily I had the foresight to buy this product, which cuts through all the grease and grime to leave the screen in pristine condition once again. Highly recommended. (Posted on 08/01/2013)
Excellent product!. Review by LENA
My initial thought was to clean my screen off bacteria. It does exactly what it says! It takes everything away from the phone and leaves it clean like brand new!! Highly recommended product! (Posted on 06/01/2013)
Excellent!. Review by Sue
Does just what it says and can be used on TV screen. Will be repurchasing when it runs out! Another brilliant product from Mediadevil. (Posted on 20/12/2012)
Excellent!. Review by Sue
Brilliant product! So shocked at how well it cleaned my phone I tried a little on my TV never before have I had a dust free TV that seems to stay dust free. Just wish it came in a bigger size because yes a little does go a long way but because it is so good I should like to be able to use it on all my electrical appliances simply because it is so good at keeping away dust and somehow bringing back a good as new look to whatever it is used on. (Posted on 28/11/2012)
Good . Review by Iain
Only used it once so far,but results were good (Posted on 21/09/2012)
5 stars. Review by Banana
I have got a Media Devil screen protector on the front of my iPhone. It tends to get very dirty when make up transfers off my cheek onto the screen. So far I've just been using a couple of drops of water and a microfibre cloth which never really got all the grease off.
Using this antibacterial spray made the protector as clean as new, and it seems to be more resistant to fingerprints. Also, now when I use just water I think it cleans up better than it did before.
I've also used it to clean my iMac screen (which has never been cleaned before) and it is now spotless and it took almost no effort and just a couple of sprays.

Only thing that isn't mentioned on the box is how to clean the microfibre cloth - can this go in the washing machine? (Posted on 16/08/2012)
Brilliant!. Review by Andy
After using my Note (which has the invisible Media-Devil screen protector on) for an extended period, I find my sometimes not so clean fingers have left a build up of greasy marks. A squirt of this onto the supplied cloth and a few seconds rub of the screen and everything is pristine again.
Will definitely use again and will recommend. (Posted on 31/07/2012)
Fantastic . Review by Andrew
I have been a fan of screen products for a while but by far this is the best cleaning product out there. I have used many products in the past but there is nothing out there that comes close to the product itself that does the job with one spay, all finger prints, dust and smears are gone straight away leaving a clean and fresh surface. As usual it comes in a well presented box with a great cleaning cloth, not some small flimsy thing with all other screen cleaning kits this is a top product once again another great job from the team at media devil. (Posted on 20/07/2012)

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Questions on Magicpotion Anti-Bacterial Screen & Lens Cleaning Spray Kit: 50ml edition

  • From Jonson at 01/10/2012 11:23
    • Is this product suitable for older TFT screens also? .... Not just glass screens?
    • Yes Magicpotion is suitable for TFT screens also.
  • From Stacy at 24/02/2013 20:38
    • Can MagicPotion be used safely on the Google Nexus's IPS screen and can it also be used safely on the Kindle's E INK display?
    • Yes, Magicpotion is non-abrasive and is specifically formulated in the UK for electronic device screens and lenses. Please see the product description for the remaining details. One of our customers uses Magicpotion daily on their £100,000 television camera lens.

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