Magicscreen screen protector - Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) Edition - Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

Our Magicscreen screen protector: Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition protects your screen from scratches, reduces screen glare, and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.
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  • Thin, strong and rigid
  • No cutting required
  • Reduces screen glare and feels great to touch
  • Leaves no markings when removed

Magicscreen Screen Protector: Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition

MediaDevil's Magicscreen screen protector: Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition protects your screen from scratches, reduces screen glare, and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.

- Easy to apply: no cutting required.
- Does not tear or fold during application
- Thin, strong and rigid
- Reduces screen glare
- Leaves no markings when removed
- Bonds firmly to device screen
- Easily removed and re-applied
- Protects against scratches
- Trapped dust can be removed using adhesive tape (see our application tutorial video)

An essential accessory that is also available in Crystal Clear (Invisible) and Privacy editions.

Our Magicpotion screen cleaning solution can be used to clean your device screen before applying your screen protector:
When Magicscreen is applied to this device, the device is still completely compatible with our Magicwand touch screen stylus.

Matte material protectors produce a pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics'.
You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly 'crystal clear' screen to enjoy your high resolution screen to its full extent, we strongly recommend purchasing our (glossy surface textured) Crystal Clear edition instead.

Pack Contents:
2 x Magicscreen™ screen protector (FRONT): Matte Clear edition
1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1 x smoothing card

Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.
MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s 2011 Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

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196 Apple iPhone 4/4S

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great value. Review by Andrew
this is my second screen cover from media devil. They are great value for money easy to fit and very robust but also unaware they are there protecting the phone. (Posted on 10/02/2014)
Excellent product and service. Review by Robin
I purchased the screen protectors for my wife's phone, I was very pleased with the product when it arrived and the service the company provided. I won't hesitate to recommend the company to anyone requiring products they provide. (Posted on 08/01/2014)
Great when in full sunlight. Review by Darren
Have always had the invisible shield on my phones in the past, but thought I would give their matte version a go. Comes with two shields and was easy to apply.

The matte version was different to the clear version, as in direct sunlight the sun doesn't reflect of the screen at all. The downside to this is that the screen brightness is dimmed a bit, easily rectified by adjusting the brightness up a tad.

Another plus is that it feels more smooth and slick when sliding across the screen compared to the clear version. Also finger marks are reduced to none on this protector.

Always lasts for months to a year and easy to take off.

Great product and service to add. (Posted on 30/10/2013)
Good screen protector but take care putting it on. Review by Jonathan
I like the matte version over the crystal clear version. Be careful when applying it to the iPhone as if it is slightly off the corners don't hold. (Posted on 24/09/2013)
Media Devil's are really Angels. Review by Shane S
Every time I buy something here, I'm so happy with the result and the customer service. Even though I'm in the USA and I have to wait for overseas shipping time, it's worth it every time.

Great product that installed perfectly. I will always buy all my screen protection for all our devices from Media Devil, not because of any reason other than their products exceed all others in quality. (Posted on 24/07/2013)
Brilliant. Review by Lee
Another excellent product from a great company. Top marks..

(Posted on 17/05/2013)
Great Product. Review by LeAnn
The Anti-Glare screen protector is very nice. You don't have the glare from lights when you are looking at your screen. I have tried other products and I find this product satisfactory.
I only wish the installation of the screen protector was a little easier. (Posted on 17/04/2013)
Great. Review by Vitalijs
Great quality. Awesome service. Best screen protector I've used for a very good price. (Posted on 12/03/2013)
Great product. Review by Amber
This a great product. I had previously used a Zagg anti glare and was unhappy with how pixelated it looked. It also turned color over time from being near my face and makeup. I love my new screen protector. Much better on the clarity and so easy to apply. Would definitely recommend this product. (Posted on 09/02/2013)
Magic!. Review by Josip
Wow! Attention to details is... wow!

Top-notch cleaning cloth does an amazing job of removing dust. Best cleaning cloth I've ever seen. I'm keeping these for my sunglasses!

After making an impromptu steam room of my bathroom and a bit of fiddling with alignment I was able to easily apply both back and front protectors on two iPhone 4S devices, no bubbles at all. Occasional stray dust particle was easily removed with a bit of Scotch tape.

Precise fit, with perfectly matching cutouts.

The feel of matte surface is better than my previous matte screen protector, by an order of magnitude! No more rubbery feeling when swiping and as for optical characteristics, this is damn close to anti-glare coating on my IPS monitor.

Top-notch product that I can heartily recommend after trying out four other popular screen protectors on various phones.

MediaDevil's Magicscreen - there is no substitute! (Posted on 08/02/2013)
Best screen protector for iphone so far. Review by Sam
I bought this because I saw my friend had it.
It had an amazing smooth feeling instead of the usual rubbery feeling. Also, this protector is very fingerprint resistant.
Of course, if you have greasy fingers and press hard on it, you're fingerprints will show. Fingerprints have never bothered me since.

Also, it is great protection as well. I see so many scratches on the phonedevil screen protector that would have been on my phone instead (i am very rough in taking care of my phone).
Also, I think this screen protector prevented my phone screen from cracking. I dropped my keys on my iphone and a small piece of the glass broke. I am 100% sure that if it had not been this screen protector, my screen would have shattered into pieces.

Great buy. Best screen protector on the market so far.
Highly recommended. Best decision for my iphone so far. (Posted on 22/01/2013)
Great Product. Review by Ashish
On the first go baubles...great product...highly recommended (Posted on 14/01/2013)
Great alternative. Review by Michael
If you get tired of the glare caused by external light sources, this is a fantastic product. Thinnest, most durable, and clearest anti glare film on the market. Worth every penny. (Posted on 29/12/2012)
Excellent protector. Review by Mike
Very good and fast service, Anti glare protector was easy to put on with NO air bubbles at all, the best protector available (Posted on 07/11/2012)
Best film protector !!!. Review by Tasos
Excellent product for the glass screen of the iphone. it keeps the sun and the fingerprints away! highly recommended!!! Simply the best (Posted on 29/10/2012)
Great protector. . Review by alison
Quality product that does what it says on the packet. Tricky to apply but worth persevering. (Posted on 24/10/2012)
excellent choice. Review by nicholas
very easy to put very good feeling on the touch. i will definitely recommend it. (Posted on 30/09/2012)
Luck. Review by Shirley
Very good service. Very good product. Thank you. (Posted on 30/09/2012)
Best Protector on the Market (Former Employee of Invisible Shield). Review by Bradley
This screen protector is the best accessory I've ever purchased for my iPhone. I worked for Zagg (makers of Invisible Shield) for over a year and have to admit that this product is superior in almost every way. These are much different than the cheap screen protectors you buy in bulk packs from Chinese vendors on Amazon or eBay. Within a week of normal use those cheap screen protectors are covered in scratches from daily use. They're worthless. If you run your fingernail down a cheap case it will leave a visible scratch. The MediaDevil screen protector is leaps and bounds beyond that. That being said, the Invisible Shield (which uses a different technology and is a completely different type of material) is slightly more resistant to scratching than the PhoneDevil, but it makes the phone a pain to use. Instead of fingers effortlessly gliding across the screen they grip and almost squeegee on the glass. The MediaDevil has a microfilm underneath the layer you touch which ensures that even if the protector is scratched, the phone remains untouched.

The cover makes the screen just slightly matte and makes the screen texture slightly matte as well. My fingers glide across the screen. It's amazing. The Invisible Shield makes the screen "grippy" which makes using the phone annoying for many applications (especially gaming and reading applications). I love the feel and look the screen. It makes the 4S even more attractive.

Application was straight-forward. Follow the instructions that come with the product and watch the application video online. I did it in a bathroom after allowing the shower to run for several minutes and don't have any dust or bubbles.

I had a minor concern and received a quick reply with an answer directly from the owner of the company. I look forward to purchasing more for my iPad and any device I buy in the future. (Posted on 23/08/2012)
A great buy :-) . Review by Bernadette
A great screen protractor for when in the sun,
it amiables you to see while the sun shines. (Posted on 05/08/2012)
Fantastic screen protector. Review by Luke
MediaDevil delivers again. I have the IPad2 protector and the iPhone 4S protector is up there with it. The 2 protectors are fantastic so if you don't get it first time, you can get it the 2nd. (Posted on 27/07/2012)
Excellent no nonsense product. Review by Jerry
Yes it may cost a little more, but it does work unlike some cheaper alternatives, perfect fit, easy to fit, you will not be dissapointed. (Posted on 13/06/2012)
excellent. Review by nicolas
great service and product (Posted on 20/03/2012)
Best iPhone protector. Good price. Review by Lars
Very quick and efficient service and delivered really fast. Phone devil was very easy to install and totally scratch-proof.The non-glare surface does not show any fingerprints Good price of this protector.
(Posted on 06/03/2012)
Awesome. Review by Corey
They are a little tricky to get on but it's amazing once you get it on (Posted on 15/02/2012)
nice protector. Review by jack
these are very good screen protectors but i found it pretty difficult to get fitted, i mucked around with the first one that much i had to bin it but on the second i got it on nice, no bubbles, feels good and very tuff scratch resistent finish, i went for the matt anti glare but wish now that ide taken the clear glossy one (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Excellent Product. Review by Jess
Received it fairly quickly and as described. Thank you! (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Good does what it says on the tin product. Review by Johnnie M
Does the job well, nicely packaged and delivered really fast. Pack had two screen protectors might have been more sense for it to contain a front and back. (Posted on 15/12/2011)
Excellent and recommended product. Review by Bill Rodgers
I really like this product. My kids use our iPhones quite frequently to play various games. Their little grubby hands left the old screen protectors smudged messes. Not so with this product: The smooth non-glare surface does not show fingerprints. You really don't need to clean it off, but it does clean quickly when you do. Installation was a bit challenging (make sure you have NO dust on the screen) but it is well worth the effort. (Posted on 15/12/2011)
Best iPhone protector I've seen!. Review by Goldfinger
I've used numerous screen protectors and this one beats them all! The plastic is a lot thicker than most and because of that is much easier to apply without any air bubbles trapped underneath! The matted screen makes the phone a lot easier to see during the day. It also feels a lot smoother (less sticky) than the glossy glass.

I honestly couldn't be happier with this screen protector. And the fact that it came with 2 in the package is awesome. Spend the extra money and buy this screen protector! (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Top. Review by Ian McCabe
If you have spent a lot of money on a great phone you need to protect it and this does that job. This is the best screen protector i've used yet and buy it again thanks Media devil.
Ian McCabe (Posted on 15/11/2011)
love it . Review by Vickie
truly is invisible....wonderful non glare this product (Posted on 10/11/2011)
Perfect!. Review by LIZHONG
I have to say that all of your products are perfect! What's more, I do really love your express delivery! (Posted on 10/11/2011)
I've been using phone devil protector for a while. I tried the most popular ones out there and wasn't happy with the result. Phone devil is much easier to install, totally scratch-proof, low maintenance protector. You can't beat the price of this protector. I had problem with one of the protector and I emailed customer service about the issue, and in a week I had a free replacement in the mail. Excellent customer service, highly recommendable. (Posted on 08/11/2011)
Best screen protector, bar none. Review by Daniel
I've used a couple of different protectors on my iTouches. They were ok, but most had adhesive on them, which was a pain when I wanted to replace them. No such problem with the phone devil magic screen. When one came up scratched (still have no idea how, but I'm glad I had the protector on) it was a snap to take off the damaged one and put a new one on. My wife and I just got our first iPhones, and I wouldn't think of protecting them with anything else. (By the way, even with a a magic screen on the phone and then an otterbox defender case adding another layer of screen protection, I've seen no reduction in screen sensitivity...and the matte finish really reduces glare.) Installation can be tricky,but just follow directions, have some tape nearby to remove any stray dust, and you should have no problems. I'd buy another magic screen in a second ! (Posted on 08/11/2011)
Great product. Review by Tonia
Wasn't sure about going for the anti-glare screen protector, but it works really well and is invisible in use. Fingerprints wipe off really easily. Very quick and efficient service, loved the sweets in the packet! (Posted on 03/10/2011)
Amazing product.. Worth every penny!. Review by Kunal Sheth
The only product i'm not disappointed in buying online without actually knowing the results. Just fabulous! Wow, doesn't even leave finger prints which is the most important part. Easy to clean and apply. I'd say it's a must buy for any cell phone user, you won't regret spending on this product! (Posted on 18/09/2011)
Great screen protector. Review by Eric C
I bought this protector because I wanted a good screen cover for my Iphone. I didn't want those cheap 10 pks for a $1. My friend installed it for me and we got 3 small bubbles. But if we had followed the instructions we would have been able to avoid them. The screen feels smooth like it's not even on there. The cheap screens feel rubbery and grip your fingers when you slide across the screen. You get what you pay for. You want a good screen get a phone devil. (Posted on 13/09/2011)
Brilliant - no better on the market . Review by Gilbert R
This has to be the very best on the market. I hot the anti-glare version but I will maybe change it back to the crystal clear version next time I have to re-order as I like the clearest view and the matt version give the slightest spangle finish when look through it. This is not a fault or anything like that, it is all power to Phonedevil for actually giving us the option of high quality protection with a matt finish in the first place. Anyway don't waste you money buying cheap inferior copies - this is the real thing and worth every penny. (Posted on 10/09/2011)
great stuff. Review by kevin robinson
read a lots of good reviews about the your screen protector and decided to go for it. glad that i've chosen the right thing. it protects my phone and fit in well with my case. great choice . would recommend it to everyone. and also thanks for the sweeties, love them. (Posted on 02/08/2011)
Excellent. Review by Ricardo Matias
I've tried a lot of screen protectors and this is the best without a doubt. Great product. Would buy again for sure. (Posted on 27/07/2011)
Pleased.. Review by MarkW
I really wasn't sure whether to go with the Matt finish, or not, but I'm glad I did. I did find it a bit tricky to apply the protector without getting any air bubbles, especially around the Home key, but overall I am very pleased with the result. The Matt finish makes reading in all conditions very easy, although you do need to get used to the slightly 'cloudy' effect. Fingerprints are not a problem with this protector on and it helps to make your finger glide across the screen much better. Service from PhoneDevil was excellent - good communication, speedy delivery and customer friendly follow ups. (Posted on 02/07/2011)
Excellent Product.. Review by Sam
Having tried a few different screen protectors from other companies i have found this product to be head and shoulders above the rest. (Posted on 27/06/2011)
Perfect!. Review by emmacy
I would definitely recommend this product, it's a cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive brands and looks great in comparison. A little tricky to apply to the phone but the instructions helped a lot and the free shipping to Cyprus was also a plus! (Posted on 13/06/2011)
Love my Magic Screen Protector!. Review by Sharose
I really love this screen protector. More than protecting the face of the iPhone 4, I wanted something that would reduce the amount of finger print wiping that I was constantly doing! This screen protector does give you a flat, less glossy face, but the finger prints are practically non-existent, and I think the face of the phone looks great. The screen does not interfere at all with phone use. I thought the application of the screen protector was very easy - went on perfectly first time. As long as you take the time to read the directions and then follow them, you should have no problems. My only issue (the reason I gave a 4 instead of a 5) is that the edges of the protector are slightly lifting in some spots, after only about a month of use. I do have a case around the phone that covers most of those areas, but still . . . (Posted on 11/06/2011)
A great product. Review by Casper
Not only does it make the iPhone 4 screen look so much better (i'm not a fan of glossy screens), it makes touching the screen so much easier. My finger glides across it so much smoother than the plain iPhone screen. Really easy to apply and remove. I will be buying these as long as I have an iPhone.

p.s. They gave me sweets in the delivery packet! (Posted on 01/05/2011)
Superior product. Review by Chiguy66
I'll admit that I was doubtful when I read the reviews on this product. Up until now, I found advanced calculus to be easier than applying a screen protector without making a mess out of the whole thing. Then I found this one. Wow, couldn't have been any easier. Got it perfect the first time. Love the matte look, too. Very easy to keep clean and no glare although it will reduce the clarity of your retina display just a bit. This is a quality product and the customer service is second to none. Order with confidence. You won't be disappointed! (Posted on 25/04/2011)
Excellent product. Review by suebee
I would definitely recommend this product. It's a little tricky to apply to the phone but what screen protector isn't? I love the matte surface.

(Posted on 06/04/2011)
Great product at the most competitive price. Review by Konstantinos Panagiotopoulos
I was looking for a new mate screen protector for my 4 and bumped into this one by chance in amazon.I wasn't really convinced at the beginning cause of the low price,in conjunction to similar products.But the reviews were amazing,thorough and convincing and that's the reason I'm taking the time to write one here.
I couldn't be more satisfied.Same excellent material as the most expensive solutions I've found and of course the full monty in accessories with aplying card and microfiber cloth.
And wait til you hear this.For almost or truly half the price of the aforementioned competitive products you get 2 screen protectors instead of one.
Along with excellent support this makes it the best purchase for my iPhone 4 yet.
Do not miss out on this one! (Posted on 02/04/2011)
Exceeded expectations. Review by Elizabeth Meyer
Everything about my Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) Apple iPhone 4 screen protector is fabulous! The product itself is everything I expected and the customer service and shipping from PhoneDevil was superb. I could not have asked for a better outcome! Excellent value! (Posted on 02/04/2011)
Again, better than the others. Review by Neyyire Pinar Ersoz
My first Phone Devil screen protector was a Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) Edition for my iPhone 3GS. I purchased that one after reading many reviews and I am very happy with it. This one was for a friend because he tried many screen protectors and all of them ended with bubbles. I insisted on getting this product and now I know that this product is really different. No bubbles. It can't be just a coincidence.
Pros: Easy application, no bubbles, smooth feel.
Cons: Screen resolution is not as good as before. (Posted on 07/03/2011)
Great!. Review by MikeD
I've tried literally every screen protector out there, and nothing compares to these. They're of wonderful quality, and were very easy to apply with no bubbling! In hindsight, I should've gone for the crystal clear edition because the pixelation on the Matte version annoys me at times, but I can live with it!

Great protectors and great customer service! I was also pleasantly surprised with how quickly these arrived from the UK (I live in Seattle, WA and it only took a week!). (Posted on 26/02/2011)
Good quality. Review by Rene
This is my 2nd screen protector and I loved the one for the 3GS. That one is on my wives phone and besides from some minor scratches is still in good shape.

Mine for the 4 is looking good and takes away the glare perfectly and feels smooth when using it. Only downside is when reading small print it's a little less readable then without protector. But I tried/seen others and they all have the same, guess that's the price for protection. (Posted on 23/02/2011)
Fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Review by Libo
First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Callum!

The screen proctor is simply Fantastic and amazing finish! I bet you cannot find any where else on the market!

On top of that, I also had the best shopping experience from phone devil including fast delivery + Excellent customer service + sweets in the pack! (Posted on 21/02/2011)
excellent company. Review by nagejac
Product was a little tricky to apply, but THEY ALL ARE. The advantage is very simple's even on U-Tube! So I'm very pleased with the product...

Most importantly...the service end. Their was a delay in shipping due to inclement weather, and I was kept posted all along the way, from the head of the company--not someone in India or Tim-buk-2. i'm very pleased with the service, and look forward to more purchases with this highly reputable company. A+ (Posted on 20/02/2011)
Excellent product and service!. Review by susitabear
After looking through dust bubbles for a month since I got my iPhone, using the screensaver I got on ebay, it feels like I have a new phone at last! Put on the PhoneDevil Magic Screen flawlessly first time after following comprehensive guidelines. Really is a quality product worth paying a little bit more for. Customer service fantastic - it arrived in well under 24 hours! With sweets- nice touch. Most impressive all round will definitely recommend. (Posted on 17/02/2011)
Definitely a good screen protector. Review by Perfectionist
Applying screen protectors is definitely an art form and requires much patience. It seems impossible to find a screen protector that can be perfectly applied but with some patience this one came awfully close. Follow the instructions carefully and don't be afraid to pick the screen back up to start over - just use the scotch tape method. (Posted on 15/02/2011)
Easy to use product, effective and great delivery. Review by Daniel Jones
Tried others and stupidly destroyed everyone by applying incorrectly. did some research and found these guys and they give good instructions!! Delivered next day and with some sweets in the packaging to boot - nice touch! One screen protector looks like it will last at least a couple of months, so great value too. (Posted on 10/02/2011)
Fantastic quality + Amazing customer service = GREAT PRODUCT!. Review by booboo
First of all I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to Callum!

The screen proctor is simply Fantastic and amazing finish! I bet you cannot find any where else on the market!

On top of that, I also had the best shopping experience from phone devil including fast delivery + Excellent customer service + sweets in the pack! (Posted on 03/02/2011)
Best screen protector so far!!. Review by Dudgester
In my opinion this has to the best and easiest screen protector i have purchased, and boy I've tried a lot!

It's a perfect fit and very easy to apply, especially if you follow the online guide. Top marks from me. (Posted on 31/01/2011)
Essential purchase. Review by Reg
I wasn't sure wether to get one of these or perhaps go for one of the cheaper multi packs available from Amazon. But like with everything you get what you pay for. If you've got an iPhone then quality is of high priority to you. I highly recommend this protector, I personally prefer the matte finish type as it creates an anti-glare surface. It sticks and stays on and any smudges are easy to wipe off. It so far has been very durable. I might have to wait a very long time before I try the glossy one. (Posted on 27/01/2011)
Awesome product. Review by MikeL
As described, perfect fit, easy to install, anti-glare is great! (Posted on 18/01/2011)
Great Prodcut. Review by CJ
A great screen protector. I did have some trouble at first with getting rid of all the air bubbles. This was the first screen protector that I tried to install myself. The instructions were clear and good. However, the installation video was a lot of help too. I am happy that I choose to use this product. (Posted on 15/01/2011)
Super Product - Great Customer Service. Review by Richard
I and my daughter (also an iPhone 4 user) are happy customers. We ordered the Screen protectors online and then had a question - it was answered by the owner of the company - very impressive. Answered each of our questions. These are the best (by far) of the many screen protectors we've tried. We will continue to order these same screen protectors in the future. (Posted on 12/01/2011)
FAB. Review by Patrick
This is a fantastic screen protector, really easy to apply, don't let the price put you off... I can promise you this will protect your screen! (Posted on 11/01/2011)
Matte Screen Protector. Review by Andy
Excellent cover, a little difficult to put on the phone but with a steady hand and a bit of patience you can get the protector on no problem. Love it! (Posted on 10/01/2011)
First class product and service. Review by Jacob
I brought the anti fingerprint screen protector for my iphone 4. I love this product. It fits perfectly. I used many different brands of screen protector before but this is the best quality I ever had. I am strongly recommend this product to all of my friends. At last, I like to mentioned about their customer service. They are very professional and so much care about me. I definitely would love to do business with phone devil again. (Posted on 28/12/2010)
Excellent iPhone 4 cover. Review by Joely
I've had my iPhone for a couple of months and was really disappointed with the fit of the screen protector I purchased for it. My brother recommended I check out a phone devil protector and man am I glad he did. It really does fit like a glove! Took me seconds to put on and was so much easier than any others I've tried. I honestly cannot recommend these things highly enough! There are just brilliant! (Posted on 16/12/2010)
Loyal fan of an awesome product! +Free candy and Sticker is the icing on the cake!. Review by RunHopSkipJump
I first found out about this brand of screen protectors while researching for a Matte screen protector for my 3GS on youtube. The great reviews from multiple tubers made me pulled the trigger and order one for myself. I was very pleased with the quality of the product and 6 months later it still looks great with some minor scratches. After acquiring a iPhone 4 i had to come back and get another one to protect my shiny new device. This time is came with two protectors so i cut a hole for the rear camera and flash on the spare and applied it to the back of my iPhone.

*I wish they offered a protective film for the the back of the iPhone, but the spare front screen protector will do for now. (Posted on 14/12/2010)
Another fantastic product. Review by Kevin
I would just like to say that this is a fantastic screen shield, as always the fit and finish is top class, and to me the touch screen respond's even better.

I didn't think that I would like the anti-glare, because I thought that it would spoil the retina display but it doesn't. Yes there is a small amount of frosting but to be honest I don't really notice it, I am falling in love with this anti-glare not least because there is less finger prints, but because the whole tactile feel to this screen shield is amazing.

Once again Callum and his team have done a wonderful job, as I have said the quality is second to none, I won't use anything else now it's PhoneDevil or nothing for me ( not to mention that twice PhoneDevils screen shields have saved my iPhone 4's screen ) . So thank you PhoneDevil for a first class product I would like to wish all the PhoneDevil team a wonderful Christmas and a fantastic New Year. (Posted on 12/12/2010)
Excellent - does the job perfectly. Review by Christine Pepper
It was a bit fiddly to fit but in the end got there and the matte version is very impressive. Few fingermarks and the reflective glare from the glass screen has been eliminated without any loss of clarity.

A friend who is an Apple devotee, couldn't believe I had a screen protector on until he realised that there was no glare!!

There is great back up service and the installation films on YouTube definitely help. The sweets were an unexpected treat and a nice touch.
(Posted on 11/12/2010)
Brilliant screen protector. Review by Lily
Good instructions, good video to show you how to apply the film.
Delivered next day with some Haribo sweets, great service. (Posted on 11/12/2010)
Great Product. Review by Jimbo
I've tried loads of different protectors over the years from the ebay cheapies which scratch in two minutes to SGP (incredibly bad quality and expensive) and Power Support.
I thought that nothing would match the quality of the PS films but these Phone Devil protectors are just as good quality with an even better cut.
Highly impressed with the product and also with the service when one of the protectors had a slight defect Callum sent me two replacements straight away.
Excellent Product. (Posted on 07/12/2010)
Wow. Review by Christi
I love my new screen protector. Application was easy especially after watching the video. I have no dust or air bubbles. I showed my husband and he asked if I was sure that I had put anything on it at all. International shipping understandably took some time, especially with the holidays. But the product is definitely worth the wait. And thanks for the candy too. (Posted on 04/12/2010)
Great product. Review by Alton Miller
I am very happy with my decision to use your product. Values is very good. (Posted on 03/12/2010)
Great Product!. Review by Mobeen
The shipping was very fast even here to the US. The product was very amazing and fits perfectly with the iphone 4. will highly recommend it to anyone. (Posted on 30/11/2010)
Great product - supplied with clear instructions and a SMILE!!. Review by Simon
This is the 2nd product I have purchased from PD - the 1st being for the iPhone 3GS.
With the positive experience behind me I wasn't quite so worried about applying the screen this time and knew one or two of tricks of the trade for an easy install.
Once again this was a really positive experience - from the rapid delivery, good packaging (and couple of tasty chews thrown in!!) through to a top quality product.
Cleaned the screen up thoroughly and followed the instructions closely and the film went on a treat. The card supplied works well and only left a couple of small sections on the edge that did not adhere fully. However, these were connected sufficiently not to rise or catch and the edges would be protected within a leather case anyway.
All in all I strongly recommend these products and can't wait for the rear panel version to be available.
Thanks Phone Devil!!! (Posted on 16/11/2010)
1st Class. Review by Robert
After ordering delivery was very quick only a couple of days, and a nice surprise to find a couple of sweets in the envelope! The protector does the job. 1st class for both the product and company service. (Posted on 14/11/2010)
Can't Complain!. Review by Michele
Great screen protectors. Liked how each protector came layered, which prevented me from getting fingerprints all over the place during the application process. The protector sticks great. Had some trouble at first with getting rid of all the air bubbles, but I'm sure that's just user error. : ) Great customer service as well. Would just liked to have had tracking information on my order. Other than that, would love to do more business in the future! (Posted on 11/11/2010)
No complaints.. Review by Jared Kent
Happy w/ the product and service. Will order from again. (Posted on 10/11/2010)
Must have for iPhones. Review by Ian
I have previously bought the phonedevil Crystal Clear film for my iPhone4, but recently decided to try the Matte film as i often get annoyed by glare and reflections on the screen. Not that this is a fault of the clear film. The matte finish definitely helps and does reduce the effect of light and even finger prints on the screen.

This is the second time i have applied one of these films and this time in went on easily first time. Definately apply it with daylight, as it is much easier to line up the camera and speaker holes. Also watch the online video. (Posted on 10/11/2010)
Brilliant screen protector. Review by Yinx Kan
What can I say, initially I purchased a magic screen matte for an iPad and was impressed with the product. I have now purchased the magic screen matte for iPhone 4. The instructions were easy to follow and it's virtually invisible, you really cannot tell that a screen protector has been applied.

Top service from Callum, delivery was within a couple of days of ordering.

Would definitely recommend this screen protector! (Posted on 10/11/2010)
A very good screen protector. Review by Jeremy
As with all screen protectors rather fiddly to get on but once in place you wouldn't know it was there. Excellent product. (Posted on 10/11/2010)
Great Screen Protector. Review by David
Delivered very quickly,
Good instructions for a great product,
I nearly got it on without one bubble on my first time!
Very good scratch protection. (Posted on 04/11/2010)
Look no further. Review by Kimbo
Never like screen protectors, you always have problems with it not sticking and air bubbles, fluff etc...

but not so with phonedevil, simple instructions, very easy to apply, once on you never know its there!

So impress with this film I was thinking I may apply it to my Camera LCD screen.

So Mr Callum, if you are reading this send me a free sample and i'll write another review on how good this stuff is at protecting your SLR LCD screen.

P.s nice touch with the sweets, my little devil scoffed the lot! (Posted on 03/11/2010)
excellent products. Review by huskypup
I recently bought the Matt Clear and the Crystal Clear invisible versions for the iPhone 4, one for me and one for my significant other.

Both of them are so much better than the Invisible Shield I previously had on my iPhone 4, which had that orange peel effect.

I'm using the Matt Clear protector which was simple to apply and does a good job at reducing glare from external light sources.

I definitely recommend PhoneDevil if you're looking for a quality product at realistic prices. (Posted on 02/11/2010)
Looks Great. Review by Evita
The screen protector was easy to fit and I took my time to ensure that it was fitted perfectly. It is barely visible. I would strongly recommend that it is fitted away from any fabric as I unfortunately fitted mine on the sofa and ended up with 3 tiny fibres under the protector, and therefore wasted one of my screen protectors. The second time I fitted it at the table and it was perfect.

My main gripe about the iPhone screen was that it was always covered in fingerprints and the glare used to distract me and spoil the image on the screen. The matt protector makes it almost impossible to leave a fingerprint on the screen and there is no glare. It actually makes the iphone look even nicer.

I cannot image how the screen protector could be improved. Great product. (Posted on 31/10/2010)
Very impressive twin pack. Review by James Taylor
Having been impressed with their iPhone 3G screen protectors, PhoneDevil was the first brand I considered for an iPhone 4 - and it is just the same high standard. It fits perfectly, looks neat, and the matt finish is smooth and silky under my greasy sausage fingers.
Highly recommended. (Posted on 31/10/2010)
Great product. Review by RS
This is a great product - almost unnoticeable on the phone (other than it giving the screen a matt finish), a perfect fit and does not compromise the user experience at all. This is the first screen protector I have used so I cannot compare it to other products but based on my experience I would happily buy again. (Posted on 29/10/2010)
very good product. Review by kofi
I'm very happy with the product, it arrived a day after i ordered it. It gives my phone screen the protection that i wanted. Very happy with it. (Posted on 28/10/2010)
The only decent screen cover I've found . Review by Kokler
Quality product. Good instructions. With a bit of patience you get a fantastic result. Doesn't lift at the corners even with my case on. Matte finish definitely enhances the texture of the screen. Good resistance to scratches. If it ever wears out I'll definitely buy another (Posted on 18/10/2010)
Highly Recommend. Review by Chris Ryder
having used the privacy and matte product for my 3G iphone previously it was an easy decision to purchase for the iphone 4 and once again I was not disaapointed

applied fantastically easily to the phone in comparison to other covers so I am more than pleased

As soon as the privacy version is available for the iphone 4, I will be getting that (Posted on 16/10/2010)
Awesome!. Review by iphoine4user
ive always used PD screen protectors so thought id get one for my new iPhone 4.

Very impressed indeed, looks great, went on great and very good value for money as you get 2 in the pack!

highly recommended!

(Posted on 15/10/2010)
Flawless!. Review by Emma_Marie
I cannot recommend these screen protectors enough (and I have done to all of my friends!)

I tried several screen protectors - including one VERY expensive brand - before finding these and will never look back. These are extremely easy to apply without any bubbles and are extremely reliable. The customer service and speed of delivery is also faultless.

After having several clear screen protectors I decided to try the matte clear edition and it is excellent, it has a very nice finish an feel and leaves less finger prints than other versions.

If you are looking for a screen protector for your iPhone or iPod look no won't regret choosing a PhoneDevil product. (Posted on 13/10/2010)
Just the ticket. Review by anand
This is the second phone devils screen protector I have purchased, the last one for the 3G. It is absolutely second to none. Goes on a treat, can be reapplied if you get bubbles, just watch the you tube video. I used the one posted by a buyer, a damp environment really helps. The kitchen during cooking or a bathroom after a bath/shower. The protector itself fits perfectly and the matt version really resist greasy marks. I will be buying a crystal version in about six months, just to give the phone a 'makeover'. Don't hesitate. This is the screen protector you have been looking for. (Posted on 11/10/2010)
awesome. Review by typhoonf2
applied the screen protector and it fits like a glove. no bubbles and stays put and secure. (Posted on 09/10/2010)
Best Screen Protectors Around. Review by John Kerr
I purchased a Phonedevil privacy screen protector for my 3GS and found it excellent. I had no hesitation at buying another Phonedevil product when shopping for protector for my wife's new iPhone 4. At the time of purchase, a privacy screen wasn't available for the iPhone 4 so I purchased the matte clear edition and I'm glad that I did. I much prefer it to the privacy screen one. Like all of the Phonedevil protectors, it was really easy to apply without any bubbles.
The customer service is also fantastic with ultra speedy delivery.

If you are thinking about getting a protector for your phone, then get a Phonedevil. They are a wee bit more expensive that the other cheap ones that you see but they are the best. (Posted on 09/10/2010)
Excellent. Review by kakood
Very fast and excellent product. (Posted on 05/10/2010)
phonedevil? more like phonegod!!!!. Review by Ollie B
Callum never fails to impress me, what with his super fast service, free quality enclosed sweeties and then the product itself.
The product in my opinion just can't be touched by any other similar product out there on the market. Up until finding this product, I had tried quite a few of the other 'well known' brands and by chance or fate, stumbled across this one and haven't looked back. The matte one is my favourite. It's almost as if I no longer have a fingerprint. It manages to stay brilliantly clean and free of smears!
Go on, be a devil, phonedevil is the way to go! (Posted on 02/10/2010)
Great product. Review by Big Yellow Taxi
Does what it says. Easy to apply, great finish, responsive screen. Add the top class service & you can't go wrong. (Posted on 01/10/2010)
Anti-Glare for iPhone 4. Review by paul (london)
This protector is so good, Stays put unlike some others and works with Apple Bumper Case!
Quite easy to install, just a little patience needed and accurate placing.
Would recommend, cheaper than similar product from Apple store. (Posted on 30/09/2010)
Great customer service. Beautiful screen protector. Review by Chris huynh
The screen protector is very nice and smooth. I really like the feeling of it. They also emailed me back very fast when I told them I only received 1 of my two orders. Thank you for such a great product! (Posted on 27/09/2010)
This kicks InvisibleShield ass!. Review by Johnny B
REally very pleased with this! I bought the InvisibleShield protector a few weeks ago and I had to return it performed soo bad (bubbled really bad and not adhesive on edges). This PhoneDevil product doesn't even look like its on the phone and is a lot easier to put on. Money well spent! (Posted on 23/09/2010)
Product never fails to impress.. Review by Stuffedit
I purchased this for my iPhone 4 after having this protector on my previous 3GS. I am a big fan of the matte finish as I can't stand fingerprints on my screen and this protector is excellent for preventing them. Also having two protectors in the packet is a real bonus if you ruin the first one with dust. Thanks for the sweets. (Posted on 21/09/2010)
Perfect!. Review by Rishi Tank
I would recommend this screen protector to anyone who has a phone! (basically everyone lol). This screen protector is so amazing and you can just feel the quality of it after successfully applying it to your phone. After putting this matte clear screen protector on my iPhone 4, it now looks a much more sexy phone than it did before! Perfect :) (Posted on 21/09/2010)
Love PhoneDevil Products!. Review by Chang
I bought this for my husband. He loves it very much!

It was easy to apply, fits very well, and works wonderfully. It does what it claims to do. Reduced screen glare, great to touch, firmly attached, fantastic protection. Highly recommended!

And the customer service is great ! Very friendly and helpful.
Thanks for the candies too :) (Posted on 21/09/2010)
Outstanding!. Review by Simon
One of those products that ".....does exactly what it says on the tin!". Take your time with the installation and if a numpty like me can get it on without any air bubbles then I guarantee you will! Really like the matte finish as it just takes the edge off the glare when in a brightly lit room. Doesn't compromise the touch-screen either with a very silky-smooth feel when using it still. As if the product itself wasn't enough, it's backed up by first-class customer service as well! Nothing is too much trouble and you only have to look at reviews of the product on other sites to see they definitely go the extra mile when it comes to keeping the customer happy!! All in all a brilliant product, backed by an equally brilliant company. A pleasure to actually do business with them, which is rare in this day and age!

PS - I've been lucky enough to get a trial sample of the upcoming rear protector but on the basis of my experience so far I would quite happily pay for one, they're that good! (Posted on 20/09/2010)
Awe Shizzzy!. Review by Steven
This is my first iPhone, but I have friends that have iPhones, and I thought all the oily fingerprints on their phones looked pretty nasty. I bought this screen protector mostly because it had the best reviews about reducing fingerprints. The reviews were right on, dude! I hardly ever have to clean off my screen, and even when I do the fingerprints, for some chemically enhanced reason that goes beyond my neophyte understanding, don't look bad at all. Also, it was easy to put on, and you will not even notice it's there. (Posted on 20/09/2010)
Amazing products and service!. Review by Damien
Have to say, I dread fitting screen protectors. Always struggled with them. Even this time around I did. The level of support I received was incredible, I have never experienced customer service so personalised and patient. Since my purchase of the Matte protector I decided to try the Crystal look. This time around I managed to fit it first time perfectly, no bubbles, no marks. It looks phenomenal. You really cannot see it's fitted plus it gives the screen a nicer feel and hardly any fingerprints. Amazing products, excellent value & the best customer service you will find anywhere. 10 / 10 (Posted on 18/09/2010)
fantastic cover. Review by ddr
Supplied with top quality cleaning cloth, went on tou tube for video of how to apply. The first cover went on really well but I got a small piece of dust just under the edge. I could not live with this (OCD) so tried to remove the dust resulting in me spoilling the cover. The second one went on a dream, I think this cover matches the power support cover I had on my 3gs. The only downside is their rear covers are not yet on sale. (Posted on 14/09/2010)
Perfect!. Review by Rishi
These screen protectors are amazing! The screen protector not only looks stylish and beautiful, but also feels great! It doesn't reduce the sensitivity of the touch screen and it is great to feel and ensures that no fingerprints are visible (I tried to make some fingerprints on the screen protector and failed lol). Overall i would recommend this screen protector to anyone looking to protect their screens whether it is an iPhone 4 or blackberry. The only thing I need now is a back protector for the iPhone 4. Come on PhoneDevil bring out those back protectors! :) (Posted on 03/09/2010)
The best invention ever!. Review by tej
OmG i was just looking at the review on facebook and youtube, it is the best thing ever! Im soo going to recommend this to my peers.


Tej (Posted on 31/08/2010)

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Product Related Questions

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About Magicscreen

I cannot find a screen protector for my device on your website. How do I know if you do/will sell screen protectors for it?

Please visit our Coming Soon page.

All upcoming products that we have confirmed we will be selling are listed there, and you can sign up for an email notification of when the product you are waiting for becomes available.

If the product you would like is not listed, please complete our Product Request form and we will discuss it in our weekly product range meeting (your requests do genuinely get heard).

What is the difference between your Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors?

Magicscreen uses the ‘static-cling’ screen protector format that most of the world’s leading screen protector brands use. It is the most commonly used format of screen protector by a very large margin.

Our protectors do not use adhesive to stick to the screen, they use an electrostatically charged silicon layer that sucks/secures the protector to the device screen using an ‘electrostatic-cling’ produced vacuum.
This is how our protectors can be easily removed without residue/markings being left on the device screen.

Easyscreen is our ‘next generation’ screen protector for large screen devices, and the result of many months of research.
Unlike ‘regular’ format screen protectors like Magicscreen, Easyscreen does not stick to the viewable area of the screen. This means that that air or dust bubbles will never occur on the viewable screen area during the application of Easyscreen.
Adhesive is only used around the Easyscreen border, which is coloured to ensure that any air trapped under it is not visible.
This colouring of the border has allowed us to offer a range of ten different colours.

Due to the way that it works, Easyscreen can only be produced for certain devices, primarily large screen devices.
Due to the Laws of Physics, Easyscreen can also only be produced in our Matte Clear edition. It is not possible to create a Crystal Clear edition Easyscreen.

What is the difference between your Crystal Clear and Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) screen protector editions?

The main difference is the surface texture:

- Our Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition has a frosted matte surface which reduces screen glare.
It also feels really nice to touch (although it may take you a few hours to get used to), nicer than the regular screen texture in our opinion.

Our Matte Clear edition is very popular in particular for tablet devices, as it greatly aids reading the screen outside in sunny conditions.

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

- Our Crystal Clear (Invisible) edition uses a glossy surface texture.
It is invisible on your phone when applied, and feels like your device’s natural screen. It does not affect the device’s screen glare or clarity in any way.

Glossy screen protectors do inevitably attract fingerprints, like a regular device screen does.
Some of the latest electronic device screens have a very expensive ‘oleophobic’ (anti-fingerprint) surface layer, and therefore you may notice extra fingerprinting if using a glossy screen protector on them.
For example: The iPhones 3GS/4/4S have an anti-fingerprint screen surface, whereas the iPhone 3G and the iPad 1/iPad 2 do not have it. Our Crystal Clear edition protector therefore provides the same fingerprint resistance as the latter devices.

Does your Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition affect the clarity of the device screen?

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

Will your screen protectors affect either the sensitivity of my device’s touch screen, or the light/proximity sensor under the screen?

Our screen protectors do not affect the sensitivity of touch screens or light/proximity sensors in any way. In fact, you are even able to use our Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus when one of our screen protectors is applied.

Do your screen protectors cover the front facing camera or the light/proximity sensor in the device screen?

Our protectors have a purpose cut hole for front facing cameras (to prevent any light ‘flaring’ from appearing in photos).
In the vast majority of cases, our protectors do cover the light/proximity sensor, as (unlike products from competing brands) they do not affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

Are your screen protectors the unscratchable format, or the scratch-resistant format (i.e. protect ‘from’ scratching)?

There are two different types of screen protector: ‘hard’ unscratchable protectors, and ‘soft’ scratch-resistant protectors. They are rather different to each other, and both have their own advantages and limitations compared to the other.

Our protectors are the ‘soft’ static-cling scratch-resistant type (i.e. they protect your device ‘from’ scratches, rather than being totally resistant to scratches themselves). This format is the most popular type of screen protector by a very large margin, and most of the world’s leading screen protector brands also use it.

Our protectors are more (or equally) resistant to scratches than all directly competing scratch-resistant screen protector products, and provide a high level of protection for your screen (even if they pick up scratches themselves).
To prevent the screen protectors themselves from getting scratched, treat your device well by keeping it away from keys and other sharp objects. Keys do huge damage to device screens, and can easily result in hairline scratching of the protectors if you keep them in the same pocket.

It would be possible for us to make our protectors more resistant to scratches, however this would remove the friction of the surface texture, and as a result they would not feel smooth to touch.
One major issue with the protectors that claim to be unscratchable, is that they do feel very rubbery, and affect the user's enjoyment of their device. That is not something we wish our customers to experience, and therefore we do not range unscratchable protectors. Our protectors provide benefits in other areas.

Please see this link to our troubleshooting guide for a detailed comparison of our protector format versus 'unscratchable' protectors like Zagg’s InvisibleShield (the best known ‘unscratchable’ screen protector).
You may want to read Amazon reviews of the InvisibleShield to see if it is perhaps a product better suited to your requirements.

Please note that Zagg do not sell a Matte 'unscratchable' screen protector, because it is not achievable as Matte material is a bit softer than glossy material, and scratches are also more obvious due to the frosted texture.

Questions on Magicscreen screen protector - Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) Edition - Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

  • From Suzy at 21/06/2012 22:33
    • Hi,
      Do you do the mirror edition of the magicscreen screen protector for the 4S? I can't seem to find it. I can only find the mirror edition for the 3GS..
    • Regrettably we are unable to re-stock our Mirror edition for any product for the indefinite future, as our raw material supplier was put out of business by the Japanese Tsunami in 2011.

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