Magicscreen screen protector - Crystal Clear (Invisible) Edition - Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

Our Magicscreen screen protector: Crystal Clear edition protects your screen from scratches and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the clarity or touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.
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  • Invisible when applied
  • Thin, strong and rigid
  • Leaves no markings when removed
  • No cutting required

Magicscreen Screen Protector: Crystal Clear edition

MediaDevil's Magicscreen Screen Protector: Crystal Clear edition protects your screen from scratches and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the clarity or touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.

- Easy to apply: no cutting required.
- Does not tear or fold during application
- Thin, strong and rigid
- Invisible when applied to screen
- Leaves no markings when removed
- Bonds firmly to device screen
- Easily removed and re-applied
- Protects from scratches
- Trapped dust can be removed using adhesive tape (see our application tutorial video)

An essential accessory that is also available in Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) and Privacy editions.

Our Magicpotion screen cleaning solution can be used to clean your device screen before applying your screen protector:
When Magicscreen is applied to this device, the device is still completely compatible with our Magicwand touch screen stylus.

Pack Contents:
2 x Magicscreen™ screen protector (FRONT): Crystal Clear edition
1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1 x smoothing card

Please Note:

We also sell Crystal Clear edition iPhone 4/4S Back protector packs.
If you purchase any iPhone 4/4S Front protector pack and a Back protector pack at the same time, you will receive an automatic £2 discount in your shopping bag.

Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.
MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s 2011 Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

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196 Apple iPhone 4/4S

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Brilliant. Review by Pilar
great screen protector.. fits perfectly on my 4s iphone and it is practically invisible. The service and delivery couldn't have been better!! Very happy customer! :) (Posted on 02/12/2014)
Must have. Review by Nick
After using mediadevil I would not go anywhere else. Customer service was faultless, delivery rapid and this screen protector great. (Posted on 06/10/2014)
Great Quality . Review by fairdous
I bought this for my iphone 4s, now I have one for my iphone 5s and another one for my wife iphone 6. The Quality is great. I would recommended to my friends. To those who speak arabic, I would say that:
هذه الشركة منتجاتها رائعة وتعاملها راقي وأنصح بها (Posted on 30/09/2014)
You wouldn't know it's there!. Review by Rigbus
My second invisible edition screen protector from mediadevil. Very easy to apply and comes with all the tools required. Top class product, worth every penny. (Posted on 22/09/2014)
Best protector ever. Will recommend to all my friends and family. Review by Mark
Having bought these protectors for both mine and my wife's phones I can honestly say that I'm 100% satisfied with them. They are excellent quality and extremely easy to apply. I followed the instructions supplied and also watch the video which is available online and I applied 4 protectors in total without bubbles or dust spots. So far they have withstood daily use extremely well and will definitely purchase again in the future, it's true that you get what you pay for. (Posted on 13/09/2014)
Excellent. Review by Savannah
Everytime I get a new phone I always get a screen protector from MediaDevil, arrives very quickly and does the job. Very helpful it comes with a screen cloth too (Posted on 20/08/2014)
Great Price - Great Product!. Review by Dan
This is a no-brainer. The product is great. It ships fast. It is usually the best price. And the candy they throw in with the packaging is a nice touch. I am a repeat customer and I whole heartedly recommend their iphone screen protectors. (Posted on 30/04/2014)
Great Price - Great Product!. Review by Dan
This is a no-brainer. The product is great. It ships fast. It is usually the best price. And the candy they throw in with the packaging is a nice touch. I am a repeat customer and I whole heartedly recommend their iphone screen protectors. (Posted on 30/04/2014)
If Carlsberg made screen protectors.... Review by Adrian
I have tried a few screen protectors for my phones and bought the MediaDevil on recommendation from a friend.

The quality, fit, and longevity is excellent. I have had this on my phone now for 3 years and the screen protector has been on since September 2011 over 2 years and it is still going strong.

When I upgrade my phone I will be ordering another screen protector from MediaDevil to go on the phone from day one.

If you are hovering over the buy now button - don't - just press it!!

(Posted on 05/01/2014)
Great product, great service.. Review by Karen
Very easy to apply, no lifting at corners and would use again. Good service and super fast delivery from Mediadevil. Thanks! (Posted on 09/12/2013)
Excellent product, unbelievable after sales service!. Review by John
Great product, easy to apply if you use the bathroom - no bubbles! Highly recommended. (Posted on 08/09/2013)
Great. Review by Vitalijs
Fast shipping and great quality, it's more expensive than chinese screen protectors, but you can definitely tell the difference, it's very easy to apply and looks great.
I had some marks, like scratches around front camera and home button, but in about an hour those disappeared and never appeared again.
Totally recommend. (Posted on 14/08/2013)
Quality!!. Review by Immanuel
High end screen protector. Invisible when applied and good shiny looking. Super quality. Very recommended. 5 stars to product and company service. (Posted on 25/07/2013)
Excellent product. Review by Jerry
Fantastic product easily applied with perfect results, far better than cheaper alternatives and worth the extra few pounds for a more professional functional product. (Posted on 12/05/2013)
Excellent. Review by Hugo
Excellent (Posted on 23/04/2013)
Excellent. Review by Melody
Excellent product. Purchased previously from Media Devil and chose them again for this product as quality of item and service provided is first class. Very professional company. Screen protector for iphone easy to apply with no visible bubbles either back or front. (Posted on 17/04/2013)
Amazing!. Review by Jakob
very easy to apply and bubble free! (Posted on 06/04/2013)
Great Product. Review by Siobhan
I've used the Media Devil screen protectors before for my iPad & I was impressed so decided I would give the iPhone 4S screen protectors a go. I must say I was just as impressed with these as I was with the other item. The protector went on as per instructions & no air bubbles.

Ordered my goods & received them in less than 24 hours, with email confirmation. Couldn't ask for anything more. Fantastic service & product. (Posted on 24/03/2013)
Good product. Review by Mark
Seems a quality product - I have ended up with a little lack of adhesion in the corners of the screen (despite doing the whole steamy bathroom thing) but it's much better than cheaper protectors I've tried. (Posted on 23/03/2013)
Love this product!. Review by Natalie
Applied really easily, this screen protector gives crystal clear protection. It makes the phone look shiny and new and it doesn't have that slightly 'sticky' feel that some other screen protectors have. It doesn't lift at the corners and edges and I am really pleased with it. :-) I will definitely buy this again should I need to. (Posted on 05/03/2013)
Brilliant. Review by Mark
Easy to apply and looks great, i.e. you can hardly tell it's on. (Posted on 04/03/2013)
Excellent product... Review by IAN
Wow, these are SO much better than the 10 for £2 ones we all have tried.Fantasticly quick service , the couple of treats was a nice touch. 2 x screensavers was a bonus as it never stated the amount. My son benefited from this . Perfect results both times which i have never had before,,,Thanks. (Posted on 02/03/2013)
Excellent . Review by Rachel
Service is excellent especially on photo phone covers. Products are of high quality. (Posted on 26/02/2013)
a*****. Review by hagar
Great product easy to apply. Just what you need (Posted on 02/02/2013)
Best in the market.. Review by Robertas
Been using one Crystal Clear Magicscreen screen protector for my iPhone 4 for two years and just changed it recently to a new one just because I had a spare one. I'm sure I could've go with the previous one for a lot longer, it was still in excellent shape. (Posted on 29/01/2013)
Smooth as glass. Review by Michael
Feels almost better than naked glass. Tough and durable, and perfect fitting. (Posted on 29/12/2012)
Excellent Product. Review by John
I purchased this screen protector based on reviews I read. I got a shiny new Iphone 4S for Christmas and I didn't want any scratches on the screen. I read reviews of lots of products but this one seemed to tick all the marks. The screen protector arrived promptly and was very well packaged. Everything required to fit the protector came in the kit. I also received some sweets and a Christmas card from the team at Mediadevil - whilst a relatively small thing, a really nice touch I thought.

The instructions suggest watching the installation video on their website. I did this first and strongly recommend it. The video gives lots of good tips and it made the whole process much easier.

I started by clearing an area on the table to give some space to work (away from anything that was dusty). I also gave the table a quick dust as I didn't want any trapped particles under the screen protector. I gave the Iphone screen a really thorough clean with the provided microfibre cloth. I also had some sticky tape handy in case I got any trapped dust (the video gives a really good tip on how to use the tape to remove any trapped dust). As it happens, I didn't need the tape. I started applying the protector exactly as shown in the video tutorial, using the supplied 'credit card' calendar to smooth it as I went. About 2 thirds of the way down, I realised my alignment was off a little. No problem, just lift the protector and align again. Second time it was aligned perfectly (It should be noted here that by following the video tutorial, you can lift the protector to re-align without having to touch the bottom surface, it's very easy).

After application, I smoothed out a little more with the credit card. There were a couple of small air bubbles that just smoothed right out. Once happy, I rubbed over the top with the cloth just to secure everything in place. Last step is to peel off the top surface (it's only there for protection during installation).

Once done, the result was absolutely flawless. There is no way you would even know a screen protector is on there. The feel of the protector is every bit as good as the original Iphone glass (some protectors don't have a smooth feel). Also, it doesn't affect the performance of the touch screen at all.

So overall, I have to rate this product very highly. I was really apprehensive at installing a screen protector because I am a bit of a perfectionist and I didn't want something that looked a bit naff. Like I said, you wouldn't even know this one is on there, it is flawless (Customer service of Mediadevil is great also).

If you have spent good money on a phone (or someone else has if it's a gift!), don't skimp on buying a sub-standard screen protector. Buy this one, you won't regret it! (Posted on 28/12/2012)
Almost invisible; just perfect!. Review by Poebe
I was looking for a screen/back protector that doesn't make the screen less clear (which was the result of several other screen protectors that I've tried before). This is the only one I've found that is absolutely almost invisible, while it does prevent small scratches on the front and back of my iPhone. (Posted on 21/12/2012)
Quality. Review by Ian
Worth paying a little more for far superior quality. You don't know the protector is there once applied and it will last for months and months. Far better value for money than cheap and nasty that is out there. (Posted on 10/11/2012)
Fantastic!. Review by Riccardo
As usual with Mediadevil Magic Screen products, really easy to apply on the iphone (at the moment placing an order for another one as my GF also wants one!) (Posted on 10/11/2012)
The best product and customer support. Review by Dave
Great product and easy to apply if you follow the very clear instructions. Nice details including a credit card sized calendar that doubles as as an applicator. I originally ordered the wrong one and the customer support is so quick and helpful, the best I've ever encountered! And the sweets are a lovely touch (Posted on 05/11/2012)
Brilliant, just brilliant. Review by Glenn
Great product, perfect for the iPhone 4S, I am so glad I found this company.
The customer service is second to none - it is personal, friendly and the response times are without par as is their dispatch; order one day, receive your product the next, if only all companies were this good AND you get 2 x Moams per order, what more could you want :-) (Posted on 04/11/2012)
Excellent Product and Service. Review by David
I have had several different screen protectors on my iPhone 4 but this one beats them all. It is the easiest to put on with the best of instructions. In addition, the quality of product and included accesories, including sweets(!), makes this product and company stand out above all the rest. I appreciate that this protector is at the high end of pricing for such products, but it is well worth it. Fantastic!! (Posted on 31/10/2012)
good stuff!. Review by Krisztian
good stuff! (Posted on 16/10/2012)
Just like a new screen only tougher!. Review by Glenna
This product is amazing! It was so easy to place, and it is very durable, but so thin that you think you are touching the original screen. The price was very reasonable and it arrived very quickly.
Great company and very good product! (Posted on 12/10/2012)
Nice product. Review by Sergej
The product is nice. Clear installation support. Placed on without any problems. (Posted on 04/10/2012)
Quality - will be buying again!. Review by James
Bought this product through Amazon some time ago but only recently become a member of this site, I'll say here exactly what I said on Amazon. This a fantastic product, well priced, well packaged, swiftly delivered and is easy to apply and looks great when fitted. Crystal clear and invisible it is! Would recommend and indeed have recommended to others! My current Iphone Screen protector has become a little blemished so standby for a repeat order Media Devil! :) From one happy customer (Posted on 03/10/2012)
Great product, speedy delivery. Review by Linda
Great product does exactly as it says. Very impressed with the speedy delivery too. Will certainly buy from here again. (Posted on 21/09/2012)
Still got a spare one :). Review by Cezar Ionut
Simple words: invisible, resistant, CHEAP! Delivery was fast and I enjoyed the bonus :)) Plus that I managed to get it right from the first try so I have one spare. Perfect product for the perfect price. (Posted on 13/08/2012)
Excellent product. . Review by Peter
Application was easy, if a little fiddly, after watching the video. Delivered the day after I placed my order. I would certainly recommend. (Posted on 30/07/2012)
Still looking good after 6 weeks!. Review by Karl
Great product...really pleased with it, easy to apply and keepin gmy phone nice ! would be even better if they made a rear cover aswell? or maybe I'm just not looking on the webiste hard enough? (Posted on 26/07/2012)
Best screen protector so far. Review by Diogo
I've used some screen protectors from good brands in the past and this is the best one. It's easy to install, loved the instructions and video and it has good quality. My screen is shinier, maybe because this screen protector is thinner, which makes the iPhone more pleasurable to use. (Posted on 23/07/2012)
Very good product!. Review by Penny
What can I say other than it's a very good product, it comes with a spare in case you get it wrong but it's easy to put on anyway (just watch the video on youtube). I especially like the little customer service touch with sweets included in the envelope - well done :o) (Posted on 13/07/2012)
Excellent seller. Will highly recommend to. Review by David
Excellent quality of goods with fast delivery and a couple
Of small surprises thrown in. Overall pleasure to deal with. Will definitely use again and highly recommend to others.
(Posted on 10/07/2012)
Brilliant. Review by Sarah
Bought Magicscreen-Crystal Clear after applying another well known brand (the one with water !! scary !!) to my eldest son's iPhone and having nothing but aggro :(( so my Magicscreen-Crystal Screen packet arrives, i applied both screen protectors one on my phone the other on my son's without any effort or bubbles (doddle !!) highly recommended. I would also say that i had previously watched the YouTube demo which i found very helpful all in all brilliant product thanks, and the sweets were a great touch (although my son ate them while i applied his screen saver Grrrr !!) (Posted on 07/07/2012)
Bramazing. Review by Stuart
I ordered the cyrstal clear and was sent the matt ones. After letting the team know, they dispatched the clear ones ASAP. Great service and the products are great. I've used the matt and clear and love the matt one more. Recommended them to members of my family that also have the iPhone (Posted on 14/06/2012)
Great Product. Review by Paulo
Nice Product and really fast delivery!! Thank You! (Posted on 06/06/2012)
Fantastic product. Review by Jonathan
Ordered late one day before my holiday, was dispatched super fast and arrived early the next morning! Fantastically easy application and remarkably durable material. It is hard to
put into words how superb of a product it is, it has protected both my 4 and now my 4S from nasty scratches more times than I can remember. The best and only protector I would recommend. (Posted on 26/05/2012)
Love it. Review by Diogo
Follow the instructions and the video and puff it looks amazing. (Posted on 25/05/2012)
Best product so far.. Review by Zoltán
I have tried many type of screen protectors for my Apple devices. This one is the best I ever had. (Posted on 18/05/2012)
Great quality screen protector, way better than those cheaper one.. Review by Pongsathorn
The screen protector quality is a lot better than the cheap market one on ebay. It is shinier and tougher against scratch. It is also great value vs quality. (Posted on 15/05/2012)
Great quality. Review by michel
"Great Quality" is more then enough the describe this product (Posted on 15/05/2012)
Best in the biz. Review by Lotso
These are without a doubt the best manufacturer of screen protectors!!! Very reasonably priced and extremely easy to apply, with a good life span. I would recommend these to anyone looking to buy a screen protector for their iPhone 4 or 4S.

Also so probably the best customer device of any company I've ever dealt with. (Posted on 07/05/2012)
incredibly nice and clear screen protector. Review by jlw
I have had many screen protectors for smartphones and ipads, and have now had this one for my iPhone on for about a month now. I have the corresponding one for my iPad3 also. I have never had any screen protector as easy to install and as good as these - ever. (Posted on 02/05/2012)
outstanding product. Review by northernline
I have the crystal clear protector,easy to apply no bubbles,the best on the market. (Posted on 28/04/2012)
Outstanding product from an outstanding company. Review by Anthony
This is a remarkably good product by a remarkably together company that is quite clearly passionate about delivering great customer care alongside real quality and value. If you think this is bull written by one of them, or I'm selling my soul to MediaDevil, think again. I very seldom endorse anything, but the screen protector is really fantastic and the support and advice is right behind it, without being intrusive or irritating. Wish MediaDevil sold a lot more things I need day to day! (Posted on 24/04/2012)
Spot on. Review by Daniel
By far the best screen protectors on the market. (Posted on 24/04/2012)
Superb!. Review by 21alpha
Follow the instructions and video and you cant go far wrong.
Looks superb on my iPhone 4s and you wouldnt know there was a protecter on it.
Customer service from Callum is superb. (Posted on 20/04/2012)
I love these screen protectors -- Best overall value. Review by Linda - Denver, CO
It's the easiest product to apply and I didn't have to pay 29.99 or more plus they come with two! Shipping was very fast too. I loved it when I bought these for my iphone 3GS and now I have the iphone 4s ... these are the best!! (Posted on 13/03/2012)
Excellent product and customer service. Review by Steve
First thought it was a bit expensive, but when fixing, the quality is much better than the cheap alternatives. Completely invisible when on and when I needed advice, the customer service was excellent. Would definately recommend !!! (Posted on 29/02/2012)
Great Quality, good price, awesome service.. Review by Timothy
This is by far a superior quality product. Not aware of any similar product on the market that's much better. It's not the easiest thing in the world to apply, but it is no more difficult to apply than any of the other brands similar products; so in other words there are no flaws with this product, the application difficulty is inherent across the market for all brands of screen protectors. Bottom line: I do highly reccommend this brand and this product. (Posted on 17/02/2012)
Fantastic.. Review by Toby
I stuffed up the application of one of the screen protectors, but that was my own fault. Lucky the package came with two protectors and the second one went on without a hitch. I've had it for over a month now and I don't even notice that it's there. No scratches or smudges to be seen! (Posted on 15/02/2012)
Perfect + Candy!. Review by Matteo
I've ordered front and back crystal clear on tuesday by royal mail and next tuesday I've received everything with 2 Candy in the shipping bag (I'm in Italy).
The screen protector is fantastic and simple to apply without bubbles, there's only a little misalignement on home button but it's not a problem (it's cutted bigger than home button so it's perfectly working) (Posted on 14/02/2012)
Very good product. Review by Nikos
I like it very much (Posted on 14/02/2012)
It's Great. Review by Dynasty
My first iPhone 4S I dropped and because I didn't have a screen protector on it the front screen ended up getting a scratch across the middle. Now that I have the protector on both the front and back neither screen has cracked when the phone fell in the car, or even a few feet off of my bed. When ever I get another iPhone I'll definitely be ordering from here. Oh and plus it came with candy :) (Posted on 14/02/2012)
Thank you. Review by Robert
Great stuff. Fast delivery.I will definitely purchase again. (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Brilliant Product and Service. Review by Seth
Had my screen protector replaced with no hassle when I screwed it up. These guys are the real deal and their product is great. I would say I'd like to have two tabs on each end of the protector to be able to position it with two hands rather than to keep moving it around with just one. But thats a minor issue really.

Thanks for great customer service! (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Great Great. Review by Davina
Super screen protector really great-thanks top top service.Thanks (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Excellent. Review by Sunil
Great product that is nigh on invisible once applied correctly. The sellotape using way of removing dust is also a good one. Would recommend to everyone. (Posted on 13/02/2012)
Highly Recommended. Review by Cherie
Excellent product. Easy to use. Would recommend to everyone. Easy to apply. (Posted on 01/02/2012)
5 star product!. Review by Don Loochie
After doing some research i came across this product. Ordered it through amazon on Monday afternoon, arrived the following seemed a bit daunting at first to apply and after following the instructions carefully managed to fit it on easily with zero bubbles!!

Would definitely recommend this product to others. It's easy to put on and the quality is brilliant. (Posted on 31/01/2012)
Brilliant screen protector. Review by Mark
Much easier to apply than other make I tried first, and also looks better, hardly visible. (Posted on 13/01/2012)
Good product, incredibly fast delivery and above all FANTASTIC customer service. Review by Jon
Product is good and does it's job. However it's the delivery time and customer service that have really impressed me with this company. I ordered on a Sunday, it arrived on Monday morning. Not quite sure how, but it did. Confirmation emails all through the process keeping me informed and when I had a problem it was dealt with amazingly well and all my emails were responded to with a personal touch. IF ONLY ALL COMPANIES COULD BE AS MUCH OF A PLEASURE TO DEAL WITH AS THIS ONE!!! (Posted on 13/01/2012)
amazing. Review by B
top product, my friend order another one from the internet and theres a reason why they are cheap because they are crap! MEdia devil are the best on the market by far!
just a note; apply outdoors- no dust what so ever! (Posted on 11/01/2012)
Great product and I got taffy too!. Review by iammrsid
Received the screen protector (and free taffy) when I got my 4S, besides some minor bubbles which are my fault, I love this product!! Great service, great product automatically gets five stars from me :D

Thx again guys... (Posted on 17/12/2011)
Great screen protector.. hardly visible.. Review by Vells
I bought a pair for my phone and my wife's iphone 4S. The screen protector is so clear that it is hardly visible. Also, I feel that it is easier to slide the finger on the screen protector than the original iPhone glass since it is a bit less 'tacky'.
Overall I am happy with the purchase.
(Posted on 16/12/2011)
Best protection ever. Review by Dariusz
If you are considering getting your phone protection go straight to Phone Devil! It is thin, clear and easy to apply - what is important - its almost invisible on the phone! (Posted on 16/12/2011)
very good product and very good service. Review by John
I found the phonedevil screen protectors very good and fit for purpose compared to some of the other products available in the marketplace. The other products tended to bubble which was very annoying but no such problem with the Phonedevil product.
Service excellent too. well done.

John McArdle (Posted on 15/12/2011)
Amazing Product Even Better Company. Review by Happy Customer
I had some issues with my initial installation. When I contacted phone devil they not only provided me with some extremely helpful installation tips but sent out a new screen protector to replace the initial order I placed and ruined during installation. The customer service rep was extremely curtious and helpful. You really don't see customer service like this anymore. Once I received the new screen protector and got it on it was amazing. The installation is extremely easy and the quality of the protector is second to none. I can't even tell that there is a screen protector on my iPhone. If you are looking for a high quality screen protector that will not compromise the amazing display of your iPhone this is the protector to get. (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Excellent. Review by Kr0nUs
Screen protector is so brilliant. Literally!
It needs a clean environment to be applied without dust and to be perfect. Once done it's just brilliant.
Good value for the money (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Great product!. Review by Paola
I can't even tell it's there. I love it :D (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Fantastic. Review by Mark
Fantastic product fantastic service. (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Great Company. Review by George Petts
The best from the best! (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Excellent Product - Brilliant Service. Review by George Petts
The best screen protectors on the market, from the best Company. I have purchased before and each time the service is the same- blue chip! (Posted on 14/12/2011)
Back for more.... Review by Si D
I've been using these screen protectors for a couple of years now ...and I keep on coming back for more. Great product. (Posted on 18/11/2011)
Top quality product .....easy to apply.....used Phone Devil screen protectors for two years now and screens on phones are perfect..... Review by Nick Alexander
Used on 3GS & 4S now......hardly know screen protector on apart from the lack of scratches on the devices etc....... (Posted on 12/11/2011)
Doesn't get better. Review by Sarah
This has to be one of the best and easiest to apply ever! I've had cheap ones before that have always had bubbles no matter how you try - not with the phonedevil! And I got some sweets in the bag too!! (Posted on 11/11/2011)
The ONLY screen protector you need to buy!. Review by Robin Sheldrake
Well I've always had screen protectors on all of my mobiles phones over the years and they always never seamed to last very long and wernt scrach resistant untill I found out about PhoneDevil.
They are great, very easy to fit anf very durable and on my 3GS it lasted on my phone 20 months till I got a new one and even sold it with the protector still on as was still perfect.
To be honest I did have an issue with my new iPhone 4S, I got the 4 protector but did not fit correctly as was a fraction to big as Apple changed the design around the screen, so I emailed support about it, the founder of PhoneDevil himself contatced me back and sent me the new redesigned ones out next day for Free, cant ask for better service than that!
Just a tip, do watch the video before fitting as will make it easier for yourself! ;O) (Posted on 11/11/2011)
Very Impressed. Review by Peter Henrie
The screen protectors came very quickly for my iPhone 4S. They were very good quality and I would recommend them. (Posted on 10/11/2011)
Even better now. . Review by Kevin McCafferty
Great product and value for money and with Phonedevil slightly
adjusting the size of these they are now an even better fit for the iPhone 4/4S.
I experienced how customer service should be and will always be a great fan of their products. (Posted on 10/11/2011)
Superb Product. Review by Paul Thom
These screen protectors are excellent, even when you get dust underneath them all is not lost you can just use magic tape and the protector is not wasted. Would highly recommend and I will certainly purchase more in the future (Posted on 06/11/2011)
Excellent product and TOP NOTCH Customer Service. Review by Miesh
Screen Protector is Crystal clear/invisible and amazing. Best screen protector available. It is important to follow the instructional video so that you do not end up with dust under the protector and that you don't damage the protector by trying to pry it up to move it. (or get the dust out) Best yet there is no adhesive to ruin your iPhone screen. I really appreciate the top notch customer service, speedy delivery, best screen protector and a great price! Could not ask for more! (Posted on 06/11/2011)
GREAT PRODUCT!. Review by Davedude
Love how easy it applies and how smooth the screen is compared to THE others, love the finishes you offer and would buy from you AGAIN!! Convinced my wife to try it and she just loves it as do I! Thanks phonedevil!!! (Posted on 02/11/2011)
Brilliant product and fast efficient service - thank you. Review by gill
Brilliant product - good clear instructions - easy to apply - fast efficient service - thank you (Posted on 30/10/2011)
Fantastic product. Review by evilC676
Bought both the front and back protectors for my new iPhone 4S after having used one of the PhoneDevil/MediaDevil's iPad2 screen protector.

These protectors are fantastic... would definitely recommend.
Easy to fit (well, as easy as it is to fit a screen protector!) and no bubbles at all... does look invisible.

Great customer service too!
(Posted on 26/10/2011)
Brilliant!. Review by Adrian Cooper
Managed to screw up the first of the two protectors! Not the protectors fault but my crappy eyesight and I got in a fuddle!

I got my daughter to fix on the second one (eyes like a Hawk) and it looks great. You really cannot see the protector once it is on and the touch screen is just as responsive. Great product and rapid delivery, most certainly will order some more, as and when required. Aint tried the sweet yet :) (Posted on 19/10/2011)
Great Front Screen Protector. Review by Amazonian
Excellent service, these guys really know how to enhance customer satisfaction! Thank you for the little sweets inside! I had a little trouble with the back screen protector but have emailed PhoneDevil about it; but the front screen protector.....absolutely amazing! No dust particles or trapped air bubbles, followed the video instructions to a tee and voila! Excellent protector, it feels a little strange getting used to after using the iphone screen without a protector, but screen sensitivity is great and it's absolutely crystal clear with no colour distortion. Fantastic company with a fantastic range of products (Posted on 19/10/2011)
Top!. Review by Steffen
Best Screenprotecor! (Posted on 16/10/2011)
great product and great customer service!. Review by Hannah
It took a while to get to me (Florida USA) so I contacted customer service, they were absolutely wonderful, informative, and my screen covers got to me in the time they said it would. Best screen protectors I've gotten too- I'm glad it came in a pack of 4 so I can give one to my husband! :) Great company! (Posted on 06/10/2011)
The best screen protector I've ever used. Review by Mark Smedley
I have used dozens of screen protectors for my various smartphones including expensive brands as well as the cheaper variants. The Phone Devil protectors are perfectly cut and apply without a glitch. No dust seems to get trapped behind and instead of my usual cursing and swearing when applying a screen protector it was a pleasant experience. Thank You. (Posted on 01/10/2011)
Excellent product - excellent service from support team. Review by Ken Reed
This is the second time I have bought this screen protector and found it to be invisible, durable and easy to apply. In essence it does exactly as it 'says on the tin'. I will definitely purchase again when needed. I made an error with my on-line order and simply emailed the support team and they corrected the order prior to delivery - completely hasstle free - thanks support team. If you need screen prorectors - look no further - five stars *****. (Posted on 13/09/2011)
Great Product. Review by Julie McCafferty
I bought the screen protector and also the back protector, I haven't used the back one yet but if the front one is anything to go by I will be very satisfied. You would hardly know there is a screen cover on it once its on- much better than the ones have used before! Quick delivery and great customer service! You won't be disappointed! (Posted on 06/09/2011)
It is indeed 'invisible'. Review by Davidm
Like my review of the Crystal Clear back product, it is very difficult to tell that there is anything fitted to my phone. You really would not know it was there.

Follow the instructions and do as they say and you will be fine. It just takes a bit of patience. Do not touch the 'underside' of the protector and you will have a pain free time. They can be adjusted if you get it wrong when lining up, but I made that mistake and and to use the second protector that was provided. Thank goodness they supply a second one.

Great service, fast delivery and great product. You can't go wrong. (Posted on 04/09/2011)
Full 5 Star on this product. Review by Gordon
I have tried several screen/case protectors but was the first for ease of application and not one bubble of air. Service and delivery was exceptional.
***** Well deserved! (Posted on 31/08/2011)
Excellent. Review by Matt
Far superior to a screen protector bought from the high street.

Excellent touch and feel and perfect fit.

Difficult to fit but managed an excellent result by following instructions and video fitting. (Posted on 27/08/2011)
Brilliant product, speedy delivery, delicious sweets. Review by Juan-Carlos
I could not believe how easy it was to apply, one go and perfectly applied. I didnt know about the water/fairy liquid method, but it works, amazing. Its now on the phone and to be honest, I cant really tell its there.

There is some rainbow effect if light hits it an a specific angle, but you really have to look to see it.

Brilliant product, yummy sweets and delivered very quickly. (Posted on 25/08/2011)
Great product. Received the product at the time that wad promised. 5 stars from Denmark :-). Review by Daniel
. (Posted on 23/08/2011)
Excellent product and delivery was as fast as you can get. . Review by Susan Gimson
Excellent product.
Was slightly concerned that I wouldn't be able to fit this as I'm not the best at these things but after reading the instructions and watching the online video, it worked like a dream, so have no fear.
Gives a great finish and 4 weeks on, it still looks as good as new. Not bad for my first time.
The sweets to reward yourself for a job well done are perfect.
Thanks for being a wee bit different phone devil. (Posted on 21/08/2011)
Awesom productt with 5 Star service. Review by Stephen
5 Star service with a top of the line product (Posted on 16/08/2011)
X. Review by Marcelo Campos
Excelent cstomer service (Posted on 10/08/2011)
X. Review by Marcelo Campos
My order was ost in the mail and the Customer Service experience was excellent (Posted on 10/08/2011)
Excellent service and product. Review by Julie
Cannot fault the product......little tricky to fit, but well worth it.
After sales service is A1 (Posted on 20/07/2011)
Does the job with style.. Review by Craig
This has to be one of the best screen protectors on the market like many other iphone4 users I have bought a number of screen protectors and case to find that after a while some just peel or the oil effect just annoys you to much so I thought I'd buy a more expensive protector as the reviews rated these as very good so heres the pros and cons.

Once fitted the protector is very hard to notice.
There is a very good tactile feel to the screen.
The oil effect across the screen is very very minimal ( really have to look hard to see any ).

The protector is cut to the exact same size as the screen, which makes fitting a very fiderly job, if not fitted exactly right you will end up with air bubbles on one side which you can not push out, this is caused by the protector material over lapping the screen, and so not adhering around the edges there for you will get air bubbles, there's nothing that can be done but to remove the protector and try again.

So that's it one little thing that with a bit of patience you will end up with a almost invisible protector. I do not believe this one will end up peeling or even looking nasty in a short period of time, but will most likely last the term of you're contract.

The free sweeties and sticker are a nice touch too, the P&P is fantastic ordered and received the next day in an easy to open bubble pack envelope, one of those ones with a bit of easy to open red tare away strip, it's little things like this that make the difference.
Callum also sent an email with a thank you for the purchase and to offer support if needed, which I did and the response was very very quick and always very polite.

If there's one thing I would suggest, it is that the screen protectors are cut just a hairs width narrower, to lesson the chance of side air bubbles.

(Posted on 14/07/2011)
A little difficult to apply but very good quality. Review by Can
I many screen protectors in the past but this is the best. It is not slipless like Zagg, completely invisible and it is nearly anti-finger print.
The only con I think is, I found a little bit hard to apply it on the screen. (Posted on 10/07/2011)
Excellent product, quick delivery . Review by AJW
I bought a Crystal Screen protector from for iPhone 4 from PhoneDevil. It was good value for money and arrived within a couple of days. Would recommend this company to friends etc. (Posted on 10/07/2011)
Not bad for the price!. Review by iPhone 4 User
These screen protectors are pretty good. I wish my finger prints and oils didn't show so easily. Otherwise, it was easy to put on and serves its purpose! They sent some really good candy with the order too which was a nice surprise. (Posted on 18/06/2011)
Excellent Product. Review by Stu
Great product and super fast delivery, very pleased,
(Posted on 07/06/2011)
Really good product. Review by Martin
Fits absolutely perfect.

The only criticism I have is on the front protective sheet there could be some tabs on the side to allow easier placing.

I overcome this by putting a strip of selotape across it.

Other than that, long lasting, and I don't even know it's on! (Posted on 06/06/2011)
best screen guard going. Review by harko
Ordered these on a tuesday and they arrived on wednesday morning
fantastic service,
These are great screen protectors, its hard to tel theres even a screen protector on the phone.
really easy to apply, just make sure theres no dust about and youll be fine.

The site owner also sends out an email which i thought was a nice touch
that and the free sweets lol (Posted on 03/06/2011)
Lovely screen protector.... Review by Ali amouzadeh
This is a very good protector... U hardly even know it's on there just by looking....
Very pleased with it (Posted on 30/05/2011)
Fantastic Protector! Fool Proof Application!. Review by Charmed
What an amazing product. Having spent a lot on those cheaper screen protectors only for them to get messed up in applying them or peeling off at the slightest contact, this product is well worth it. A bargain for 2 protectors. Packaged with care, two sweets included, calandar card for purse, phone devil sticker(now displayed on laptop with pride) its fantastic. Went on first application, definitely watch the video if you attract dust like me :)
Highly reccomended to all! (Posted on 27/05/2011)
absolutely brilliant. Review by ovcica
Very easy to apply, exceptional quality! I keep my phone together with my keys, jewellery, everything, and it's fully protected. I also accidentally dropped my iPhone on the metal part of the radiator and it would be absolutely ruined if there wasn't for the protector. Once the protector was removed, there was no trace of the scratch on the actual screen! (Posted on 16/05/2011)
Good product although a little difficult to apply to screen.. Review by Daniel
Very good product although a little difficult to apply to phone screen. However it is clearly of a very high quality and would recommend. (Posted on 14/05/2011)
Very Happy. Review by Terence Atkins
very good product very fast delivery and very good customer services (Posted on 13/05/2011)
Excellent, does exactly what it says and better than the others. Review by Alasdair Dobbing
Bought this after another protector I had been using started to peel off.

Have used PhoneDevil previously on my 3GS, but when I got my iPhone 4 there wasn't one available, so I bought elsewhere.

Big mistake!
Two replacements later, I cut my losses and went back to PhoneDevil!

Very pleased with how easy in comparison it was to apply.
It fits perfectly, not just approximately!

When in the Apple Store recently looking at iPad's, the expert noticed the screen and back protector and quizzed me on them.
He was also most impressed and was keen to check out the website, he admitted they sold nothing similar, but should!!

After ordering online the order arrived promptly, preceded by emails from Callum offering any assistance required.

On the strength of my experience with the front and back protectors, I have pre-ordered a protector for my iPad screen.

Now how about something to protect the iPad rear?
(Posted on 10/05/2011)
The Best and the Worst. Review by Ricardo Silva
First let me congratulate the "Phonedevil" for their unparalleled ability to ship fast and in a very appropriate way. The package as arrived very quick and the packaging itself its one of a kind.
Nothing is throwed in to the "envelope". Everything is fully protected, no room for bending during the trip. Instructions are printed and very clear what makes the already easy to install even more.
They even send in the package two bubble gums (nice touch).
All the communication was and still is flawless, clear and very gentle.
Now to the shield, about that, there is definitely more room to grow.
IT is in fact "invisible" and thin. No colour effect during the day but if you position the phone next to a lamp you will see the colour.
This shield in particularly its really very crystal, but with that comes the old and nasty fingertips.
Its not unusual that during the day you will pass the iphone one or two times in one of a pants leg to "polish" the shield.
Not five stars because of this but for the price its a lot more than you pay for.

My Best Regards (Posted on 09/05/2011)
iPhone 4 . Review by Mark Walker
I can fully recommend the phone devil screen protector, this is by far the clearest and best protector that I have ever tried and I have tried a few, I would also like to comment on delivery as I opted for free delivery and still received it the next day, a great service all-round.

Thank you. (Posted on 07/05/2011)
would order again in a heartbeat. Review by hammered
10 out of 10 (Posted on 03/05/2011)
Excellent product and excellend service. Review by Andy Thorne
This screen protector is so clear - the first time I showed someone else with an IPhone, they queried whether I had one fitted! It's pretty easy to install with a little care. I have one very small bubble right at the edge but this is pretty much covered by the end of my case. Hoping to be bubble free when I install the next! Would defenitely recommend this to anyone else and will be coming back for more when required! Many thanks. (Posted on 26/04/2011)
Top class 5 stars.. Review by marknuk
Product was despatched very quickly and was well packaged.
The instructions were spot on and the product was easy to apply.
It has been in place for a couple of weeks now and it is difficult to tell that there is a screen protector in place at all.

Brilliant. (Posted on 18/04/2011)
Very good. Review by C
This is a very good protector but I noticed when you put a case on, air bubbles can appear. (Posted on 06/04/2011)
iPhone4 Crystal Clear Protector. Review by Iain Campbell
This is a great product, easy to apply and invisible to the eye.
Very quick delivery, highly recommended. (Posted on 26/03/2011)
Better than Power Support USA. Review by Mr Witton
I'm usually not one to write online reviews but definitely have to add my 2 pence for this product.

I've been using the Magic Screen Protector - Crystal Clear on my iPhone 4 for a few months now and have to say it is the best screen protector on the market.

Firstly, delivery is very very fast and the Crystal screen protector comes really well packaged within a plastic envelope that contains 2 protectors, micro-fibre cleaning cloth, small calendar card to smooth out any air bubbles and a card with some information about Phone Devil. This is included in a jiffy bag along with the legendary Maomi sweets which is a really nice touch from Phone Devil. They are considerate of their customers.

The instructions to apply the Crystal protector were simple to follow and the application was smooth and easy - I managed to apply the protector onto the screen of my iPhone 4 with no air bubbles at all on my first attempt!
Now having used previously many different kinds of screen protectors, let me say that Phone Devil was the easiest I've ever used in comparison to others. Usually any application takes 2 or more attempts to get right without air bubbles but the Phone Devil application took just 1 in a matter of minutes!

Once applied, it actually enhances the colours on the iPhone 4 screen the Magic protector finish is so excellent that you cannot even tell it is on the screen. It is invisible as possible on the screen. After an entire day of swiping and pressing on the screen there is hardly any finger-prints or rainbow effects.

Also after having the iPhone 4 loose in my pocket with keys and money there have been zero scratches on the Crystal protector at all so it does a fantastic job of protecting the iPhone 4 screen.

On my iPhone 4, I used the Phone Devil protector together with a vinyl skin wrap from iCarbons and the two compliment each other perfectly. No peeling, bubbling and the Cystal protector still looks as good as new.

Notably, I viewed Power Support USA as having the best screen protectors on the market. These are also the most expensive protectors. I have compared Power Support with the Phone Devil protector over the last 3 months and whilst the Power Support managed to bubble at the edges, the Phone Devil has remained bubble-free and flawless on the iPhone 4 screen.

So to conclude, a massive 100% positive thumbs up from me for Phone Devil, I am now a convert from previously using Power Support screen protectors on my Apple products to using Phone Devil protectors. Also the price difference is amazing for what I consider the Phone Devil protectors to be a superior product at an exceptionally reasonable price.

I will be buying a Phone Devil protector for my iPad 2 this weekend! (Posted on 25/03/2011)
Fantastic & Totally Worth It!. Review by dcdevil
Simple to apply, and the protector still looking completely scratch-free a month into heavy use. (Posted on 21/03/2011)
Spot on. Review by Marc
Went on first time, and took about two minutes. I got a couple of tiny dust bubbles near the speaker, but they're not on the screen and practically invisible, so I'm not bothered.

It's been on about a month so far, and I've had no issues at all. You don't even know it's on.

Delivery speed, customer service and quality of sweets are all good too. (Posted on 16/03/2011)
AWESOME, simply awesome!. Review by Sarah
This is an INCREDIBLE product! Since I've discovered PhoneDevil I have not needed anything else. Easy to install (if you turn off your heating/cooling and follow instructions), and the screen looks as if nothing is on it! I continue LOVING this product. Used it for my 3G and now use it for my iPhone4. (Posted on 16/03/2011)
Fabulous!. Review by Tony
Before I discovered Phonedevil I tried loads of different screen protectors - they were all thin, flimsy and a complete waste of money. These screens are completely different - easy to apply and look great too!! I have recommended them to all my friends!! (Posted on 14/03/2011)
Best screen protectors ever. Review by hexx0r
Perfect cut. More oleo-repellent than others.

Simply the best I've tried until now.

(Posted on 13/03/2011)
The BEST by a longshot!. Review by Bigs1985
These protectors are amazing, the matte effect is great. The screen is now so much better to use and basically finger print free! Cant recommend enough. (Posted on 10/03/2011)
great product. Review by Joann
no bubbles, nice smooth surface, timely delivery. I would by this product and buy it from this company again. (Posted on 09/03/2011)
awsome. Review by Jasvinder
vesy good product awsome...... (Posted on 07/03/2011)
Easy to apply and no impact on screen sensitivity. Review by Graham T
The pack came with 2 x screen protectors, a cleaning cloth, a smoothing out card and instructions.

I had watched the video from the website so had a good idea what I was doing.

It only took me a cuple of minutes from start to finish. Once fitted, you can't really tell its there and it does not affect sensitivity of screen.

Well worth the money to keep phone in tip top shape. (Posted on 13/02/2011)
GReat Screen Protector. Review by DCM
Loved them they fit perfect!!! (Posted on 10/02/2011)
Quality Product. Review by Tom Knott
This is the 5th screen protector I have used on my iPhone 4 and by far the best. Take a little time and preparation when applying and you won't even know it's there. The price is certainly a lot more than you would pay on eBay but you pay for what you get. If you own an iPhone you're the sort of person who likes a quality product so the price won't put you off anyway.
Need one for the back now and I can get rid of my incipio case!
(Posted on 10/02/2011)
First class screen protector. Review by DiscerningSussex
This screen protector really is invisible and complements my iphone 4 perfectly. Also, it's easier to apply than some others. It's well worth the money and I will definitely be buying it again when my front protector needs replacing. I'll be keeping my eye out for the back protector which the web site says will be available in early 2011. (Posted on 07/02/2011)
Love the service provided by PhoneDevil, I ordered 02/02/11 and received 03/02/11. That is fast turn around.

The protector went on so easy and looks great.

I recommend to anybody and everybody lol !! (Posted on 03/02/2011)
Brilliant product! Brilliant service!. Review by Emma
I ordered this on recommendation from a friend and have been really pleased with the result. Don't get me wrong...there are a couple of tiny air bubbles but I have a feeling that's more my fault than the products (!) but it certainly does the trick protecting my iphone and came with everything you needed.
REALLY good customer service too and I loved the little 'extra' present that came with the Magic Screen Protector! ;-)
Thank you! Keep up the good work xx (Posted on 03/02/2011)
Fast delivery,excellent product. Review by Rob Whitt
Ordered on the Friday through Amazon, received on the Saturday, how's that for delivery! It took two attempts to get the cover on, the trick is to align the edges up perfectly otherwise you may end up with bubbles along one edge or the top. Make sure you watch the video first if this is the first time you've applied one of the covers. I don't normally tend to review products but feel it only fair to praise PhoneDevil on the speed of delivery and quality of product. (Posted on 30/01/2011)
Brilliant. Review by Murray McMillan
Ordered one on the Thursday at 2.30pm, it came next morning. Superb!

Installation was so easy, screen looks amazing. Wouldnt even know there was one on the screen

Massive thumbs up!!!! (Posted on 30/01/2011)
IPHONE 4G. Review by Mr Spencer
Hi very pleased with my crystal clear invisble shield excellent fit all the cut outs are spot on perfact unlike a Zagg Shield i would also recommend a Speck Candy shell case goes very nice with it no lifting or peeling on the edges with the case on i might try the Matt finish ones next PhoneDevil service is second to none. (Posted on 25/01/2011)
Mint. Review by X3LHJ
Awesome bit of kit cheap as chips a must (Posted on 19/01/2011)
Fantastic. Review by Nick Gibbons
First of all what a fantastic product this company delivers. I have now bought a screen protecter for both iPhones I have owned and had no problems unlike other cheaper products on the Market. The screen savers are ribusrband easy to fit and DON'T peel back like others I have tried. I would recommend this company and their products to anyone. Excellent all round - just wish all online company's. were this good. 10/10 (Posted on 19/01/2011)
hIGHLY recomended however only a slight issue . Review by Big Boga
this is defiantly a top product did take me a few attempts to put it on as it is dusty in my room. my only concern is the rainbow effect it has on it. this is only visible when the screen is off. if it weren't for that i would have given it 5 stars. coz you can hardly tell there is a protector on it if it weren't for the rainbow effect. developers may be need to look into this thanks **** (Posted on 19/01/2011)
Best screen protector on the market!. Review by Asif
Have used many cheap screen protectors in the past but I would seriously recommend to spend that little extra and get the phonedevil screen protector.

Nicely packaged, inc screen cleaning cloth, smoothing card/calendar and sweets!

Good clear instructions including youtube video and the protector goes on easily without any bubbles first time!

You get two screen protectors in the pack - one for the wife's phone and one for mine ;-)

Nice! (Posted on 12/01/2011)
Perfect. Review by Alix
I chose the this Crystal Clear protector based on the excellent reviews, and was not disappointed.

It provides excellent value for money, and properly invisible protection (apart from finger prints, which, as has been pointed out, are easily wiped).

I ordered less than a week before Christmas with no expectations of them arriving in time to give as presents, but despite the snow and postal disruption they arrived on Christmas Eve. Naturally, I was very impressed with the speed of delivery, and would not hesitate to recommend PhoneDevil. (Posted on 11/01/2011)
Best screen protection I've tried so far. Review by Andrew Hewitt
This is the clearest and smoothest screen protector I've used, it is also the most accurate with the cut outs lining up perfectly with the camera and button.

(Posted on 08/01/2011)
Excellent Product - Once You Get The Application Right. Review by Jana
I received the crystal clear screen protector today and, even though I messed up the first time and had to throw away one of the protectors, the second one is on and it looks amazing. You don't see or feel it at all! When it comes to putting on the protector, make sure that you align the edges properly. I think this is what I did wrong the first time and I ended up having a few big bubbles on the bottom. Overall, this is an excellent product and I am very happy! Thanks, Phone Devil! (Posted on 06/01/2011)
Invisible!!!. Review by Christos
This product is awesome!! Very easy to install, as described!
I would recommend this to everyone!
Congratulations Phone Devil (Posted on 06/01/2011)
Great product, great instructions, great customer support. Review by Robert
Everything you need is included for the installation. Watch the installation videos if you have never installed one. Do it exactly as they say. I personally like the clear protector. (Posted on 04/01/2011)
Excellent Product & Outstanding Customer Service . Review by Julian
I have tried the Matte Clear and Crystal Clear version of the screen protectors for my newly purchased iPhone 4 and they are both great products at reasonable prices. I had few hiccups initially when applying but thanks to the excellent customer care, I was able to get it right the next time and its gives a smooth finish whilst being invisible (Crystal Clear). I would highly recommend Phone Devil to anyone!!

I would like to wish Callum & his team great success and keep up the good work!
(Posted on 04/01/2011)
An excellent product. Review by Tom
Bought this screen protector after looking through the internet etc trying to find one with good reviews. Took a punt reading through all good here and none are wrong!! This is an excellent screen protector!! I followed the easy to follow detailed instructions and i cannot see i have one on at all, it totally spotless and has my mind at rest that my phone screen is protected. I can recommend this to anyone who's looking for a great screen protector, and when i need to i will be buying again. Thanks Phonedevil. (Posted on 03/01/2011)
Great product and service. Review by mikey
After reading many internet forums about the best screen protector, I decided on the Phone Devil and I'm not disappointed.

Watching the online tutorial made applying the protector very easy and I'm very happy with the final result. (Posted on 31/12/2010)
Awesome. Review by Tom
Receieved the product a day after ordering even in between the christmas new year period. Applied it following the detailed instructions and the youtube videos, and it fits so perfectly i cannot even see that i have one on now. An excellent fitting perfect product, with excellent customer service direct from Callum himself too. Will be purchasing more if i need from here for sure. (Posted on 31/12/2010)
Iphone 4 Screen protector. Review by Bob
Great product easy to apply, with very good youtube demo.
Great customer service - Delivery was late due snow disruption, but was kept update by Callum the boss.
Will use phonedevil again and will recommend to my friends.
(Posted on 31/12/2010)
Excellent. Review by Jace
This is an excellent screen protector, easy to install and no air bubbles at all. Protects the secreen very well and it totally clear and fits to perfection.

In fact you dont really know its there when using the phone. I look forward to the back protector to have full protection. (Posted on 21/12/2010)
Good stuff. Review by Hans
Applied Crystal Clear today, went smoothly.
No video required, easy as that.
This protector is completely invisible. I don't even see where to pull it off, if I want.

Hope it sticks for a long time.

One point to complain about, I discovered only a screen protector (2 of them) is included. My own bad, I know, but now I've got to look further for a back protector... The back is even softer than the front, thus more vulnerable. (Posted on 18/12/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Omair
Great product, great video showing how to apply it. Highly recommend it! (Posted on 14/12/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Omair
Before phonedevil I bought a really overpriced screen protector
Thinking it would be great however it was anything but.
Luckily I managed to find this product which is well priced and high
Quality! Would recommend it to all! (Posted on 14/12/2010)
Awesome. Review by Cat
This is the best screen cover I have ever used, and I've tried quite a few of them. It goes on just like any other but they stay on better then any I've used. You don't even know that it's there. The iPhone feels just like it did with out it, smooth and silky.
The best screen protector ever. I've bought them as presents and I would recommend them too anyone. (Posted on 14/12/2010)
Very happy. Review by patrick
Fast delivery, easy fitting instructions, all the extras you could ever want. just get it. (Posted on 08/12/2010)
Faultless!. Review by Martin
An excellent product which is straight forward to apply - providing you follow the instructions and video.
Customer service is refreshingly first class. (Posted on 25/11/2010)
Brilliant . Review by Oliver chappell
Very very good product and even though finger prints are left on the screen, they're easy enough to wipe off with the cleaning cloth that's provided!

Well worth the money! (Posted on 21/11/2010)
Good Customer Service. Review by Rufus
Originally bought my screen protector off Amazon only to realise after it arrived that I'd ordered a 3G version rather than a 4G (for some reason the 4G version wasn't available on that web-site).

Anyway, even though it was my oversight, PhoneDevil had no issue with refunding the original purchase and sorting me out with the right version. V. quick delivery as well so quite impressed.

(My wife enjoyed the free sweets that came with the order as well!!) (Posted on 17/11/2010)
Decent. Review by Sameer
I normally use the Matte Edition but thought I would try this one.

It's not too bad, easy to put on and very clear but does leave finger prints.

I prefer the matte version by far and have recommended to all of my friends. (Posted on 16/11/2010)
Brilliant. Review by Trevor
Easy to apply and awesome protector tried loads of different products and this is by far the best and very good service thanks phone devil. (Posted on 16/11/2010)
great product. Review by jon
just applied it without any hassle (ie without any dust particles..) great product would recommend it to my mates who has iphone. Just that the screen is a little bit hard to move around.. lost some of the smoothness.. i dont knw whether it is me or not.. but i would still receommend it.. (Posted on 11/11/2010)
Great!. Review by Sj
Great product tried several different screen protectors in the past but none were as good as this one. A bit more expensive than some but worth every penny. Great service from phone devil aswell. (Posted on 10/11/2010)
The best cover money can buy.. Review by Darren
I looked all over the internet and asked friends with iphone 4s and couldn't decide what screen cover to get.
I decided after looking at reviews and looking at friends cheap covers peeling off that i would go for a slightly more expensive screen cover. Its well worth the extra money and so easy to apply.
Instead of using water to wipe the screen down i used CD Cleaner which worked very well to get any grease off the screen before applying the cover. I also use a griffin cover with no problems of pealing around the edges. (Posted on 06/11/2010)
excellent products. Review by huskypup
I recently bought the Matt Clear and the Crystal Clear invisible versions for the iPhone 4, one for me and one for my significant other.

Both of them are so much better than the Invisible Shield I previously had on my iPhone 4, which had that orange peel effect.

My significant other is using the Crystal Clear protector which was simple to apply, has a good smooth finish and feels good under touch.

I definitely recommend PhoneDevil if you're looking for a quality product at realistic prices. (Posted on 02/11/2010)
Great Item, fast delivery, friendly customer service. Review by ALIREZA
I previously purchased the Anti-Glare protector from PhoneDevil which was the best, so decided to buy the Crystal Clear one too to try it out.
I highly recommend these screen guards, if you want to protect the screen from wearing off. (Posted on 02/11/2010)
Superb. Review by dlm2410
Great product ! (Posted on 01/11/2010)
Excellent!. Review by Nicola
I bought this screen protector on the strength of great reviews on Amazon but was quite apprehensive about applying it.
However, thanks to the very good instructions and the video on the website it was quite easy and although on my first attempt I got it a tiny bit off centre so that one edge wouldn't lie quite flat. I was able to lift it using sellotape (a very useful tip) and then achieved a perfect fit.
You now wouldn't know there was a protector on the phone and I'm very pleased - thank you! (Posted on 31/10/2010)
Highly recommended. Review by Y
Great service and quick delivery. This is so easy to apply, and everyone is shocked when i tell them I have a screen protector as it is invisible! Thank you! (Posted on 30/10/2010)
Excellent - the best screen protector I have seen. . Review by Ajay Shah
I initially received a screen protector with the case I bought. It was awful - it was really obvious on the screen. I did lots of research and this phonedevil screen protector had brilliant reviews on Amazon and other sites.

It may be more expensive but it is truly worth it. Speedy delivery and excellent communication throughout. The screen protector really is invisible - absolutely no one has realized it is even there and are surprised when I tell them. Recommended (Posted on 26/10/2010)
As soon as I got my shiny new iPhone 4 i knew i needed a screen protector but what to get? There are so many different ones out there.
Foolishly, after spending several hundred pounds on my phone I went for a cheap screen protector first (around £5 for 5). I went through all five straight away as none of them actually fitted properly so that was a waste.
I then did some research, all reviews for this seemed good so I bit the bullet and have been extremely pleased. The protector was extremely easy to fit, no bubbles and 4 months on, whilst the protector has a few minor marks from wear and tear, the screen itself is fully protected.

I now need an iPad screen protector and will be using phone devil also! (Posted on 20/10/2010)
Great item, would definitely recommend!. Review by Maria
Fantastic item, easy to install, fantastic result... and super-fast service (next day!). Would buy again. Thanks! (Posted on 20/10/2010)
A must have for all IPhone owners. Review by Glenn
I bought the cover as I had upgraded to the iphone 4 from the Iphone 3GS, having previously used a Phone Devil screen protector.

I wasn't disappointed then and I am not now. Fantastic Durable quality, A must have purchase for every Iphone owner.

If that weren't enough, the customer service and the gesture of some tasty sweets include in the delivery tops off a very enjoyable experience. I highly recommend Phone Devil and their product. (Posted on 18/10/2010)
Excellent - the best you can get. Review by Jonathan
Tried some cheaper ones, that was a waste of money. Researched, bought this one, perfect! Easy to apply, no bubbles etc. Will now buy one for my iPad! (Posted on 18/10/2010)
Wonderful!. Review by Barbara Thibodeaux
I am very happy with this screen protector, I don't think you can find a better one! And, shipping was free, and FAST! And, I especially enjoyed the little pieces of candy in the box :-) (Posted on 18/10/2010)
THE Invisible iPhone 4 Screen Protector!. Review by Nicola
As the proud owner of an iPhone 4, one of the first things I was looking for was a Screen Protector that would be as inconspicuous as possible (hated my previous ZAGG Invisible Shield - horrible feel) - so I ordered the PhoneDevil Magic Crystal Clear of their website after many hours reading other reviews online.

Upon arrival of the Screen Protector you are presented with a padded Jiffy bag containing 2 Screen Protectors, Microfibre Cloth, Credit Card style Calender (squeegee), detailed instructions and a bonus of 2 sweets!

Now, being one who wanted the Screen Protector as low key as possible, I read the instructions, watched Phonedevils great videos and then got ready to apply it. The key to a great finish is in the preparation in my opinion - so I cleaned the phone with a little water, wiped with the microfiber cloth supplied, and as a final thing I used sellotape and dabbed the phone to get ALL traces of dust off.

When the phone was 100% dust free, I applied the screen protector - just took my time and lined it up to the front camera hole and ear piece, then gradually removed the backing that keeps the protector protected (haha) - once the protector is on all you need to to do is take your time and work any air bubbles with the supplied squeegee (Calender).

In total, 5 minutes of preparation - few minutes of applying, couple of minutes removing any small air bubbles - and BINGO you have a invisible screen protector. I have tried cheaper ones on other phones, and to be honest the last a few days the start curling at the edges plus they are never perfect - the PhoneDevil really is!

I have this fitted along with a Apple Bumper, and have tried it with a Griffin Reveal Etch - both fitted without disturbing the PhoneDevil - so total protection and peace of mind for little cost!

For the price, and considering you get two protectors - this is in my opinion the bargain of the year!
(Posted on 17/10/2010)
Does what it says on the tin. Review by InkyMortar
I ordered one of these yesterday afternoon with free postage and expected it to take a few days. This morning it arrived. Very easy to fit (following instructions and helpful video on the website) and the look is so good it's hard to tell anything has been fixed to the phone!

Not one for usually writing reviews, but given the excellent service and ease of use I fully recommend this to prospective purchasers. Not only that, they included a couple of free sweets in the package - thanks guys, happy to recommend to friends! (Posted on 16/10/2010)
Fantastic service and product. Review by Carl
I have been looking for a screen protector for some time. I have bought cheap ones and even expensive ones and they were not that great. I found Phonedevil on amazon and a lot of people said they were great. I was really happy they released a screen protector for iPhone 4 and decided to try them out. First of all the delivery was really quick which is great. Secondly they package the item with not just the screen protector but some other fun things which I really liked. And lastly the actual screen protector was easy to put on and looks great. This is without a doubt the best screen protector around. Also the price is so great and I will be shopping with them again. (Posted on 16/10/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Robert
Most screen shields available here in Sweden have sub par quality, while still costing a fortune, so I decided to give the PD shields a go and I'm really pleased with them. One of the best on the market, for sure.

Easy to install with no bubbling at all.

The screen shield doesn't affect the Retina display, which still is as clear as it was without the shield.

Doesn't give that 'rubbery' feeling to the touch input as some other shields do (*cough* Zagg *cough*).

I've been using it for about a week now and it seems like the PD screen shields are much more resistant to scratches and wear compared to other static protector brands.

All in all: best bang for buck screen protector out there, without a doubt. (Posted on 16/10/2010)
The best screen protector ive used so far by far. Review by Sean
Have been using this on my iphone and the misses iphone for 2 wks and its great. Still not a mark on the protector apart from my finger pints which is be expected.

Dont waste time and money on other protectors just buy one of these, the fit is super and you can hardly notice you have a protector fitted. (Posted on 15/10/2010)
great product. loved it!. Review by bb
easy to put on. not visible. (Posted on 15/10/2010)
Great Product - Great Price!. Review by Sarah
I originally purchased a screen protector from carphone warehouse, wasn't happy so investigated other makes, after reading various reviews I decided to purchase the magic screen protector & can now honestly say that I will not even bother trying anything else in the future! (Posted on 12/10/2010)
Outstanding Service & Great Product. Review by Mark
I spent some time researching which screen protector to buy and plumped for the phonedevil based largely on the reviews I read. I am not disappointed. Fantastic service: the screen protector arrived the next day and following the instructions I was able to achieve a perfect fit - first time.

My only criticism (and this is being a bit picky) is that the Crystal Clear screen protector really shows up finger marks when the phone is on standby. However, when using the phone the finger marks all but disappear. My advice would be to buy the privacy edition from Phonedevil. When my wife gets her iPhone, we will be back to phonedevil to buy the privacy edition.

The kids loved the sweets too!! (Posted on 09/10/2010)
Iphone 4 Crystal Clear protector. Review by Paul
I previously purchased the Anti-Glare protector from PhoneDevil which is amazing, so decided to go for the Crystal Clear one too to try it out.

It's every bit as good as the Matte one, goes on well and is very clear, so clear that unless you look really close, you can't see it.

I highly recommend these screen guards, if you want to protect the Oleophobic coating from wearing off on your iPhone 4.
The company is very friendly and delivery is fast too.
(Posted on 06/10/2010)
Simply amazing!. Review by Vitor Spencer
Thi screen protector for iPhone 4 is definitely the best in the market. The materials supplied are very good and, together with the online video, the installation was a breeze!
The screen protector seems to be very resistant, while almost completely invisible (really, my colleagues didn't even realize it was there!).
And there is no side effects, the touch-sensitive features of the iphone are not affected at all, at least as far as I've noticed.
Great product guys, congratz! (Posted on 02/10/2010)
phone devil screen protector iphone 4. Review by jay jay
Yet again the very best service, i have their privacy screen protector for iphone 3gs its the best. i got this clear one for my iphone 4 just perfect folks the iphone 4 should be protected with the best. In the past have bought these items from other shops including cpw (carphone warehouse) waste of time and money. check out phone devil the leaders in screen protectors. i dont give credit usually but my my phone devil you are no 1.
Very good service with a smile nice sweets and the perfect screen protector and recieved it very very quick PERFECT.

A very happy customer jermaine welch a big thank you (Posted on 02/10/2010)
Best Screen Protector for iPhone 4. Review by Hung-chuan
I love their screen protector for iPhone 3GS, and they delivered once again with the iPhone 4 version. Simply beautiful. (Posted on 27/09/2010)
Best Screen Protector for iPhone 4. Review by Brownie
I bought my first PhoneDevil's Magic screen for 3GS from, and it worked great. So when I got my iPhone 4, I went to Amazon to look for the iPhone 4 version. Unfortunately Amazon didn't sell it yet, so I found PhoneDevil's website and ordered directly from them.

The US shipping was free, and it arrived from the UK in about 2 weeks.

(While waiting for PhoneDevil's magic screen to arrive, I used the screen protector sold by AT&T. And it sucked. It scratched easily, and there was a small bubble right between the speaker and front facing camera that I just couldn't get ride of no matter how hard I tried.)

After I received the Magic Screen Protector form PhoneDevil, I applied it without any problem. However, I did noticed some faint streaks along the borders of the phone, but didn't know what it was. I went to bed, and when I woke up the next morning, all the streaks were gone. Not sure if it just took sometime for it to disappear?

Anyways, now my iPhone 4 look stunningly beautiful. It is crystal clear, without any bubbles. In short, I love their product, and would absolutely recommend to anyone. (Posted on 27/09/2010)
Great product, fast shipping. Review by Emma
Very fast shipping, great product, and a free packet of sweets! x (Posted on 27/09/2010)
great. Review by Karel
does what it says on the tin, easy to apply and comes with clear instructions. (Posted on 24/09/2010)
Simply the Best!!. Review by Purple Jane
I don't write reviews as a general rule. However, this product is exceptional and deserves recognition as such. Having already purchased a Phone Devil screen protector for my iphone 3GS, there was absolutely no hesitation in ordering one for my daughter's iphone 4. We were not disappointed. Same great quality, same ease of application. Do not waste your money on cheaper, inferior products. We've tried the ones that come with cases, or in packs of 10. My screen protector was applied six months ago and it is still crystal clear; you wouldn't even know it was there! My phone is in and out of handbags and pockets on a daily basis and there is not a scratch on it so far.

Well done Phone Devil!

(Posted on 20/09/2010)
very good with very prompt delivery. Review by Robin
Excellent and prompt delivery, The protector I found is not that easy to line up although in place on my iphone it's not perfect so I will probably order again in the a few weeks and try and achieve a perfect fitting. I found it hard to remove the last air bubble which is still there.

A protector for the back of the phone would also be handy. (Posted on 20/09/2010)
Naughty but NICE. Review by Ian
On the whole i'd like to heap praise on the phonedevil team and their product, it arrived quickly and the sweeties were a nice touch.

The price is very reasonable compared to the other brands, plus you get two! It was a fiddle to fit on the phone, but that is more the fault of the phone, as you must line up the little front facing camera and speaker holes. The phonedevil design provides multiple layers to aid in the application of the film.

Performance-wise i cannot fault it, finger marks wipe off easily with my glasses lens cloth and has remained scratch free for last couple of weeks.

(Posted on 20/09/2010)
Great product, great service. Review by Devjon
Tried the Invisible Shield and did not like the feel or look on the iPhone. A colleague at work recommended The PhoneDevil Crystal. Good instructional video on the web site. I put the protector on about a mil out of true but will leave it on for now, great product, would buy again. (Posted on 17/09/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Ron
I looked at many reviews and accidentally came across phonedevil. I noticed that it already had exceptionally high ratings on previous products and the price was fair. I received mine about 3 days ago and it is awesome. I was able to apply in one attempt and had zero bubbles. My son didn't even know I had a screen protector on it is so clear. Thus far it has no scratches and is working perfectly. Highly recommended. (Posted on 13/09/2010)
Just as great!!. Review by JV
I have purchased the crystal clear edition for the Iphone 3Gs & the Ipad and after such great results with these I purchased the protector for the Iphone 4. The quality is just as great!! Don't waste your money on other screen protectors. After you experience the quality of phone devil screen protectors you will not go back to any other brand. Cmon do you really think that those .99 cent protector are going to work? If you like your iphone or any other apple products why not use the best on them? Trust me you will not be dissapointed. (Posted on 12/09/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Rayad
I can't recommend the screen protector highly enough. I had a slight problem with the application but contacted the support team and was sent out a complimentary replacement!!!! Excellent customer service and product, go and buy it. (Posted on 11/09/2010)
Highly recommended. Review by Mike
This is a great product which helps protect an expensive iphone whilst being practically invisible.
This is also backed up by really good customer service which is quite refreshing considering the c**p service a lot of companies deliver these days, and in my opinion is the real strength of your company.
Thanks very much, would have no hesitation in highly recommending your products & service. (Posted on 08/09/2010)
Simply The Best. Review by Chris Wilks
Wow Wow Wow and Wow

What an amazing product. It simply blows everyother screen protector out of the water. You will never ever ever know it is on the phone and it provides great protection. I will never buy a different product.

You will not regret your purchase. (Posted on 06/09/2010)
Fantastic screen shields... Review by Largy64
I had some of these for my iPhone 3G, now that I have the iPhone 4 I just had to have these fantastic screen protectors for it.

These screen protectors are very easy to install and are so thin that you cannot even tell there is a screen protector on the screen, just an awesome product well worth the money, and the customer service is second to none, emails are answered promptly nothing seems to much trouble - a company that in my view really care about their customers, I have no problem in giving these amazing screen protectors a five star review so if you are looking for a great product then you are on the right page buy and enjoy the best screen protectors on the market bar none !!!.

I wish Callum and all his staff every success for the future, they have a customer for life.. (Posted on 04/09/2010)
At last a brilliant iPhone 4 protector!. Review by Airship7
Having tried a number of inferior protectors for the iPhone 4 I can honestly say that the Phone Devils Crystal Clear Magic Screen protector is the only one to buy.

The protector is a perfect fit, applies easily and is durable. There isn't any problem with lifting at the edges that I experienced with other protectors and I know from past experience that these products last really well.

Don't be put off by the price I've wasted more on prducts that either don't fit or don't last! (Posted on 01/09/2010)

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About Magicscreen

I cannot find a screen protector for my device on your website. How do I know if you do/will sell screen protectors for it?

Please visit our Coming Soon page.

All upcoming products that we have confirmed we will be selling are listed there, and you can sign up for an email notification of when the product you are waiting for becomes available.

If the product you would like is not listed, please complete our Product Request form and we will discuss it in our weekly product range meeting (your requests do genuinely get heard).

What is the difference between your Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors?

Magicscreen uses the ‘static-cling’ screen protector format that most of the world’s leading screen protector brands use. It is the most commonly used format of screen protector by a very large margin.

Our protectors do not use adhesive to stick to the screen, they use an electrostatically charged silicon layer that sucks/secures the protector to the device screen using an ‘electrostatic-cling’ produced vacuum.
This is how our protectors can be easily removed without residue/markings being left on the device screen.

Easyscreen is our ‘next generation’ screen protector for large screen devices, and the result of many months of research.
Unlike ‘regular’ format screen protectors like Magicscreen, Easyscreen does not stick to the viewable area of the screen. This means that that air or dust bubbles will never occur on the viewable screen area during the application of Easyscreen.
Adhesive is only used around the Easyscreen border, which is coloured to ensure that any air trapped under it is not visible.
This colouring of the border has allowed us to offer a range of ten different colours.

Due to the way that it works, Easyscreen can only be produced for certain devices, primarily large screen devices.
Due to the Laws of Physics, Easyscreen can also only be produced in our Matte Clear edition. It is not possible to create a Crystal Clear edition Easyscreen.

What is the difference between your Crystal Clear and Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) screen protector editions?

The main difference is the surface texture:

- Our Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition has a frosted matte surface which reduces screen glare.
It also feels really nice to touch (although it may take you a few hours to get used to), nicer than the regular screen texture in our opinion.

Our Matte Clear edition is very popular in particular for tablet devices, as it greatly aids reading the screen outside in sunny conditions.

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

- Our Crystal Clear (Invisible) edition uses a glossy surface texture.
It is invisible on your phone when applied, and feels like your device’s natural screen. It does not affect the device’s screen glare or clarity in any way.

Glossy screen protectors do inevitably attract fingerprints, like a regular device screen does.
Some of the latest electronic device screens have a very expensive ‘oleophobic’ (anti-fingerprint) surface layer, and therefore you may notice extra fingerprinting if using a glossy screen protector on them.
For example: The iPhones 3GS/4/4S have an anti-fingerprint screen surface, whereas the iPhone 3G and the iPad 1/iPad 2 do not have it. Our Crystal Clear edition protector therefore provides the same fingerprint resistance as the latter devices.

Does your Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition affect the clarity of the device screen?

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

Will your screen protectors affect either the sensitivity of my device’s touch screen, or the light/proximity sensor under the screen?

Our screen protectors do not affect the sensitivity of touch screens or light/proximity sensors in any way. In fact, you are even able to use our Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus when one of our screen protectors is applied.

Do your screen protectors cover the front facing camera or the light/proximity sensor in the device screen?

Our protectors have a purpose cut hole for front facing cameras (to prevent any light ‘flaring’ from appearing in photos).
In the vast majority of cases, our protectors do cover the light/proximity sensor, as (unlike products from competing brands) they do not affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

Are your screen protectors the unscratchable format, or the scratch-resistant format (i.e. protect ‘from’ scratching)?

There are two different types of screen protector: ‘hard’ unscratchable protectors, and ‘soft’ scratch-resistant protectors. They are rather different to each other, and both have their own advantages and limitations compared to the other.

Our protectors are the ‘soft’ static-cling scratch-resistant type (i.e. they protect your device ‘from’ scratches, rather than being totally resistant to scratches themselves). This format is the most popular type of screen protector by a very large margin, and most of the world’s leading screen protector brands also use it.

Our protectors are more (or equally) resistant to scratches than all directly competing scratch-resistant screen protector products, and provide a high level of protection for your screen (even if they pick up scratches themselves).
To prevent the screen protectors themselves from getting scratched, treat your device well by keeping it away from keys and other sharp objects. Keys do huge damage to device screens, and can easily result in hairline scratching of the protectors if you keep them in the same pocket.

It would be possible for us to make our protectors more resistant to scratches, however this would remove the friction of the surface texture, and as a result they would not feel smooth to touch.
One major issue with the protectors that claim to be unscratchable, is that they do feel very rubbery, and affect the user's enjoyment of their device. That is not something we wish our customers to experience, and therefore we do not range unscratchable protectors. Our protectors provide benefits in other areas.

Please see this link to our troubleshooting guide for a detailed comparison of our protector format versus 'unscratchable' protectors like Zagg’s InvisibleShield (the best known ‘unscratchable’ screen protector).
You may want to read Amazon reviews of the InvisibleShield to see if it is perhaps a product better suited to your requirements.

Please note that Zagg do not sell a Matte 'unscratchable' screen protector, because it is not achievable as Matte material is a bit softer than glossy material, and scratches are also more obvious due to the frosted texture.

Questions on Magicscreen screen protector - Crystal Clear (Invisible) Edition - Apple iPhone 4 / 4S

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