Magicscreen screen protector - Privacy Edition - Apple iPhone 3G/3GS

Our Magicscreen screen protector: Privacy edition protects your screen from scratches, reduces fingerprints and screen glare, uses high-quality Privacy filter material for your ultimate security, and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.

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  • Privacy from onlookers
  • Thin, strong and rigid
  • Leaves no markings when removed
  • No cutting required

Magicscreen Screen Protector: Privacy edition

MediaDevil's Magicscreen screen protector: Privacy edition protects your screen against scratches, and uses high-quality Privacy filter material for your ultimate security.

We use premium two-way privacy material specifically designed to allow up-down viewing of the screen when held in a regular vertical position. This means that when held in widescreen mode (e.g. for gaming, or for use as a sat-nav), you can still view the screen during left-right gaming tilt-movements, or whilst driving your vehicle.

The Matte (Anti-Glare) surface texture reduces fingerprints and screen glare, and leaves no markings when removed. It does not reduce the touch sensitivity of the device screen, and does not affect the light/proximity sensors under the screen.

- Easy to apply: no cutting required.
- Does not tear or fold during application
- Thin, strong and rigid
- Prevents onlookers from viewing confidential information
- Fingerprint reduction
- Reduces screen glare
- Leaves no markings when removed
- Bonds firmly to device screen
- Easily removed and re-applied
- Protects against scratches
- Trapped dust can be removed using adhesive tape (see our application tutorial video)

An essential accessory that is also available in Crystal Clear (Invisible) and Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) editions.

Our Magicpotion screen cleaning solution can be used to clean your device screen before applying your screen protector:
When Magicscreen is applied to this device, the device is still completely compatible with our Magicwand touch screen stylus.

Pack Contents:
1 x Magicscreen™ screen protector (FRONT): Privacy edition
1 x Microfibre cleaning cloth
1 x smoothing card

Matte material protectors produce a pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics'.
You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly 'crystal clear' screen to enjoy your high resolution screen to its full extent, we strongly recommend purchasing our (glossy surface textured) Crystal Clear edition instead.

Your satisfaction is really important to us, and we will do our best to help ensure that you are a happy MediaDevil customer.
MediaDevil was awarded the UK Department of Trade & Investment (UKTI)'s 2011 Business Innovation Award for "demonstrating the virtues of excellent products and a passionate company".

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196 Apple iPhone 3G/3GS

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amazing. Review by Elisa
It's the best way to keep protected your stuff while you're using your iPhone!! This is definately a MUST HAVE!! (Posted on 05/05/2012)
Great for Privacy. Review by Jolyne
Great product, easy to put on especially when I'm really bad at it. Really gives you some privacy from prying eyes at both sides. Thumbs up to PhoneDevil for the sweets too!! I've just purchased more screen protectors for my boyfriends iphone 4s due to come soon! (Posted on 12/10/2011)
Outstanding Over All Others. Review by dragonfiremouth
This procuct delivers like no other. I work at a school as a teacher and do not want my students seeing my screen activity. Nothing eles works close to this product. Don't waste your time with other "try ons". Go for this one. I use my phone night and day, in and out of my pocket with only this screen gaurd on the front of the phone. It lasted over 5 months of brutal abuse before showing any signs of need for a new one. A superior product for true privacy and durable as well. I am back to order another one. All my friends beg for infor about how to get this privacy screen because nothing eles does what this one does: GIVES YOU REAL PRIVACY!!! (Posted on 02/10/2011)
Great Screen protector - highly recommended!. Review by Erik Finnman
Really great Screen protector!
I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a screen protector and privacy guard!
(Posted on 04/07/2011)
Brilliant.. Review by Mark
Thought I'd try this one for a change. It works great and looks good. Delivery was amazingly fast. Can't fault any part of this. I have never shopped anywhere better. (Posted on 02/07/2011)
spectacular. Review by 1man
Keep this short - great company, move very efficiently, great service, no problems
product, best screen protector i have used (on my second one, plus one for the blackberry)
definitely recommend!!
Keep up the good work you devils (no pun intended)

AS (Posted on 11/06/2011)
Excellent Product. Review by Noura
This is the second time I order the privacy screen. It's excellent does what its supposed to and even protects your screen from breaking. Overall excellent service and product. (Posted on 26/03/2011)
good. Review by gracealexander
i tried this and it works because i travel a lot and so i am a very busy woman and it prevents people from seeing my business (Posted on 28/10/2010)
Awesome Product with Excellent Customer Service. Review by ehricka17
I asked a friend of mine to get it for me thru Amazon USA. When I got the product it is defective which is understandable for me since the nature of the product cannot be check unless stick it to the phone, so I asked for a replacement, and they are very accomodating and send one immediately! When I got the product, it is very easy to stick it on your screen and very nice to touch and look to. and best of all, no one can see my screen from my side! Definitely a must-buy! (Posted on 31/05/2010)
Excellent product at a gr8 price. Review by Infamous R
top quality product (Posted on 23/03/2010)
Great. Review by kimii
I thought it was a very good product it was a bit hard trying to get the air bubbles out but that shouldn't effect the quality of the product , it covers the whole of the screen and keeps out preying eyes from looking at your phone.
Also the sweets were really nice add to the product and service, quick delivery got mine within 2days. :) (Posted on 21/02/2010)
Good protectors. Review by JoyJoy
Works as promised - great screen protector and works as promised. Love it so much that I want to get a a few more for my friends who have iphones!

However there is one bubble that refused to go away and cant figure how to remove it!
(Posted on 14/02/2010)
Goooooood. Review by iphone boy
Great cover, only reason i gave the product quality 4 out of 5 is because, i thought the screen would be clear as day with the screen on, dont get me wrong its pretty dam clear apart from the tiny lines from where it does the privacy stuff. Was a bit peed off at first but i dont really notice now, plus the screen just makes the phone feel so so much more safe. Pukka product, best ive seen on the market so far. Respect (Posted on 07/02/2010)
Good Purchase. Review by Helen
Great service, very fast delivery. Privacy Screen is superb looks like normal but not from the side.
Also any bubbles you may have do simply disappear. Great Product. (Posted on 07/02/2010)
Well worth it. Review by Flee
Having recently bought a new iPhone 3GS and being overly protective of it, I was constantly wiping the surface to get rid of the fingerprints - and then I discovered the PhoneDevil privacy screen protector. I wasn't too keen on it to start with - air bubbles appeared and the screen is not as clear and defined as it is without the protector on - but I persevered.....and the air bubbles disappeared, the fingerprints are barely noticeable, the screen clarity is absolutely fine and nosey-parkers are kept at bay!
Top dollar product for a bargain-basement price - highly recommended.
(Posted on 27/01/2010)
Superb Quality. Review by Daniel Ngan
I heard about PhoneDevil via youtube and wanted to try some of it's product since the screen protector i bought at a local store wasn't good. Once i applied the PhoneDevil's Privacy Edition screen protector, i was blown away with it's magnificent effect. I would highly recommend it for those who are looking for a screen protector for their ipod touch or iphone. (Posted on 27/01/2010)
Very good. Review by Trent Robbins
I am more than happy with my purchase from phonedevil. I pre-ordered and there was quite a bit of delay with the launch, but the phonedevil staff always gave me great feedback and were very generous. The ipod touch screen protector is very nice and I highly recommend it.

(Posted on 26/01/2010)
Top Product. Review by Lee
Great Quality. The privacy cover works a treat. Easy to apply and once in place, stops prying eyes from seeing what is on your screen. The screen still looks sharp and bright when viewed direct.
As an added bonus, the usual finger and thumb marks you get when operating the iphone are kept to an absolute minimum with this cover.
The maoam sweets were a welcomed extra treat with the order, Thanks!
I'd highly recommend this to all 3g & 3gs owners. (Posted on 21/01/2010)
excelent service! . Review by octavio carrera
The service is very good and the screen protectors are superb!
Im very pleased with the privacy edition, even reduces fingerprints. (Posted on 21/01/2010)
Good stuff. Review by Sophie
Product works very well. It really does black out your screen to others. The only problem was that a couple of the small bubbles that were said to disappear after 72 hours, didn't. You can only notice them when the phone is off...when it is lit you can't. P.s. Enjoyed the maoam sweets included (Posted on 16/01/2010)
Awesome. Review by Jessi
Got both mirror and privacy through post on mon,tryed it does what it meant to do and it easy apply I would recommend for people if u gt friends nosey seeing what u doing on ur mob,love the sweets :) (Posted on 13/01/2010)
It worked great on my phone . Review by Iphone User
The privacy edition works great. Very useful when checking my bank account and e-mail in crowded places. (Posted on 13/01/2010)
BEST IN THE BUSINESS. Review by Jaskarun
Privacy edition lives upto its name, as soon as you hold your device at an angle the screen becomes pitch black. This screen protector protects your screen, and your privacy. You no longer have to worry about putting in personal information to your device with someone sitting next to you. Putting the screen protector on is easy and quick, and this screen protector IS the best (Posted on 11/01/2010)
Awesome. Review by Fungo
This product is amazing ^_^ i am seriously impressed with the quality and how it works, but most off all the sweets that came with the packaging, that made the whole experience awesome (Posted on 09/01/2010)
LOVE IT!. Review by Angie
I heard about this product and expected it to be really expensive or not work, but it is the best screen protector anyone will EVER use. (Posted on 02/01/2010)
Excellent product. Review by Csapi007
The product is awsome. Never seen before any quality like this.
You guys should make iPhone cases too. (Posted on 29/12/2009)
Good stuff well happy "). Review by Mick
Just ordered some more for a mate and mirror one is the one for me works well and looks so good. Thx phone devil. Mick (Posted on 26/12/2009)
Great product! Great customer service!. Review by Roland
I am more than pleased by the experience I had buying the Privacy Screen Protector. The initial order was, unfortunately, defective. I contacted customer service and was amazed at their quick and positive response. They apologized for the problem and immediately sent a replacement. Considering this was an international shipment, I expected there to be delays, but there weren't and it arrived exactly as the company indicated it would. The screen itself is easy to install and works wonderfully to protect the phone. I am satisfied with the product and extremely satsified with the customer service. They have a customer for life. A very positive experience. Thanks. (Posted on 20/12/2009)
Great Product. Review by mreddys10
Its a real quality product. Protects the screen from most scratches better than other ones I have tried until now. The screen isn't too dark after applying either. I highly recommend it. (Posted on 15/12/2009)
Great stuff. Review by Khalid
Great product, great customer service. (Posted on 12/12/2009)
Awesome service and product.. Review by acf4561
First of all, the order experience was very quick - the screen was with me within 2 days and the price is extremely reasonable compared to other products online.
The product itself works fantastically - fit perfectly and all air bubbles have now disappeared.

Highly recommend this product. (Posted on 30/11/2009)
Best Screen Protector I've Ever Had. Review by Steve G
You won't regret buying this. Not only does it protect the screen and prevent nosey neighbours seeing your business it also looks amazing doing so. I combined this with a low-profile matt hardcase and now I have a stealth iphone!
I also want to mention the amazing customer service I got from Phone Devil. I have not encountered this level of service before and it left a great impression on me. Buy one. (Posted on 29/11/2009)
Amazing Product. Review by stabbyt
After using the Privacy Edition for a few weeks now I can never go back to the regular version. The fingerprints issue is gone, plus this screen protector is a lot thicker then the Garmin or O2 clear ones I had earlier so they are a lot more touch and resistant to scratches. I love it! The matt finish from the side makes the iphone look a lot more slick, plus I no longer have random people trying to see what I'm doing on the tube! (Posted on 16/11/2009)
really the best. Review by hamad
It's really good. amazing product that prevents lots of fingerprint

i am about to order 3 or 6 more for my friendssssss (Posted on 13/11/2009)
Cool and neat. Review by Zapdoc
Best screen protector which also hides details from view I have seen yet (Posted on 24/10/2009)
Not cheap ... but worth every penny!. Review by Alison
Bought both privacy and mirror versions. So far have only used the privacy one. Matt finish feels a bit weird to begin with but I love it now and it doesn't show up fingermarks etc. A couple of small bubbles still remain around the 'holes' ... not sure they will go by themselves but don't want to risk lifting the film in case it won't stick back down again. Hardly show though. No lifting around edges at all and really feels like it will protect my pristine screen :-)
Delivery was a little on the slow side as paid for 1st class but they did apologise they they had been inundated with orders and it only took a day or so longer than I expected. Free orange sim and sweet a nice touch! Thanks (Posted on 19/10/2009)
the best. Review by Shayne
this product is by far the best protector I have used. i am about to order 3 or 4 more. (Posted on 18/10/2009)
great product; great service. Review by Steve
Exactly what I was expecting and as advertised! (Posted on 18/10/2009)
Great protector. Review by George Robinson
It's really good. The matte finish is fantastic but the sides lift up slightly but that is probably because of my phone case. Definitely worth a purchase, it really feels like it's doing it's job of protecting. (Posted on 14/10/2009)
Fab product!. Review by Nadine
Amazing product that prevents lots of fingerprint smearing on my screen and smooth to touch. Very easy to apply and all without any air bubbles! Would definitely order again...ordered last Friday afternoon and received it first thing Saturday - first class service and candy bar! (Posted on 06/10/2009)
Good stuff :). Review by Philip Duck
Firstly the delivery was amazing(i live in the UK), i ordered it at about 6pm yesterday with the free delivery and it came this morning!
The product its self looks good and does the job, only thing i would say is that the image on screen is not as good quality as it is without the screen, this shouldnt stop you buying though.
Oh and i got £5 free sim card on Orange which was nice, and the sweets haha ;p (Posted on 03/10/2009)
Fantastic. Review by George
I was in two minds about the privacy edition and almost went for the clear one. Thankfully i didn't as the Privacy is fantastic! The matte like finish feels great and it really feels like it's protecting the screen.
I still have small bubbles but i've only just applied it so hopefully they will go down in a few days like it says.
Really great product and the free Sim and candy were a great little gift.
Thanks PhoneDevil! (Posted on 03/10/2009)
Excellent product. Review by roblea
Wow...a product that does exactly what it says it does!! This prevents others from looking at what you are reading, typing, playing on your iphone...and all without affecting the clarity of your screen! Superb...and have ordered more to give out as presents. I got one for my friend too and she was sooooo impressed! (Posted on 01/10/2009)
Great screenprotector, great service!. Review by Dave
Before I ordered this screen protector I had seen some reviews, I was instantly convinced it was a good product, asked some questions and got a reply in like 4 hours! Ordered it from the netherlands, applied really easy and last but not least, I got some lovely candy gum with it ;)

Great product, great service! 5 stars! (Posted on 29/09/2009)
the best screen protector!! 5 stars . Review by Fabrizio
This screen protector it's fantastic! It doesn't scratch and it doesn't show fingerprints and nobody can spy on you when you're using your iPhone.
and the iPhone now looks so cool with this black screen!!

just the best screen protector I ever seen, 5 stars for me!!

(Posted on 29/09/2009)
Does what it says on the packet. Review by David Wall
Love the no greasy fingers and no one can pry on you when you type personal messages.
Dead easy to install
Go buy one now! (Posted on 27/09/2009)
make it private. Review by Phong Lee
I wanted to get a replacement screen shield for my iphone 32GB 3gs. This shield cover the screen very well.The screen is thick and not some cheap thin piece of plastic. its very easy to install when you follow the instructions...have to say they're the best protector i bought thus far. (Posted on 26/09/2009)
fab. Review by sophie
just the best screen protector out there!! would definitely recommend it!! just order 1 more for my sister!!! thanks sophie also got a free £5 orange sim!!! and sweet love it!!! (Posted on 26/09/2009)
Awesome!. Review by fords
Definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a quality screen protector for their iPhone.

The quality of the screen itself is fantastic! It's thick and therefore offers great protection for the screen. It doesn't scratch and it doesn't show fingerprints. The Privacy feature also works great and stops those nosey people on the tube, or in queues etc from seeing what you're doing! Also, I'm pleased to report that the application left no bubbles which is always great! :D

Dispatch perhaps took a couple of days more than expected; however, this is understandable because the item is probably in huge demand at the moment. Delivery was prompt and packaged well enough. Loved the little sweet and £5 Orange Sim Card as well; a nice touch.

Overall, it's the best screen protector that I've come across for the iPhone and I couldn't recommend it more. A great piece of kit.

(Posted on 24/09/2009)
Excellent screen protector. Review by Ai Chung
The screen protector is of high quality and its easy to apply. It has a very nice touch to it and it does not attract finger marks. (Posted on 24/09/2009)
Awesome product. Review by Chris
Received this product quickly and efficiently from

The product is extremely well engineered. The lazer cut outs are accurate and the overall quality of the material is exceptional. Fitting was relatively easy with careful positioning, and good pre-cleaning. Any bubbles remaining after fixing did (as it says on the tin!) dissappear within a couple of days. The matt finish on the plastic does help keep the screen free of greasy finger marks.
The "side to side" Privacy does work, but only in portrait position, which is how I tend to use the iPhone normally, so no problem there. All in all, it's a good piece of kit and well worth having on the iPhone. 100% recommended. Chris Hill (Posted on 22/09/2009)
Excellent product, easy to apply, works as advertised. Review by JTMaustin
Really, what more can you say other than it is a very good quality product, reasonably priced and it performs exactly as advertised. It was easy to apply and looks like it will be pretty durable. It got here amazingly fast. BTW, the jelly treat was really tasty. I don't think you can get them here in the U.S. (Posted on 19/09/2009)
Good. Review by Jae
Good quality protector very easy to apply and hardly any air bubbles at all AND these guys gave me a orange sim with £5 cred on and sweets lmao woop!
How about because i bought this one i could have a discount on the mirrored one? =] (Posted on 18/09/2009)
Great Product to have With Amazing Customer Service.. Review by Paidinfull89
it took about a week for me to recieve my product and i was nervous because i thought i was frauded so when i contact customer services through email i had a response in less than 20 mins letting me know that my product will be arriving soon and it is because the delivery to USA from england takes a week. A couple days later i recieve my product and now i have friends asking where can they get what i got. (Posted on 17/09/2009)
So Cool. Review by Nor Cal US
This screen protector is so cool, you have to get this, even though its a little pricy for me, its better then the 16$ ones at the Apple store, and I know this will protect it because its thick. It was also delivered pretty fast and I live in California. The touch screen is not affected. Now nobody can spy on me when I'm using my iPhone.
Thanks Phone Devil
All my friends are getting it.
Can't wait till you put these in stores in the US. Your profits will sky rocket (Posted on 17/09/2009)
Amazing service, amazing product. Review by Matt
Bought this a few days ago, promptly shipped and recieved!

Recieved a free Orange sim card with £5 credit and some sweets :)

Screen protector is perfectly cut, sticks to the surface of my 3GS perfectly. When I applied it I smoothed out most of the air bubbles, any I wasnt able to get rid of were gone the next day!

Buy this if youre looking for a high quality screen protector for privacy, it works and isnt a gimmick. (Posted on 06/09/2009)
Excellent customer service. Review by Mark
I mistakenly ordered the mirror privacy screens as opposed to the privacy screens, an email to phone devil was answered very promptly and sorted by Callum, the product itself is good, well made and precision cut and a pleasant little touch to receive an Orange pay as you go sim with £5 credit, all in all excellent customer service. Well done. (Posted on 17/08/2009)
I genuinely don't know how I coped without this!. Review by Sarah
I put one of these on yesterday and spent several hours texting away while my Mum struggled to work out why she can no longer read what I'm typing and my sister thought I was messing about with a switched off phone!
In my opinion this is a fantastic product, very easy to apply and to reapply if you get it wrong.

Previously I was worried about how tilt games would be affected, but having spent several hours playing Sims3 (the fishing requires tilting), Labyrinth3D and iPint (all in the name of research!!) I had no trouble at all with viewing the screen. I also found that the higher the brightness on your phone, the greater the viewing angle can be, so I can't imagine a game it wouldn't be possible to play.

I've only given a 4* for service as free delivery would have been nice, it got to me very quickly though and the instructions were really clear.

I am Never taking this off my phone. (Posted on 21/07/2009)
Simply excellent. Review by Joseph
Excellent! Now no-one can view my phone on the tube!
I'm very impressed with the cutting of the protector too. Usually they are cut very poorly and it is impossible to line them up...but this one is absolutely perfect.

p.s. I am actually a long-time friend of Callum at PhoneDevil. He asked me to write an impartial review and then to mention that I knew him, so that this review is completely honest :-) (Posted on 16/07/2009)

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Product Related Questions

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About Magicscreen

I cannot find a screen protector for my device on your website. How do I know if you do/will sell screen protectors for it?

Please visit our Coming Soon page.

All upcoming products that we have confirmed we will be selling are listed there, and you can sign up for an email notification of when the product you are waiting for becomes available.

If the product you would like is not listed, please complete our Product Request form and we will discuss it in our weekly product range meeting (your requests do genuinely get heard).

What is the difference between your Magicscreen and Easyscreen screen protectors?

Magicscreen uses the ‘static-cling’ screen protector format that most of the world’s leading screen protector brands use. It is the most commonly used format of screen protector by a very large margin.

Our protectors do not use adhesive to stick to the screen, they use an electrostatically charged silicon layer that sucks/secures the protector to the device screen using an ‘electrostatic-cling’ produced vacuum.
This is how our protectors can be easily removed without residue/markings being left on the device screen.

Easyscreen is our ‘next generation’ screen protector for large screen devices, and the result of many months of research.
Unlike ‘regular’ format screen protectors like Magicscreen, Easyscreen does not stick to the viewable area of the screen. This means that that air or dust bubbles will never occur on the viewable screen area during the application of Easyscreen.
Adhesive is only used around the Easyscreen border, which is coloured to ensure that any air trapped under it is not visible.
This colouring of the border has allowed us to offer a range of ten different colours.

Due to the way that it works, Easyscreen can only be produced for certain devices, primarily large screen devices.
Due to the Laws of Physics, Easyscreen can also only be produced in our Matte Clear edition. It is not possible to create a Crystal Clear edition Easyscreen.

What is the difference between your Crystal Clear and Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) screen protector editions?

The main difference is the surface texture:

- Our Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition has a frosted matte surface which reduces screen glare.
It also feels really nice to touch (although it may take you a few hours to get used to), nicer than the regular screen texture in our opinion.

Our Matte Clear edition is very popular in particular for tablet devices, as it greatly aids reading the screen outside in sunny conditions.

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

- Our Crystal Clear (Invisible) edition uses a glossy surface texture.
It is invisible on your phone when applied, and feels like your device’s natural screen. It does not affect the device’s screen glare or clarity in any way.

Glossy screen protectors do inevitably attract fingerprints, like a regular device screen does.
Some of the latest electronic device screens have a very expensive ‘oleophobic’ (anti-fingerprint) surface layer, and therefore you may notice extra fingerprinting if using a glossy screen protector on them.
For example: The iPhones 3GS/4/4S have an anti-fingerprint screen surface, whereas the iPhone 3G and the iPad 1/iPad 2 do not have it. Our Crystal Clear edition protector therefore provides the same fingerprint resistance as the latter devices.

Does your Matte Clear (Anti-Glare) edition affect the clarity of the device screen?

Matte material protectors do produce a slight pixellation of the screen, as this is the natural effect created by the Matte (anti-glare) frosted texture. It is simply an unavoidable 'Law of Physics', and you should forget about it after a few hours once you stop consciously thinking about it.

You will see this pixellation on all anti-glare screen protectors from all brands (many of which are noticeably more extreme than ours). Apple's matte screen monitors (and professional television industry monitors) display it also, as it is simply unavoidable.
If you require a perfectly ‘crystal clear’ screen, then we strongly recommend using our (glossy surfaced) Crystal Clear edition instead, which is invisible when applied to the device screen, and does not affect its clarity in any way.

Will your screen protectors affect either the sensitivity of my device’s touch screen, or the light/proximity sensor under the screen?

Our screen protectors do not affect the sensitivity of touch screens or light/proximity sensors in any way. In fact, you are even able to use our Magicwand capacitive touch screen stylus when one of our screen protectors is applied.

Do your screen protectors cover the front facing camera or the light/proximity sensor in the device screen?

Our protectors have a purpose cut hole for front facing cameras (to prevent any light ‘flaring’ from appearing in photos).
In the vast majority of cases, our protectors do cover the light/proximity sensor, as (unlike products from competing brands) they do not affect the sensitivity of the sensor.

Are your screen protectors the unscratchable format, or the scratch-resistant format (i.e. protect ‘from’ scratching)?

There are two different types of screen protector: ‘hard’ unscratchable protectors, and ‘soft’ scratch-resistant protectors. They are rather different to each other, and both have their own advantages and limitations compared to the other.

Our protectors are the ‘soft’ static-cling scratch-resistant type (i.e. they protect your device ‘from’ scratches, rather than being totally resistant to scratches themselves). This format is the most popular type of screen protector by a very large margin, and most of the world’s leading screen protector brands also use it.

Our protectors are more (or equally) resistant to scratches than all directly competing scratch-resistant screen protector products, and provide a high level of protection for your screen (even if they pick up scratches themselves).
To prevent the screen protectors themselves from getting scratched, treat your device well by keeping it away from keys and other sharp objects. Keys do huge damage to device screens, and can easily result in hairline scratching of the protectors if you keep them in the same pocket.

It would be possible for us to make our protectors more resistant to scratches, however this would remove the friction of the surface texture, and as a result they would not feel smooth to touch.
One major issue with the protectors that claim to be unscratchable, is that they do feel very rubbery, and affect the user's enjoyment of their device. That is not something we wish our customers to experience, and therefore we do not range unscratchable protectors. Our protectors provide benefits in other areas.

Please see this link to our troubleshooting guide for a detailed comparison of our protector format versus 'unscratchable' protectors like Zagg’s InvisibleShield (the best known ‘unscratchable’ screen protector).
You may want to read Amazon reviews of the InvisibleShield to see if it is perhaps a product better suited to your requirements.

Please note that Zagg do not sell a Matte 'unscratchable' screen protector, because it is not achievable as Matte material is a bit softer than glossy material, and scratches are also more obvious due to the frosted texture.

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