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Share to Win!

Share your product photo with us for a chance
to win a £50 Amazon Voucher

Now accepting April entries
Picture on Instagram

How to win

  1. Follow us @mediadevil on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
  2. Take a photo of your MediaDevil product
  3. Post it using the tag #mediadevil
  4. If we like and repost your photo, you'll be entered into our monthly draw (so try your best!)

Don't worry if you're not a professional photographer!

  • This competition really can be won by any of our customers. The only requirement is that each photo is good enough for us to re-post on our Instagram profile. If you've researched our existing photos and made a decent effort, you're already halfway there!
  • We will select photos based on a variety of factors, such as how original, inspiring, interesting, entertaining, and/or professional they are. Make sure they're well-lit, ideally with natural light!
  • You can post your photo entries on Instagram (our ideal preference), Twitter, or Facebook. Make sure your post is publicly viewable, or we won't be able to see it!


  1. Entries for each monthly competition are accepted from the first date of the month, until the last. The competition draw will be made by the end of the following month, with the winning entry published on our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts.
  2. Photos can be entered for products purchased within the last 90 days. MediaDevil only sells directly to customers (via, Amazon and eBay), so you must be able to supply your order number if requested.
  3. You receive one competition entry for each photo we approve. Once your photo is approved, you can enter new photos to try to earn another another competition entry (just don't submit the photo that's already approved!).
  4. You're allowed a maximum of five approved entries for each monthly competition draw (give the other entrants a chance!).
  5. You may submit one photo per day, which allows you plenty of time to realise the five maximum entries.
  6. There must be a relevant difference between the photos you submit; if they all look quite similar, only one will be considered.
  7. If we have approved a photo for entry into the monthly draw, that photo will not be considered a valid entry for future monthly draws. We will check very carefully when doing each draw, so please don't waste your time. You can submit an unapproved photo in future monthly draws, however there's probably a reason it didn't get approved the first time, so we would suggest taking a new photo!
  8. All of our decisions relating to the approval and disqualification of entries are final.
  9. All award winners must name their first born child "MediaDevil".

@MediaDevil on Instagram