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Product Review Programme

The MediaDevil Review Programme allows established online and offline reviewers/journalist access to our latest products for their scrutiny.
If you are an influential YouTube vlogger, or work for a prominent blog/publishing house e.t.c., please read our reviewer terms and conditions and fill out our application form.

If you are instead an existing customer who would like to submit a personal written or video review, please visit our "Reward Points" section where you can find details of the reward points we provide for our favourite reviews and our recommended production guidelines (if your video is professional enough, we will be able to feature it on our website!).

We at MediaDevil place great emphasis on our customer experience and our after-sales support.

We see this as a key reason for our popularity and the amount of word-of-mouth referrals we receive. It was specifically mentioned as a reason we were awarded the UK Government's 'Business Innovation Award' in 2011, ahead of thousands of other UK businesses.

As an example:

  • Our customers receive a friendly email when their order ships (letting them know we are here to help with any issues experienced)
  • We provide sweets (candy) with our orders if a customer purchases directly from us (to reinforce further in their minds that we truly do care about their experience)
  • We provide a direct support link in the main body of our product instructions.

By reviewing our products, you agree:

  1. To produce your review to a standard of professionalism that both you and I (I watch every single video submitted) can be proud of.
    We want to be able to promote your video and feature it on our website (hopefully even on our product pages), and the only way we can do that is if it meets a certain standard of professionalism.
  2. That (if) you experience a difficulty that you need support with, you will follow the same process that our customers follow if they experience a difficulty.
    That process is to contact us with a description of the problem and await further support from us. We very rarely find ourselves in a position where we are unable to help a customer who contacts us, and we hope you agree that it is important that a product review reflects both the quality of the product and the after-sales focus of the company behind it.
  3. To create your review and submit the link to us within two weeks of receiving the product(s). If you require an extension period that is absolutely fine (unless we specifically mentioned otherwise when the product was provided), however you must contact us to request this so that we can update our records accordingly.
    If you contact us regarding support for the product you received, the two week review deadline will be extended by the amount of time required to get the issue resolved (e.g. if we send you a replacement, the timings will begin from scratch), unless you request a further time extension.

All of the above is mentioned for your benefit, as we wish to have long-standing relationships with a small number of reviewers who we can be confident will:

  1. Actually create reviews
  2. Produce reviews of a professional quality
  3. Be reliable and not require numerous reminders to create their review.

Thanks for reading these T&C's. So that I can be sure you read them, please include "Hi Callum, I can confirm that I read the T&C's page" in the 'Additional Comments' box at the bottom of the product review application page. It tells me that you are observant/reliable, that you truly want to have a longstanding relationship with us, and that you are likely to be enjoyable to collaborate with. Reviewers who do this will likely be prioritised for future product launches and/or the meet-ups days we wish to begin doing in the UK, US, Italy e.t.c..