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Frequently Asked Questions

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About us

Tell me a bit about MediaDevil?

Check out our About Us page.

Can I visit your offices?

We receive a lot of customer requests to visit us to see our full product range, or to have a screen protector applied for them.
Regrettably it is not possible yet for non-business customers to visit our offices, however we are working towards a solution.

Can I contact a senior member of the company to discuss a confidential idea/proposal?

Not a problem. You can contact Callum our founder via Twitter for general chat, or via LinkedIn for confidential discussions.
If your message is okay to be shared with the MediaDevil Support team, please contact us here, as you will almost certainly hear back from Callum more quickly.


I want to purchase a product from you, however you do not support my device yet. How can I find out if/when it will become available?

Please visit our Coming Soon page.
All upcoming products that we have confirmed we will be selling are listed there, and you can sign up for an email notification of when the product you are waiting for becomes available.
If the product you would like is not listed, contact our Sales/Support team, providing as much detail as possible (otherwise we may need to request further information).


How long does delivery take, and which shipping options are tracked?

Check out our Delivery Information page.

Why do you not offer high-speed tracked courier deliveries (e.g. UPS/DHL) for international deliveries?

International tracked delivery is incredibly expensive. For example, a couriered delivery of one screen protector pack to the USA from the UK costs about £50 ($70). Even a snail-mail tracked delivery using the national postage services costs about £10 ($15).

When we begin selling higher-value products, and have greater bargaining power with the courier services (both will happen by the end of 2012), we will offer international courier deliveries.
US customers: good news! We are opening a US office in late-2012.


I have a question about a product that I have NOT purchased yet

On the product page, click the ‘FAQ’ tab and check if your question is answered in the FAQs or in answer to another customer. if not then complete the question form provided and you will receive an email reply within 1-2 UK business days.

I require after-sales support for a product that I purchased from MediaDevil (either from our website or one of the 3rd party online marketplaces that we sell through)

First visit our Troubleshooting and FAQ sections to check whether they answer and/or resolve your query or the difficulty you are experiencing. You can view these by using the navigational drop-down menu in the top-right hand corner of this web page.

If you still require support, contact our Sales/Support team, providing as much detail as possible, including your order number (otherwise we may need to request further information).

Marketing / Competitions / Rewards

Do you have an email newsletter?

We do indeed. You can sign up in the newsletter box at the bottom of this page.

Do you have a 'refer-a-friend' incentive programme?

We do indeed. Check out our MediaDevil Rewards page.

How much are Reward points worth, and how can I earn/redeem them?

Check out our MediaDevil Rewards page.

What is the latest MediaDevil competition?

Check out our Competition page.

Corporate / Distributor / Re-Seller Purchasing enquiries

I wish to order a regular multiple-unit corporate (non-resale) order for a small business

Our website provides MediaDevil Reward Points for every product purchased.

I wish to place a medium-large corporate (non-resale) order for a medium/large business

Visit our Contact Us page, select to contact our Corporate team, and complete the contact form with as much detail as possible (otherwise we may need to request further information).

I wish to become a re-seller/distributor of MediaDevil products

Contact our Corporate/Re-seller team, providing as much detail as possible (otherwise we may need to request further information).

Press / Reviewers

YouTube reviewers / low-profile blog enquiries

Visit our Product Review Programme page and complete our application form.
We will verify the information in your application (please do not intentionally provide inaccurate information as some applicants have done in the past. It will only count against you), and we will then contact you if/when a suitable opportunity arises.

Publication / Television / medium-high profile blog enquiries

Contact us at, providing as much relevant detail as possible, using an official company email address.

Artist / Affiliate Partnerships

Artist/Brand partnership enquiry

Contact our Corporate team, providing as much relevant detail as possible (otherwise we may need to request further information).

Affiliate Programme

Check out our Affiliate Programme page.


I am experiencing an issue with your website.

We do apologise, contact our Website Feedback team, providing as much detail as possible (otherwise we may need to request further information).
We will get in touch with you as a priority.

What are the terms of conditions of purchasing from your website?

Check out our Terms of Service page.

Is your website secure?

It most certainly is. Check out our Privacy Policy & Security page.

Need further help?

Contact us for support